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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
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Panic over the Mexico border
Guests: Fox News analyst Juan Williams & immigration expert Steve Camarota

"When President Bush announced last week he was going to be more aggressive toward securing the border, those who oppose that policy sprang into action. One of the most reliable tactics is to accuse those who support secure borders of being biased and hateful. As you know, Dallas Morning News columnist Macarena Hernandez did her best to convince people that this program is hateful toward illegal aliens. And now her sister in arms, Cindy Rodriguez of the Denver Post, wrote this: 'I'm standing up to one of the biggest bullies I know: Bill O'Reilly ... (he) interrupts guests, denigrates them, calls them names.' This ridiculous description of The Factor pretty much eliminates Ms. Rodriguez from any serious dialogue. But this is what we've come to - newspapers allowing columnists to launch hateful attacks on people with whom they disagree. I believe most Americans agree with me that you can't have millions of people pouring into this country, no matter what their ethnicity If ideologues like Rodriguez and Hernandez have solutions to illegal immigration, I'd like to hear them. But as usual these attack artists are hiding under their desks. So you can call me a bully if you want, ladies. But I put forth solutions to major problems while you two engage in the lowest form of debate - the smear factor."

Fox News Video:

Fox News analyst Juan Williams joined The Factor with his views on columnists Rodriguez and Hernandez. "It's Halloween season and they need someone to demonize, someone who is scary - and you're the choice. If I was to give them the benefit of the doubt, they're trying to protect the rights of people - illegal immigrants - who are themselves often vilified." Immigration expert Steve Camarota added another contentious element to the debate - his assertion that a high percentage of Mexican immigrants are on the public dole. "If you look at households headed by Mexican immigrants, legal or illegal, a high percentage use the major welfare programs. What I'm trying to point out is that people who come to America with very little education make very little income, and as a consequence tend to use social services. This is not because they came for welfare, not because they're lazy. The primary problem is that 65 percent of adult American immigrants to the US have not finished high school."

Damage from Hurricane Wilma
Guest: Tim Padgett, Time Magazine

With millions of Floridians still without power, Time Magazine's Tim Padgett reported on the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma. "The hurricane was worse than most of us expected, at least on the east coast. We got socked a lot worse than we thought. It was disconcerting to hear that it could be up to a month before power is restored. And gasoline is obviously a big problem." The Factor predicted Floridians will get power much sooner than authorities claim. "I think saying one month is a little bit of hyperbole, so when they get it done in ten days they're heroes. Florida's a great place to live, but you guys have been getting whacked with everything."

Questionable parents having babies
Guest: Fox News legal analyst Craig Mitnik

In Pennsylvania, local authorities have taken a newborn baby from 31-year old Melissa Wolfhawk, whose husband DaiShin is a convicted sex offender. The ACLU is arguing that the couple should be permitted to keep the baby, and Fox News legal analyst Craig Mitnick explained why. "What the ACLU is saying is that no matter if he's a sex offender, once he does his sentence he's a free man. And he has rights to procreate and raise children. But that argument can be trumped if it can be shown that a newborn child is in danger in the household. The judge found in this specific instance that the state was more apt to raise this newborn."

The inside story of Abu Ghraib
Guest: Col. Janis Karpinski

Colonel Janis Karpinski, formerly the officer in charge of Baghdad's infamous Abu Ghraib prison, joined The Factor and accused the Army of making her the scapegoat. "The Army singled me and the soldiers out," Karpinski claimed. "I was not there every day, and I did not live at Abu Ghraib. They were my soldiers, so I have a portion of the responsibility, but no one else is sharing that responsibility. I think in large measure they have silenced the people who have further information by keeping them on active duty. They want me to be quiet, and I won't." The Factor reminded Colonel Karpinski that, prior to being demoted, she was a general and atop the chain of command. "There is a school of thought that if something goes wrong under your command, you have to take the rap."

Journalists using biased sources?
Guests: Jacob Laskin, Front Page Magazine & journalist Todd Manzi

Far-left billionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis have poured money into groups such as MoveOn.Org and Media Matters. The Factor has learned that media outlets often get their information directly from these left-wing organizations. Journalist Todd Manzi explained how the smear machine worked against William Bennett. "Media Matters taped one of Bill Bennett's radio callers and decided to make an issue out of it. They put up the transcript with an incendiary headline. The story got picked up by hundreds of newspapers and television stations. They made a story out of nothing." Reporter Jacob Laskin observed that the groups are very well organized. "They've created an underground network that funnels donations from wealthy donors like Soros and Lewis to these groups. And that's perfect for Soros, who has a far left agenda." The Factor worried about the effect on political discourse. "They tape The Radio Factor, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill Bennett then look to see if they can find something they can smear us with. It is a very well-oiled, effective character assassination machine."

Mother of missing baby charged with murder
Guest: Attorney Paul Wallen

21-year old University of Southern California student Holly Ashcraft has been charged with murder after allegedly put her newborn baby in a trash bin. There are also reports that she gave birth last year to another baby who disappeared. Her attorney Paul Wallin joined The Factor and complained that Ashcraft is being unfairly prejudged. "A lot of people look like they're in huge trouble according to the media, but the media look pretty stupid at the end. My client is sitting in jail on $2 million bail, and she was on a full scholarship to USC. And people have to step back and say this woman is going through a horrendous tragedy, and wait for the evidence to come out." The Factor countered that the police seem to have a solid case. "We have to give everyone the presumption of innocence, but there's a serious situation here. We're not prejudging, but it looks like she's in huge trouble."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your e mails dealt with the Oregon Supreme Court's ruling that live sex shows are a form of "expression." Some excerpts:

Clellon Baker, Brookings, OR: "Bill, keep you hands off our Oregon laws. If we want to kill ourselves, it's our business, if we want sex on stage, it's none of your business."

Ken Barton, Sutherlin, OR: "Bill, I agree with you. The majority of Oregonians would vote down this law if it appeared in a referendum."

Paul Overway, Holland, MI: "Bill, you're the boob everybody should be worrying about. Sex shows are free expression."

Chuck Hicks, Moore, OK: "O'Reilly, so you favor Christmas displays but not sex shows. Sounds like you're in favor of free expression when it suits you."

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One Woman's Army: The Commanding General of Abu Ghraib Tells Her Story
by Janis Karpinski

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