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Thursday, October 20, 2005
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The truth about our Mexican border
"The Dallas Morning News is going to issue some kind of correction after one of its columnists accused me and this broadcast of fostering hatred toward Mexican migrant workers. That is absolutely false. What Talking Points does firmly believe is that both the US and Mexican governments have been grossly derelict in their duty to enforce immigration laws and that has put all of us in danger, especially the defenseless migrants who are exploited by all kinds of evil people. When you have 10-million illegal aliens entering any society, you're going to have a rash of unintended consequences. The border states are in chaos, crimes committed by illegals are a huge problem, neighborhoods and property values are impacted, schools are overwhelmed. You would think our leaders would understand the grave danger the border situation poses. But like Nero, Congress and the president fiddle while the southern border burns. That's the cold hard truth of the southern border and all the bleeding hearts in the world can't change it."

Fox News Video:

Arrest made in Vitale case
Guest: Family friend Steven Clark

16-year old Scott Dyleski has been arrested for the murder of Pamela Vitale, wife of California attorney Daniel Horowitz. Dyleski allegedly smashed Vitale in the head repeatedly, then scrawled a "Goth" message on her back. Horowitz' friend Steven Clark explained what is known about the alleged killer. "Certainly he's a depraved individual. The police found information, there are wounds on this kid, and this is a solid case. My instincts tell me this kid was probably involved in drugs." The Factor remarked on the unrestrained violence committed by a 16-year old. "We're going to find out the coming days who this kid is, who his parents are, whether he's going to school, and what kind of scams he was involved in."

Protecting children from potential abuse
Guest: Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist

In another horrific crime, 23-year old Lashaun Harris pushed her three young children into San Francisco Bay, where they drowned. Harris had been diagnosed as schizophrenic, raising the question of how to protect children from mentally ill parents. Dr. Robi Ludwig asserted that we are all obligated to get involved when there is serious abuse. "It's important because we never know if our intervention is the one that is going to change someone's life. You don't want to go up to an abusive parent and get killed yourself, but it's our responsibility to intervene. You can call the police or child protective services." The Factor related a personal experience that occurred in a supermarket. "A father was using his fist to blast a little kid. I made sure I had witnesses, and I went over to the guy an said 'if you hit the kid again I'm going to do it to you.' I was very confrontational. The bottom line is that we all have a moral obligation to intervene."

Hurricane Wilma and the Gulf
Guests: Fox News correspondent William La Jeunesse & meteorologist Bernie Rayno

Fox News' William La Jeunesse and meteorologist Bernie Rayno provided the latest on Wilma. "It's mass chaos," La Jeunesse reported from Cancun. "There was a massive evacuation going on - you had buses lined up filling up with tourists being taken to shelters." Rayno told viewers what to expect in the days ahead. "The storm has slowed, and we're looking at landfall in Florida Sunday night. There will be 4 to 8 hours of hurricane force winds, and south Florida is not the place to be." The Factor advised Floridians to stay informed about Wilma's twists and turns. "If it's a Category 2, you can hunker down, but this thing is unpredictable at this point. We're glad we have this radar technology, because it certainly saves lives."

Dick Morris on Harriet Miers
Guest: Fox News analyst Dick Morris

Fox News analyst Dick Morris joined The Factor with his take on the latest political news. First, Morris on President Bush's pledge to crack down on illegal immigration: "It's baloney. Out of 160,000 illegal aliens seized last year, they let 120,000 go. Nobody's willing to put the money into having thousands of immigration judges who can deport these people." On the Harriet Miers nomination: "Until she proves to the contrary, I don't know that she has the intellectual heft. I don't think she'll be confirmed unless she does a great job in the hearings." Finally, on the grand jury investigation into who leaked the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame: "I love Karl Rove, but I think he and Scooter Libby are going to have problems. This scandal could go all the way up in the Vice President's office."

Vikings party & bus explosion updates
Guest: Michael Silver, Sports Illustrated

It's been two weeks since 17 Minnesota Viking football players were involved in a wild sex party aboard two cruise ships. Sports Illustrated's Michael Silver gave an update on the scandal. "I think there will be misdemeanor lewd conduct charges, but there will be other ramifications. This was already a dysfunctional franchise, and now it's worse. The fact that they're one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL this season isn't helping." The Factor predicted the 1-4 Vikings will be lucky to win three more games. "For the Vikings the season is over. It is an amazing story because it is just so stupid - I don't think I've ever seen anything that dumb."

Guest: Attorney Amanda Hilty

In another investigation, Texas authorities are looking into the bus explosion that killed 23 elderly people who were fleeing Hurricane Rita. The driver, illegal immigrant Juan Robles Gutierrez, faces criminal charges and lawsuits. "He has the responsibility to make sure any vehicle is safe," said attorney Amanda Hilty. "The company had a history of problems with their buses and drivers, a lot of whom were undocumented and did not speak English." The Factor blamed the company for hiring Gutierrez. "I almost feel sorry for the driver. It seems to me the owner of the bus company is the one they should go after."

John Gibson & the war on Christmas
Guest: Fox News host John Gibson

The ACLU and other organizations seem to be engaged in a never-ending assault on Christmas traditions. Fox News anchor John Gibson has written a book about the phenomenon. "What we reveal is that secular symbols like Christmas trees and the colors red and green are being banned. The ACLU keeps saying to Christians to 'shut up,' and this is another attempt to say you can't even have a secular symbol like the tree or Santa in public." The Factor agreed with Gibson's thesis, but suggested his book's subtitle may be too broad. "You say this is a 'liberal plot,' but I think most liberals are as angry about this as conservatives. It's the far left, the loony left, the secular progressive ACLU America-haters. That's who's doing this."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your emails dealt with a wide variety of recent subjects. Some excerpts:

Kathleen Appell, Warminster, PA: "Congress admits it has ignored illegal immigration for 20 years. Now that President Bush's poll numbers are down, he says he's going to get tough. I don't believe him."

Jacob Wator, Darien, IL: "O'Reilly, your statement 'finally President Bush is getting tough on the border' is wrong. He has allocated millions for more border patrol guards and presented an immigration plan last year."

Dr. Sergio Westin, Dominican Republic: "O'Reilly, I just want to congratulate you for your brilliant argumentation of the validity of the Dalai Lama's speech in front of the scientists."

Debra Shaw, Dayton, OH: "I applaud the Catholic school principal who canceled the proms. Isn't it a shame that the schools have to set boundaries because the parents won't?"

Julie Freeman, Beverly Hills, CA: "I knew I made the right decision to send my son to a religious school instead of Beverly Hills High when I heard a parent say she rented a hotel room for some kids because it was better than doing it in the back seat of a car."

Geoff Winnington-Ball, Toronto, Canada: "Mr. O'Reilly, Fox News has only recently been allowed into my country by the government watchdogs. The Factor is a breath of fresh air."

Book Mentions
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The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday is Worse Than You Thought
by John Gibson

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