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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
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Your freedom and the press
"A columnist for the Dallas Morning News tried to tie the murder of six Mexicans in Georgia to this program. We now know the columnist, Macarena Hernandez, took her false information from one of those far left smear web sites. The Dallas Morning News is refusing to apologize or correct the column, despite videotaped evidence that proves I've been consistently sympathetic to the plight of poor migrants. If the Dallas Morning News does not correct the record, Texans might consider canceling their subscriptions and advertisers might rethink their investment. Dishonest media must be held accountable. Most Americans are fair minded people who respect honest information and spirited opinion. But many of the nation's newspapers have drifted far away from fairness and into partisanship. Talking Points urges Americans to vote with your remote and with your wallet. When you see a smear merchant personally attack someone, hold the media outlet responsible. When you read something blatantly unfair, cancel your subscription. Hurt these charlatans in the wallet and changes will be made. Only you, the American public, can bring fairness and accuracy back to the media."

Fox News Video:

The trial of Saddam Hussein
Guest: Journalist Con Coughlin

Saddam Hussein's trial for crimes against humanity has begun, but was almost immediately adjourned until next month. Journalist and author Con Coughlin expressed serious doubts about the proceedings. "The Iraqis are nowhere near ready to have this trial and completely incapable of conducting this kind of judicial system. Saddam ran Iraq for 35 years and there was no judiciary - he would give the judge the verdict before the trial started. There are witnesses who won't turn up because they're too afraid of the Saddam loyalists." The Factor affirmed the importance of a fair trial. "The guy is obviously a monster and a dictator. You would think after all this time they would have a few witnesses and they could protect their identity. Let's get this over with and show the Arab world that democracy works."

Bush on border security
Guest: Congressman Peter King

With great fanfare, President Bush has announced an initiative to target illegal aliens for deportation. Congressman Peter King called it a genuine turnaround in policy. "President Bush doesn't say something unless he means it. He senses that the American people are fed up. There are places I go where this is all people want to talk about. Members of Congress have told him about the intensity of feeling about this, and the president is taking this very seriously." The Factor has long urged a military presence on the border, and reiterated the importance of stopping illegal immigration. "You've got chaos in southern California, states of emergency in New Mexico and Arizona. The border situation is worse now than it was after 9/11. Folks are just crazed about this - everyone except the far left, which wants open borders."

Watching Hurricane Wilma
Guest: Meteorologist Bernie Rayno,

Meteorologist Bernie Rayno joined The Factor with the latest on Hurricane Wilma, the powerful storm heading toward the United States. "There's no question Wilma is going to hit Florida," Rayno predicted. "I've never seen a hurricane move from a tropical storm to a Cat 5 this fast - that's the kind of strength it has. The economic impact with the citrus crop could be catastrophic. Katrina hurt you at the gas pumps, Wilma could hurt you at the grocery store."

Scientists say no to the Dalai Lama
Guest: Dr. Stuart Dryer, University of Houston

The Dalai Lama, exiled spiritual leader of Tibet, is scheduled to speak next month at a meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, but more than 500 researchers have signed a petition urging the invitation be rescinded. "This is a meeting of serious scientists," explained Dr. Stuart Dryer. "The Dalai Lama is a religious and spiritual leader, but he's not a scientist and he doesn't know anything about neurophysiology. Once you have the Dalai Lama, next could be the Pope or Sun Myung Moon." The Factor questioned whether the scientists were being too narrow. "The Dalai Lama is being asked to talk about meditation. He claims that you can train the brain to be more compassionate and more positive. That seems to be pretty fascinating and something you might want to hear about. To me, you guys are coming off as anti-spiritual."

Pamela Vitale murder investigation
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Police are investigating the brutal slaying of Pamela Vitale, wife of prominent California attorney Daniel Horowitz. Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera reported the latest on the case and mentioned two possible suspects. "There is always an implied belief that the husband did it, and he has no real alibi. He went off to a meeting that day, and came home and found her dead. I'm not saying he did it. There was also a guy living on their property who had threatened violence toward them." The Factor suggested Vitale was most likely murdered by someone who knew her. "Cops say this was a rage crime. This woman was so brutally killed that it couldn't have been a random crime. You have to figure there will be some DNA evidence found."

Rivera, who was recently falsely accused by the New York Times, also weighed in on the Dallas Morning News column accusing The Factor of condoning violence. "I thought the column was unfortunate and false. When you have a situation where newspapers had a monopoly for so long and they were unchallenged, they have become sloppy journalists. This was sloppy journalism and it was a cheap shot."

Creating a "No Prom Zone"
Guest: Brother Kenneth Hoagland, Kellenburg High School

Kellenberg High, a Catholic school on Long Island, has cancelled this year's prom, and Brother Kenneth Hoagland explained why. "The prom has gone from an evening to a weekend, with students paying a thousand dollars and more for all the accessories. Parents have been adding to the hype - providing beach houses, cruises, hotel suites, and alcohol. Some parents just don't know how to say no." The Factor suggested another strategy that would not punish students for their parents' behavior. "Why don't you just concentrate on parents and tell them that if they provide alcohol you'll call the cops and embarrass the parents publicly? It would stop the excess without hurting the kids."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your e mails dealt with Macarena Hernandez' column in the Dallas Morning News, in which she accused The Factor of demonizing illegal immigrants. Some excerpts:

Brenda Gomez, San Antonio, TX: "Bill, I am a Hispanic mother of three and am outraged by that column. She doesn't speak for Hispanic-Americans."

Stanton Morrow, Dallas, TX: "Mr. O, I can assure you the majority of Dallas citizens do not think the way the Morning News does."

Michael Harpe, Sellersburg, IN: "O'Reilly, I do not agree that the paper owes you an apology. They have a right to say what they want and you have a right to respond."

Keith Keister, Dallas, TX: "After subscribing to the paper for 28 years, I am disgusted by the left-wing turn it has taken. I am thinking about canceling."

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