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Monday, March 13, 2006
The Factor Rundown
Good & bad news for Pres. Bush
"The New York Times' two-part series about what really happened in the run-up to deposing Saddam is a great piece of reporting. According to the article, Saddam's top generals were shocked when he told them that he destroyed his WMD arsenal. Saddam wanted the USA, Iran and other perceived enemies to believe he had WMDs. So we now know why the CIA, British intelligence, and many other countries believed Saddam did possess deadly weapons, because his own generals believed it. Therefore those people who have accused President Bush of lying owe him an apology, do they not? The liars list includes Senators Reid, Edwards, Obama, Durbin, Leahy, Kennedy, Byrd and Dayton; also, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean and a bunch of congressmen. The president should also be getting apologetic notes from at least four New York Times columnists, Ron Reagan Jr., Chevy Chase, Barbra Streisand, Ben Colwin, Jessica Lange, Johnny Depp, and Helen Thomas, just to name a few. Talking Points will let you know which of these people steps up and apologizes--does the right thing. That's the plus for the president, he didn't lie. Now the minus. There is overwhelming evidence that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and General Tommy Franks made a huge mistake in allowing the fanatical Fedayeen to avoid capture. Thousands of these killers got away, and today make up the bulk of the insurgents. I believe the articles in the New York Times explain much about the Iraq conflict. They are worth reading."

Fox News Video:

DNA evidence found in St. Guillen case
Guests: Attorney Mercedes Colwin & Fox News crime analyst Detective Rod Wheeler

Bouncer and ex-con Darryl Littlejohn's DNA has been found on the plastic handcuffs used to restrain Imette St. Gulllen on the night she was murdered in New York. Fox News analyst Rod Wheeler described the case against Littlejohn as overpowering. "If there is a DNA match, there is a one in a trillion chance that it is not Littlejohn. And there is also a lot more evidence that is going to put this guy behind bars for a long time." Attorney Mercedes Colwin explained how a skilled lawyer could cast doubt on that evidence. "His blood could have gotten on the handcuffs before this incident. And he's going to claim they planted evidence and made a rush to judgment." The Factor argued that Littlejohn certainly appears guilty. "The police have plastic handcuffs with his blood on them, and they were found on her body. If I were on that jury, he's gone."

The worst judge in America?
Guests: Fox News host John Kasich & Cathy Harper Lee, Justice League of Ohio

Ohio Judge John Connor handed down a sentence of probation to 46-year old Andrew Selva, who sexually abused two young boys. Child advocate Cathy Harper Lee asserted that Connor's ruling may have been influenced by his own problems with alcohol. "Judge Connor has been arrested eight times for DUI, and has been convicted three times. He compares Selva's disease of being a sexual predator to his own disease of alcoholism, which members of AA find offensive." Fox News host John Kasich, who represented a district in Ohio in Congress, predicted Connor may soon face the wrath of voters. "This could happen to anyone's family and this sentence is beyond disgraceful. The more that people hear about this, the more outrage there will be, and the more chance there will be to remove him." The Factor denounced the judge and the verdict. "Selva is not going to serve one day of prison time because of Judge Connor, who is arrogant and has a troubled past. There are ways to remove judges, and you have to get him out of there."

Lethal injection foul-up in California
Guest: Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

California recently postponed the execution of rapist and murderer Michael Morales because no doctor would administer the injection. The ACLU now argues that lethal injection is a violation of the First Amendment, a claim Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano called ludicrous. "The ACLU's clients in this case are newspaper reporters who say that because the state sedates these guys before execution, reporters are not able to see any writhing and suffering. And therefore, their right to watch a true execution is impaired. The ACLU is against the death penalty, and is willing to think of novel and bizarre arguments to frustrate the government."

Left-wing teacher returns to school
Guest: Columnist Michelle Malkin

Colorado teacher Jay Bennish, who used his geography classroom to spew left wing invective, has returned to the classroom. Fox News analyst Michelle Malkin pointed out that Bennish has shown no contrition. "I don't think he should be fired, but there should have been a public acknowledgement by Bennish that what he did was wrong and robbed his students of a fair education. Anyone who listened to that diatribe heard a guy who sounds like Ward Churchill on mushrooms, and he is in a taxpayer-funded school. This is a problem with a lot of public schools and another reason to home school." The Factor conjectured that Bennish perceives himself as an heroic figure. "He doesn't think what he did was wrong. He sees himself as someone who is stimulating discussion, and that is what people like him hide behind."

Turning around the anti-war sentiment
Guest: Fox News contributor Dick Morris

Fox News analyst Dick Morris laid out a strategy for President Bush to improve his dreadful approval ratings. "What George Bush needs to do is start working for a living. The president has to go out every single day and launch a program, sign a bill, give a speech. If he doesn't, he's going to lose Congress in 2006, and he'll have a hellish two years dodging subpoenas and impeachment." The Factor agreed that President Bush should display a sense of urgency. "He's got to show the people that he's working on their behalf, not only in Iraq but in other areas as well." Morris also predicted that Republicans will never nominate Senator John McCain as their standard bearer. "The closer you get to the core of the Republican Party, the less popular McCain is. There's no way on Earth the party will nominate him."

Holloway family files suit against Van Der Sloot
Guest: Attorney Joe Tacopina

Natalee Holloway's parents have filed a civil lawsuit against Joran Van Der Sloot, who is suspected of killing Natalee in Aruba. Attorney Joe Tacopina, who is representing the Van Der Sloot family, pronounced his client completely innocent. "He's an 18-year old boy whose name has been dragged through the mud, in part because of some lies he told from the git-go. But he did nothing to harm this girl. Three countries have investigated this, and there is not a stitch of evidence against him." The Factor countered that Tacopina has no way of knowing what happened on the beach in Aruba. "You weren't there, I wasn't there. But most Americans think he is guilty of killing the girl. If you think you're going to turn around the perception of Joran Van Der Sloot, you're crazy." The Factor asked Tacopina to produce his client for an interview because "I don't believe his story for a minute, and I want to talk to him."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails dealt with a wide variety of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Cody Thompson, Chaneysville, PA: "I agree with Matt Dubay, men should not automatically have to pay for unwanted babies. There are women who conceive simply to get money from the fathers and the government."

Emily Pini, Minneapolis, MN: "Matt Dubay would leave a 20-year-old mother to support a baby on her own? Words cannot describe how callous that is."

Lawrence Clayton, Austin, TX: "While I agree a real man takes care of his children, I am tired of the hypocrisy of our system. A man has no right to say whether a baby should be born or not. Is that fair?"

Sharon Wallace, Hesperia, CA: "Now that we have fired the Emirates from doing port work in the USA, we have also alienated many Arabs and lost some good will. Will we kick the Chinese out as well?"

Mark Bills, Portland, OR: "I am glad the ports deal went down. Let them buy a hotel chain or something."

Dan Munger, Irving, TX: "O'Reilly, you can blow smoke at Senator Clinton's immigration stance, but what has President Bush done?"

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