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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
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Media bash of Cheney
Guests: Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron & Fox News analyst Marvin Kalb

"What began as a regrettable hunting accident has now evolved into a major media story. The press in America is so angry with the Bush-Cheney administration, they have lost all perspective and as a result, you are not getting the truth. So here it is. Vice president Cheney should be more accessible to the press, he is too secretive, no question about it. Mr. Cheney should have released a statement about the hunting accident shortly after it happened. If the secret service immediately told the local sheriff what happened, Cheney's office should have briefed the press at the same time. A hunting accident itself is not a big deal, even for a vice president. But if a man dies or is disabled in the accident it becomes a big deal. That hasn't happened yet and Harry Whittington is improving. The press is making a big deal out of this because they despise Dick Cheney. Generally speaking, the media feels Cheney is arrogant and distant. But this hatred has gone too far and here's the best example I can give you. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd is a notorious Bush-Cheney basher. Writing about the Cheney hunting accident today, Ms. Dowd brings in the following: soldiers dying in Iraq, Cheney's Vietnam deferment, Halliburton, Katrina, oil prices, Medicare, corrupt lobbyists, Osama, Tora Bora, and a possible grand jury investigation. Like Cheney or not, once critical thinking degenerates into hatred there is no value."

Fox News Video:

Fox News Correspondent Carl Cameron said the White House press corps had been taking out there frustration on press secretary Scott McClellan. "There are reporters, my colleagues in the White House press corps, who have called Scott McClellan a jerk to his face in the last few days, just because he has been unable to come up with the precise details, details that Dick Cheney didn't make public really until today." Fox News Analyst Marvin Kalb tried to explain to the Factor why the shooting was a big story. "One, it's the vice president of the United States who shoots somebody. That's not anything that happens every day. That is a news story, in and of itself. Secondly, this is a vice president -- you spoke about secrecy before -- and you were right -- who hasn't given a news conference in three-and-a-half years. He has a responsibility to level with the American people." The Factor remained unimpressed. "But how does it affect any American's life in any way? It's news when the vice president shoots a lawyer. I got it. But it doesn't affect anybody in any way. It's almost like a Page Six story."

New Abu Ghraib photos broadcast
Guest: Fox News contributor Jane Hall

Australian TV has broadcast more photos of Abu Ghraib and the American media has picked up those photos. The Factor thought the photos were "only released for shock value, so a sleazy Australian network can get ratings. It puts Americans in danger, real physical danger. And everybody should acknowledge that." Fox News contributor Jane Hall felt the media had an obligation to publish the photos. "I would be concerned about the impact of the pictures. But I have to say, journalists are not in the business of having to think about the possible impact of everything. Abu Ghraib happened. I'm not celebrating this that this happened. You say, these appear to be from 2003. You say the context that soldiers have gone to jail over this. It is true, many people feel that this has not gone all the way to the top. I think that you publish them."

Funding the Mexican military
Guest: Investigative reporter Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter, an investigative reporter for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, outlined what was happening on the border. "Did you know the U.S. government has authorized $376 million to fund the Mexican military? The Factor felt this revelation was the start of something big. "In light of accusations that the Mexican military actually crosses into the USA on occasion to help drug dealers, this could be outrageous." Sarah Carter, an investigative reporter for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, outlined what was happening on the border. I have been down to Mexico numerous times. And it's not just our local law enforcement officials who are saying this. Mexican citizens are saying this as well. I started by first listening and then following a paper trail, which led me to the documents that I obtained from the DHS, which showed more than 200 Mexican military incursions into the United States in the last 10 years. I have not only been told this by law enforcement officials, but by Mexican migrants, who have hid in the tunnels from the drug cartels and the Mexican military, who have been assisting them, bringing drugs from Mexico, across the Rio Grande, bringing drugs across the Otay Mesa, bringing drugs across Smugglers Gulch in San Diego. This is what I have been told." The Factor promised to follow up. "We're paying the Mexican military, who is in the pocket of the drug cartels? We're going to follow up on this story."

Dr. James Dobson on marriage legislation
Guest: Dr. James Dobson

The Factor debated same-sex marriage with Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. "While people have the right to equality under the law, they do not have the right to redefine marriage. For 5,000 years in every continent on earth, marriage has been the standard between a man and a woman. Why? Because it is best for children to have a mother and a father. You know, there are only four countries out of 197 that have created so-called same-sex marriage, only four. It's a bad idea." The Factor countered, "Why would it hurt traditional marriage, which would still rule and reign, because 94 percent of people are heterosexual. Why would gay marriage hurt traditional marriage?" Dobson argued, "If you look at the countries that have created something akin to same-sex marriage or civil unions, it damages marriage tremendously. If you confuse the idea of what marriage is for young people, they simply don't get married. They live together out of wedlock."

Accused murderer Entwistle in custody
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo outlined the Neil Entwistle case. "He'll be arraigned tomorrow at 2 p.m. The state is very convinced they've got this guy. Not only did he have no visible means of support, he had the motive and the opportunity to kill his wife and baby. His DNA is on the .22-caliber pistol seized at the father-in-law's house. His wife Rachel's DNA is on the barrel where he allegedly put the gun almost on her hairline before pulling the trigger. He made conflicting statements to the cops. He fled the scene. He refused to come back for the burial of his wife and baby. A slam-dunk here." The Factor said life in prison was the probable sentence for Entwistle. "He's back in the USA. He goes through the process. Life in prison in the Bay State. You know, Massachusetts doesn't execute anybody. So that's probably how it's going to play out."

Bloviating with Bill: The ACLU
Guest: Dan Gavigan

The Factor believes that the American Civil Liberties Union is the most dangerous organization in the USA right now, but some disagree, including 28-year-old Dan Gavigan from Seaford, Long Island, who believes in the ACLU cause. Gavigan argued, "They have been dedicated to representing every American, protecting their civil rights." The Factor countered: "If the ACLU were looking out for you and your family on Long Island, why would they oppose every single measure, every one, that the Bush administration has implemented to fight the war on terror? I can go down them. I have them listed right here. Every single measure the ACLU opposes. Does that make you feel safe?" To which Gavigan responded "I do feel safe, and I'm going to tell you why. Because the Bush administration has used their fear mongering tactics to scare innocent people into acquiescing their civil rights."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Dick Cheney leads off:

Neil Kurlander, Stamford, CT: "Mr. O, you express surprise at the media's response to the Cheney shooting story, claiming the situation affects no one other than the victim. Based upon that logic, who was affected by the Monica Lewinsky story?"

Jack Kirwan, Pattaya, Thailand: "Al Gore is a has-been, Dick Cheney is a heartbeat from the presidency. How Cheney reacts to an emergency is a far more important story."

George Hamilton, Cleveland, OH: "Bill, your decision to run the Gore story over the Cheney story was all about quality of content. Thank you for remembering that."

And on Joseph Smith:

Keri Schumaker, Eagle Pass, TX: "The killer of the little Brucia girl, Joseph Smith, violated his probation by testing positive for drugs. Had Judge Rapkin done his job, Carlie would be alive today. That's all there is to it."

Tami Seligman, Austin, TX: "Joseph Smith couldn't afford probation fees, but could afford drugs? I'm not buying it."

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