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Monday, February 13, 2006
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Al Gore's anti-American remarks
Guests: Lanny Davis, former counsel to President Clinton & Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers

"Speaking in Saudi Arabia, former Vice President Al Gore said Arabs in the United States were 'indiscriminately rounded up,' and 'held in conditions that were just unforgivable.' We called Mr. Gore's office to ask exactly where the 'unforgivable conditions' are located and to provide some names of Arabs who have been abused inside the USA. Gore's office told us to stuff it. What is Al Gore talking about and, more importantly, why is he saying this stuff in the Middle East? Surely, Gore knows his words will be used to fuel more Arab anger toward America. We believe Gore was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to give that speech, and you would think he would be more responsible. Al Gore's comments are so irresponsible and harmful to the country, he makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington. Talking Points understands the man is bitter - losing the presidency in Florida could not have been easy. But Al Gore has now marginalized himself and shamed himself. He owes all Americans an apology."

Fox News Video:

Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers joined The Factor and defended Gore's comments. "He was apologizing for some things the US government did after 9-11 which the US government has actually apologized for. That was rounding up about 70 Muslims and keeping them in not-very-good conditions." But another Democrat, former Clinton aide Lanny Davis, took issue with Gore's speech. "My problem with Gore's remarks is the location, that he should make them in Saudi Arabia, of all places. He should have used better judgment." The Factor accused the former vice president of harming American interests. "By doing this Al Gore hands anti-American elements and terrorists more propaganda and more power. This will be used to increase their hatred of the United States. We're in the middle of World War III and Al Gore just gave aid and comfort to the enemy."

Statement highlights oil reliance
Guest: Fox News business analyst Tobin Smith

Also speaking in Saudi Arabia, Chevron executive Peter Robertson called the goal of American energy independence "completely unreasonable," and declared we will always need oil from the Middle East. The Factor denounced Robertson's comments and big oil in general. "All the oil companies have a cozy relationship with the Kingdom of Saud, a fascist group that has encouraged Wahhabism and financed Al Qaeda. This guy being over there playing footsie with them tees me off." But Fox News business analyst Tobin Smith denied that oil companies are un-American profiteers. "Who made Americans addicted to oil - was it the oil companies, the government, or was it us? We consumers are the ones who did it. Oil companies are looking out for the American economy because if the economy goes in the tank, we all go in the tank. The success of those companies is tied to America."

More information on Gretzky scandal
Guests: Talk show host Steve Malzburg & Brian Kilmeade, Fox and Friends

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was in headlines last week when he and his wife Janet Jones were accused of being involved in a gambling scandal. Even though Gretzky has denied any wrongdoing, radio host Steve Malzberg suggested he should step down as coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. "The National Hockey League should tell him to remove himself from the bench and relinquish ownership of the team until this is settled. It gives the appearance of impropriety." Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade contended that would be unfair. "Janet Jones seems to be up to her ears in this and could be prosecuted. But there is no way Gretzky should be forced to leave the team or give up partial ownership." The Factor empathized with Gretzky and his wife, who have not been charged with any crime. "Every person who gets caught up in anything is going to get slapped on the front page, and then when the truth comes out it is on page 22. The press, as they always do, went nuts when a big name is involved."

Updates on child attack cases
Guest: Child advocate Wendy Murphy

Attorney Wendy Murphy joined The Factor with updates on some recent crimes against children. In one case, a prosecutor in Kentucky asked for a sentence of just six weeks for a man who raped an 11-year old girl, but Judge Craig Clymer refused the plea bargain. "One of the good things about this story," Murphy proclaimed, "is that the judge said 'I don't care if the prosecutor and defense attorney agree on a bargain basement sentence, I'm not going to do it.'" Meanwhile, Vermont Judge David Suntag sentenced Ryan Morrissey to only four-and-a-half years for raping his 5-year old daughter. "This wasn't just rape," Murphy elaborated. "This was anal sodomy of a little 5-year old girl, whose life is destroyed because of what he did to his own child." The Factor pointed out that Vermont has a history of leniency. "It looks like the state is just out of control. These judges just can not be trusted."

San Fran resolution to impeach Bush
Guests: Attorney Angela Alioto & Gary Delagnes, San Francisco Police Officers Association

While the San Francisco Board of Supervisors debates a resolution recommending the impeachment of President Bush, the SF Chronicle is alleging systematic police violence. Gary Delagnes declared that cop bashing is a city tradition. "I can only assume they believe this sells papers. We are the most diverse and scrutinized department in the US, but there's a certain segment of San Francisco that doesn't even want law enforcement." Former supervisor Angela Alioto explained why an investigation is warranted. "About 5 to 7 percent of officers use excessive force. They need to be investigated and removed if it turns out to be true." Alioto also defended the impeachment resolution, predicting "the rest of the country will follow us once we do this." The Factor joked about the city's renegade reputation. "Call me crazy, but I don't think the rest of the country wants San Francisco calling the shots in the war on terror."

Georgia Witkin's new book
Guest: Fox News contributor Dr. Georgia Witkin

Fox News contributor Dr. Georgia Witkin has written a new book with advice for women who can't seem to find the right man. Her basic premise: it's usually the guy's fault. "When relationships don't work women say 'what's wrong with me?' When guys have a problem, they don't ask that. They assume they're perfectly lovable as they are. So we want to teach women the male strategy, which is assume you're loveable and look for guys who agree with that." The Factor offered some invaluable Valentine's Day advice to the lovelorn. "The most important thing is that you have to like yourself. If you are relying on anyone else - a boss, a brother, a mother or a lover - to tell you you're good and decent, then you are going to lose."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your weekend e-mails dealt with a variety of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Jessica Sandfold, San Diego, CA: "Good ol' Bill O'Reilly. Instead of focusing on the Bush administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina, you go after the New York Times. Bush must love you for being his personal lap dog."

Brian Wise, Hollywood, FL: "O'Reilly, based on your overestimation of your own importance, you feel President Bush should send someone to talk to you? He doesn't have to discuss anything with you."

Dexter Beard, Sioux Falls, SD: "Why aren't regular Muslims telling the radical elements to shut up?"

Ken Smith, Michigan City, IN: "When did I start living in a world where torture, murder and kidnapping are acceptable, but political cartoons are not?"

Penny Fortin, Dunbarton, NH: "Mr. O'Reilly, my 11-year old son died after playing the choking game. It's about time someone told people about it. My deepest gratitude for your segment.'"

Susan Cooley, Malibu, CA: "Bill, after watching the choking game segment, I asked my ninth grade son about it. He said lots of kids think it's cool. This really opened my eyes."

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It's Not You, It's Him: The Zero-Tolerance Approach to Dating
by Georgia Witkin

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