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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
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San Francisco, part two
"There is anger building against San Francisco's anti-military vote last week. By a 60-40 vote, San Franciscans told the rest of America we don't want military recruiters in our schools. Talking Points is actually pleased about the controversy because this whole deal needs to be out in the open. The far left smear web sites which support the anti-military movement have developed an effective way to punish people with whom they disagree. The smear sites print analysis that distorts someone's position on an issue - by taking it out of context, reporting humor as being serious, or flat-out lying. Then the smear sites urge their readers to e-mail threatening words to sponsors or demand someone's firing. The guttersnipes also contact sympathizers in the mainstream media who publish the defamation. The smear sites have been somewhat successful using these dishonest tactics, but now the game is up. Anyone who carries water for these far left sites will be exposed on this broadcast. They have hurt the country dramatically."

Fox News Video:

Senate defeats Iraq timetable
Guests: Wayne Simmons, former CIA operative & Jed Babbin, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense

Although the Senate has defeated a proposal that would have mandated a timetable for withdrawal, some Republicans seem to be distancing themselves from the war in Iraq. Former Pentagon official Jed Babbin accused them of playing politics. "These guys are trying to cover their tails so they don't lose more ground next year. If we quit and come home we will be emboldening terrorists everywhere." Former CIA agent Wayne Simmons flatly declared that a Democrat takeover of Congress would be a disaster. "I can tell you unequivocally - if the Democrats come into power and re-employ their vision of defense for this country, we will have 9/11's unabated. The American people need to wake up. We have a Commander-in-Chief who is kicking the living daylights out of these terrorists and keeping us safer." The Factor blamed one-sided reporting for the public perception that the war is going wrong. "80% of the coverage by the mainstream media in Iraq is negative. And you don't have an articulate Commander-in-Chief who can combat that. He allows the media to define the conflict."

Wal-Mart under siege
Guest: Julia Boorstin, Fortune Magazine

Senator Ted Kennedy has teamed up with the far left organization MoveOn.Org and radical Robert Greenwald - they are attacking Wal-Mart for, in Kennedy's words, "mistreating its workers." Fortune Magazine's Julia Boorstin tried to explain Kennedy's hatred of the retailer. "I think Senator Kennedy's real issue is that Wal-Mart epitomizes the new global economy. It can offer low prices and push out competitors because it has mastered globalization. Kennedy is not thinking about the customer, because customers love Wal-Mart's low prices." The Factor questioned the logic of targeting Wal-Mart. "I understand that private small businesses feel threatened because Wal-Mart can undercut them. But that's competition - McDonald's pushed out a bunch of mom-and-pop burger places."

Most dangerous judge in America?
Guest: Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco has compiled one of the most extreme records in the country. Reinhardt, whose wife is executive director of the Southern California ACLU, ruled to ban the words 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance. Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano elaborated on Judge Reinhardt's reputation. "He is the prince of the secularists among all federal judges, and probably the most notorious leftist. He has faithfully hewed to the far left line in all these social issues." The Factor cited another example of Judge Reinhardt's extremism. "When parents in California said they wanted to have the option not to have our 5 and 6-year old hear about sex in public schools, he was the guy who said 'no.' He and his wife are on a mission to radically change the country."

"Cool mom" sentenced to 30 years
Guests: Child advocate Wendy Murphy & Vermont state Senator Wendy Wilton

Colorado is apparently cracking down on child predators - 41-year old Sylvia Johnson was sentenced to 30 years for having sex with five high school boys after giving them drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, Vermont legislators are about to introduce a version of "Jessica's Law." State Senator Wendy Wilton predicted there will be opposition. "Liberalism in this state extends deep into the legislature, and there is a vocal minority that will try to stop us." Child advocate Wendy Murphy reported on another New England state that has been notoriously soft on child molesters. "Massachusetts is one of the worst states in the nation. The legislature is fundamentally controlled by the criminal defense bar, and defense attorneys lose business when laws are black and white because they have nothing to fight about. They like it when it's gray and murky, and they make a lot of money keeping things messy."

Christmas and department stores
Guests: Jackson Bain, Bain & Associates; Tobin Smith, Fox News business contributor

The Factor continued to examine how retailers will treat Christmas this year. Among the discount stores, Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, and BJ's are all using the phrase 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas.' Fox News business contributor Tobin Smith called it a terrible decision. "92% of Americans like the term 'Merry Christmas,' so who are you offending? You don't make business decisions based on a small minority. Christmas is part of our heritage." Business consultant Jackson Bain defended the generic greeting. "I'm certain they have done surveys in their communities that say maybe it's better to have a more generalized holiday theme. What's wrong with saying 'Season's Greetings?'" The Factor warned that retailers will pay a price for ignoring tradition. "I am 100% positive the policy will hurt the bottom line. I sense a growing anger among Christians that their holiday is being denigrated. There is an anti-Christian bias in this country, and it is more on display at Christmas season than any other time."

Michael Jackson: Where is he now?
Guest: Author Diane Dimond

Diane Diamond, author of a new book about Michael Jackson, provided an update on Jackson's alleged victim. "He's almost sixteen," Diamond reported. "His family is in the witness protection program living under assumed names. The boy is playing football now and he's been through a lot - domestic violence, cancer, the big trial, and a nutty mother." Diamond implied that Jackson, who is now living in Bahrain, got off because of his fame. "The jury had stars in their eyes - every day they sat close to a superstar. I think there may have been some 'innocent by reason of celebrity' going on there."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your e-mails focused on the O'Reilly-San Francisco controversy. Some excerpts:

The Gonda Family, Bethel, CT: "Fire Bill O'Reilly! His statements are anti-American. How dare he talk about al-Qaeda attacking San Francisco?"

Julio Sanches, San Francisco, CA: "Mr. O, from the heart of the beast, I give you all my support. My adopted city has become a bastion of the worst kind of liberalism. Never apologize to them."

Jim Jacoby, Johnstown, PA: "Bill, you call war protestors 'traitors,' and then turn around and call for the destruction of an American city."

Blaine Baker, Altus, OK: "Bill, you are exactly right. As a military member, I was personally insulted by the vote in San Francisco."

Other viewers wrote about the wild sex party on the Brown University campus.

Brian Craigie, Brown University: "Mr. O'Reilly, I want to say that your obvious homophobic and discriminatory views should not be the basis for a story slandering Brown."

Geri Nelson, Middlesex, NJ: "Bill, I am a tough old broad and I was appalled watching the debauchery. When I attended Brown, that building was used as a chapel."

Dan Shelley, Brown University: "As a coach here, I thank you for airing that report. Maybe they will stop this now and make it easier for me to recruit."