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Tuesday, November 8, 2005
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California Prop 73
"In California there's a ballot measure that may affect your life wherever you live. First, the background. The far left in America is increasingly funded by billionaires like George Soros and Peter Lewis and the elite media is often simpatico with the agenda. One hallmark of the radical left is to weaken the traditional family unit by diminishing parental authority. Proposition 73 in California, if defeated, will allow girls of any age to have an abortion without telling parents. The abortion issue is sacred to the radical left. Also, the left-wing media has been able to convince millions of Americans that the government knows what's best for families, not the parents. The radical left wants a wedge between children and their parents to erode traditional values, which are often opposed to secular progressive values. So this vote was very important."

(NOTE: Prop 73 was narrowly defeated, meaning parental notification will not be required.)

Fox News Video:

Aruba Boycott
Guest: Alabama Governor Bob Riley

Alabama Governor Bob Riley is urging Americans to boycott Aruba, an attempt to penalize island authorities for botching the Natalee Holloway case. Governor Riley entered the No Spin Zone and elaborated on his plea. "I can use the power of my office to help support the Holloway family. They had resisted this call for a boycott, but finally got to the point that they will never get any resolution unless there is additional pressure put on the Aruba government. There is absolutely no excuse for what has gone on." The Factor suggested that the most effective way to get Aruba's attention would be to focus on the tourist business. "The cruise ships are the key here. 75% of Aruba tourism is American, and if you can get the cruise ships on board, that's when you'll get action."

Border Fence
Guest: Congressman Duncan Hunter

Some in Congress are proposing a security fence that would separate Mexico from the United States. Representative Duncan Hunter, a proponent of the plan, pointed to the success of a fence in southern California. "We took an area where there was rape and massive smuggling of illegal aliens. We built a double fence that works. Before we built the fence we had an average of ten murders a year - we totally eliminated those murders. This is no longer just a border issue, it's a national security issue."

French Riots
Guest: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters & NY Times Reporter Richard Chesnoff

Riots in Paris and other French cities have continued for nearly two weeks, with young men burning cars and assaulting police. While many American newspapers are hesitant to mention that the rioters are predominantly Muslim, reporter Richard Chesnoff argued that religion is a major factor. "This is a nation that keeps its head stuck in the sand, and had this problem developing for forty years. They have treated their Islamic population badly. The Muslim aspect is very much a part of this issue. This is a population that is being agitated by extremist imams in every mosque across the country." Columnist Ralph Peters, who has called France "the most profoundly racist country in Western Europe," explained his assertion. "We've come a long way and the French haven't. They have treated their own black and brown populations absolutely brutally. They treat them like sub humans, there are no job opportunities, and it's exacerbated by the fact that the French economy is going down the tubes. This is a society in shock - all the lies and myths they told themselves have been wrong." The Factor suggested that French enmity extends beyond their own immigrants. "They don't like the Germans, the English, the Spaniards, the Americans, or the Italians. They don't like anybody."

Abortion Vote
Guest: San Francisco Chronicle Report Debra Saunders

As outlined in the Talking Points Memo, Californians voted on whether parents should have the right to know if their underage daughter is having an abortion. Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle claimed that the state's elites are opposed to mandatory parental notification. "This is an issue of whether or not parents are notified about an abortion, not whether they consent to it. I see this as one of the issues where newspaper editorial boards say no, but the people say yes. If this were a high turnout race, it would pass." The Factor worried that the defeat of Prop 73 will further weaken American families. "If Californians say we don't want parents to even know, it's going to spread. There are ten states that could pass this crazy stuff that undermines parental authority." The initiative was defeated Tuesday by a narrow margin.

Price Gouging by the oil companies
Guest: Ben Stein & Wayne Rodgers

The Factor has accused oil companies of gouging consumers, and now posits that prices are falling because big oil fears a congressional investigation. Economist Ben Stein disagreed with any suggestion of price manipulation. "Your whole thesis just doesn't make sense. Oil prices are set on world markets, and profits are good things. Profit is not a dirty word, and oil companies are owned by ordinary Americans. There's never been evidence of gouging." Stein was seconded by investor Wayne Rodgers, who blamed high gas prices on regulation. "I agree with Ben in that this is a free market out there. It's about supply, and we haven't had a refinery built in this country for thirty years. You can not just sell oil in the ground, you have to have a refined product." The Factor reiterated that oil companies are manipulating prices. "People who work in the gas business told me that these guys gouge whenever they can. The price is coming down now because oil companies are scared. There's a cabal, not a free market. This is about people heating their homes, people suffering, and these are greedy oil companies."

War on Terror
Guest: Author Daniel Benjamin

Daniel Benjamin has written a book in which he declares the war on terror an utter failure. Benjamin asserted that America should be trying to win friends in the Arab world. "We must prevent the radicalization of future generations. We have to change our policies and convince Muslims that we are not their enemy. You can't anger 1.2 billion people and not expect consequences. They see American troops on the ground and they believe we're there to occupy a Muslim country and steal its resources." The Factor pointed out that appeasement and conciliation didn't work for France. "France was very touchy-feely with Muslims, providing entitlements all day long. And now they have an insurrection. I'm all for diplomacy and reason, but the jihadists don't seem very reasonable to me."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Some excerpts from your emails:

Steven Shene, Melbourne, FL: " O'Reilly, you talk out of both sides of your mouth. On the one hand, you agree with Senator McCain that torture is ineffective, on the other you want the CIA to continue doing it."

Michael Weldon, Thailand: "Bill, you should listen to McCain. Torture is completely ineffective."

Bill Nesdore, Myrtle Beach, SC: "Mr. O, please start asking these senators tough questions. Like how they have time to write books but cannot solve immigration and social security."

Dr. John Matlock, El Paso, TX: "Angela Alioto said that it is wrong for the army to offer college scholarships to recruits. It was an army program that financed my medical education. She is doing a great disservice to many young Americans."

Roman, El Paso, TX: "Mr. O'Reilly, how about encouraging the military to recruit at your WASP upper income schools? You are conveniently failing to acknowledge that more minorities are being killed and maimed in this war on terror."

Marc Koning, Los Angeles, CA: "Bill, blaming France for the Iraq war is bogus. It is clear Bush rushed into the war on fabricated intelligence."

Colleen Stevens, Sparks, NV: "Mr. O'Reilly, please stop saying we are fighting World War III. Basically, you need to get over yourself."

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The Next Attack: The Failure of the War on Terror and a Strategy for Getting It Right
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