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Monday, November 28, 2005
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Merry Christmas... maybe?
"Over Thanksgiving I was in the Bahamas, which is a Christian country. Lots of folks asked me about the Christmas controversy here in the USA. Everybody says 'Merry Christmas' in the Bahamas. Ten years ago almost everybody said 'Merry Christmas' in America, but that's changed. A legal assault by the ACLU, combined with a media that blatantly promotes secularism, has succeeded in convincing some Americans that the words 'Merry Christmas' are inappropriate. This is nuts! It is now time to draw the line. 'Merry Christmas' is an emotional but small issue. The drastic change the secular progressive movement wants is the big issue. Those people want an America free from spirituality and judgments about personal behavior. So Talking Points is putting together a 'Coalition of the Willing' to fight against the secular movement. George Soros and Peter Lewis, the moneymen behind the secular curtain, have financed a number of web sites which routinely attack those with whom they disagree in the most vile ways. In the coming weeks we will expose those media which pass along the vicious personal attacks. If traditional America rises up and punishes the mainstream media which furthers the cause of Soros and the ACLU, they will lose. If Christmas can be marginalized, any tradition can be, including marriage and the way you raise your kids. Every American has to decide exactly what kind of country he or she wants. And the time to decide is now."

Fox News Video:

Bush on the border & Iraq policy
Guest: Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich

President Bush has begun addressing immigration and the need to stem the tide of illegals. Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich said the president is finally catching up with public opinion. "Overwhelmingly the American people believe we should control the borders, end illegal immigration, and find a way to have legal guest workers. I'm glad he's doing the right thing." The Factor questioned why President Bush waited so long, and predicted a difficult road ahead. "This is a tough problem. You're going to have to take very drastic action against poor people coming here to make a living. As soon as the president does anything such as suggest a fence, he will be branded a bigot and an enemy of the poor."

The former Speaker also denounced the "cut-and-run" sentiment that seems to be growing in Washington. Gingrich claimed the Iraq war is going far better than most Americans realize. "Not a single general officer has said we're losing. And there is tremendous reenlistment among Marines and soldiers in Iraq who believe this is a worthy cause. I find it amazing that the people who are risking their lives for America are prepared to reenlist while politicians back home talk about surrendering to the terrorists." The Factor maintained that some Americans are actually rooting for the enemy. "I have always said there is a segment of America that actually wants the US to lose in Iraq because they hate Bush that much. Their hatred for the president overrides the security of the nation."

Update on John Couey
Guest: Attorney Herb Cohen

John Couey is the repeat sex offender who kidnapped and killed 9-year old Jessica Lunsford in Florida. He now claims one of his three roommates, Matt Dittrich, knew Jessica was in the home and being brutalized. Lunsford family lawyer Herb Cohen explained that Dittrich will probably never be charged. "Unfortunately, you need hard evidence to go into court with. Couey is charged with murder and can't be called to testify." The Factor has long maintained that Couey's three roommates should face charges. "I firmly believe these three knew this little girl was being held in a closet and being sexually abused, and they helped Couey flee. I'm so depressed that the system is so terrible. If Jessica Lunsford were from a rich family this would never have happened."

Guest: Attorney Wendy Murphy

The American Civil Liberties Union is defending the North American Man Boy Love Association, the group that promotes sex between men and young boys. Attorney and child advocate Wendy Murphy explained why she refers to the organization as the American "Criminals" Liberties Union. "When we start talking about crime the ACLU loses all common sense, and they really do stand up for sex offenders against the interest of little kids. In state after state the ACLU has filed suit to block sex offender registries. They spend a ton of money and resources trying to insulate sex offenders from stigma and shame." The Factor cited one case that exemplifies the ACLU's radicalism. "In Kansas a 14-year old handicapped boy was molested by an 18-year old boy in a group home, and the ACLU argued that a 14-year old has a Constitutional right to engage in sex with adults."

Mike Wallace
Guest: Mike Wallace

The Factor spoke with journalistic legend Mike Wallace, who commented on the "Memogate" scandal that led to Dan Rather's retirement as CBS anchor. "Dan Rather is my friend and I have nothing but respect for him," Wallace said. "But he did not see the finished piece before it went on the air. If I'd been there, I wouldn't have gone on the air unless I was certain. I had a discussion with Dan and told him that everyone involved got fired - why didn't he go with them?" Wallace acknowledged that he voted for Senator Hillary Clinton and praised her record, declaring "she has shown remarkable understanding and has had very good training." The Factor countered that Senator Clinton has consistently refused to answer tough questions. "I won't vote for her because she won't do an interview with you or me or anyone else who is going to challenge her. I don't want a president who won't answer questions."

Anne Rice
Guest: Author Anne Rice

Author Anne Rice, known for "Interview with the Vampire" and many other books, now says she has dedicated her life to Jesus, whose childhood is the subject of her latest work. Rice elaborated on her spiritual rebirth. "I came back to the church because belief came back to me. I have been asking questions to God for a long time - are you there, can I come back, do you want me? I want this book to make Jesus real to people. I've tried to create a probable reality, the way it may have been with the holy family."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Some of your Thanksgiving week emails piled generous helpings of praise or scorn on The Factor. Some excerpts:

Matho Valens, Columbus, OH: "O'Reilly, please stop calling your program 'the no spin zone.'"

Chad Hall, Rospine, LA: "Mr. O'Reilly, how dare you bully your opponents. You don't have a right to judge people. Keep your opinions to yourself."

Tom Hardy, Prescott, AZ: "Bill, being a Vietnam era vet, I have come to believe that you do really care about the soldiers who are serving. You are fair and more to the liberal side than many think."

Johnny Pitts, Lafayette, CA: "William, must be a slow news cycle to justify so many segments on the so-called 'attack on Christmas.' Find something new so I can stop changing the channel."

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