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Monday, March 6, 2006
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Bush strategy in the terror war
Guest: Author Dr. James Carafano

"The presidential visit to India and Pakistan was a success, even if many Americans have no idea what Mr. Bush was doing over there. The president is deeply involved in a long term strategy to fight terrorism, and the trip was part of it. Mr. Bush believes that the only way to defeat Al Qaeda and other terror groups is to limit the places where these people can openly operate. Right now Iran, Syria, and the out-of-control northern border area of Pakistan harbor and finance terrorists. These places are enemies of the USA. Jordan, Kuwait, the Emirates, Egypt, and Afghanistan are all now reliable allies in the war on terror. Saudi Arabia helps the USA when it feels like it, and the same goes for Pakistan, while the rest of the Middle East nations are basically bystanders. Talking Points believes the Bush administration deserves credit for bringing the fight to the terrorists. It is depressing that so few Americans understand what the stakes are. The press continues to quibble over minor matters, and the far left continues to undermine the war on terror every way it can. So that's what's in play, and we are talking life and death here, not partisan politics. Nothing is more important than winning the war on terror."

Fox News Video:

Lt. Col. James Carafano, author of "Winning the Long War," gave his analysis of the Bush strategy. "You've hit on the most important thing, which is that you can't let the enemy decide where and when to do the attacking. And the single most important thing this administration does is improving relations with India and Pakistan simultaneously - that is a huge step that is going to pay dividends." The Factor lamented that so few Americans seem to understand the stakes and the strategy. "People don't know why we're in Iraq. They don't know why it's an important conflict, and I think that's a failing of the Bush administration."

Colleges must allow military recruiting
Guest: Fox News correspondent Megyn Kendall

By an 8-0 vote, the Supreme Court has ruled that colleges that accept federal money must allow military recruiters on campus. Fox News correspondent Megyn Kendall explained the court's rationale. "A coalition of 36 law schools argued that they can't be forced to accept military recruiters on campus because if violates their free speech rights to object to the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy' on homosexuals. The Supreme Court said if you don't like the policy you can organize rallies, but you can't ban the recruiters. The Factor welcomed the ruling. "The law schools got their butts kicked, and this is a huge loss for the far left, which wants to ban military recruiting on campus. It's good news in the middle of a war on terror."

Break in grad student murder case
Guests: Attorney Wendy Murphy & John DePetro, WRKO

24-year old Boston resident Imette St. Guillen was murdered after a late night of drinking in New York, and police are questioning a bouncer at the bar where she was last seen. The Factor was joined by Boston radio host John DePetro, who has been condemned for questioning St. Guillen's behavior that night. "We were having an honest discussion on my radio show," DePetro explained. "Being out alone, being a young woman, and being intoxicated is a highly dangerous situation - there are predators out there." Attorney Wendy Murphy accused DePetro of sanitizing his radio statements. "DePetro actually said this woman who was raped and murdered 'invited' what happened to her. But it doesn't matter if she was drunk and did nude cartwheels, she isn't to blame. The only bad guy in this picture is the killer." The Factor pointed out how easy it is to misspeak when doing hours of live radio. "All of us sometimes make mistakes. John should have said that if you stay out until 4 AM alone and are intoxicated, you are heightening your risk."

Criticizing the terror war
Guest: Sgt. Maj. Eric Haney, CBS' "The Unit"

Former Special Forces commander Eric Haney is producing "The Unit," a TV series that purports to be a realistic look at the war on terror. Sergeant Major Haney laid out his own philosophy of fighting terror and extracting information from suspected terrorists. "Targeted assassination is perfectly legitimate. But you do not torture under any circumstances. We are in an ideological confrontation, and we never give our enemies ammunition. Torture does that, and it slows the whole process of gaining information. You gain intelligence by patience and finding out what motivates a person."

Protests at Clinton speech
Guest: Former Oklahoma Governor Phil Keating

When Bill Clinton was heckled last weekend during a speech, Secret Service agents detained the two men who interrupted the ex-president. Former Secret Service supervisor Frank Keating explained that a new law empowers agents to arrest anyone who disrupts an event where they are on duty. "It applies to anyone under Secret Service protection. If someone heckles a former president, it is a federal crime, which is a stretch. I don't understand how the statute passed." The Factor had no sympathy for the hecklers, but was surprised by the law's scope. "Those kids who interrupted Clinton could have been arrested without a warrant because they disrupted an event the Secret Service was at. That's all you have to do and you can go to jail."

Recapping the Academy Awards
Guest: Fox News entertainment correspondent Bill McCuddy

Fox News entertainment correspondent Bill McCuddy looked back at Sunday night's Oscar ceremony, which was notable for its lack of political statements. "We had a real shortage of what I would call uber-liberals up there," McCuddy reported. "I won't say they chicken out, but if they don't have a real cause to talk about other than thanking their grandmother and agent, they don't." The Factor added that today's media environment makes it harder for stars to make outrageous statements. "The world has changed, with cable news watching every move they make. Whatever you say politically, 50% of the people aren't going to like. And for movie stars who want people to spend money to see them, there's no percentage in it."

Simon Cowell & American Idol
Guest: Simon Cowell

The Factor re-aired an interview with American Idol judge Simon Cowell, who entered the No Spin Zone and criticized gangsta' rap. "It is a problem. A lot of these artists are conning young boys at an age they're going to be influenced." But Cowell also praised rapper Eminem as a musical innovator. "He is a genius because he understood that white boys want to be black and he totally exploited that fact." The Factor denounced those rappers who infuse their rhymes with poisonous messages. "These people are singing about violence, denigration of women, and drug use. I really believe this gangsta' rap stuff is harming children."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Viewers sent e-mails about a variety of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Anthony Chandler, San Diego, CA: "Mr. O'Reilly, what is your beef with Minister Farrakhan? Don't be angry because he tells the truth about whites and Jews. You are a racist."

Tim Smith, Hempstead, NY: "As a black man, it makes me sick that some people buy into Farrakhan's garbage."

Betty Olson, Naples, FL: "The Geography teacher who dispenses propaganda in Denver should be fired. Students must know the basics before that kind of stuff is dropped on them. Ask any high school kid where Dubai is."

Nathan Mellor, San Jose, CA: "Right-wingers bash this teacher by saying he went off his subject. But Geography deals with all aspects of social science. They should stop spinning the truth."

Rabbi Alon Barak, Desert Hot Springs, CA: "Mr. O'Reilly, I grew up with TV and have never seen a news anchor with such passion for helping the children of this world. Thank you."

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Winning the Long War: Lessons from the Cold War for Defeating Terrorism and Preserving Freedom
by James Carafano

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