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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
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What to do about Judge John Connor
"In a moment we'll hear from the parents of two young people killed by a repeat drunk driver who Ohio Judge John Connor would not incarcerate. This is the same Connor who sentenced a child rapist to probation. The rapist admitted to repeatedly abusing two boys in the worst possible way, and Connor let him walk. Why? Because, according to Connor, 'He's got a disease like I've got a disease.' Connor might be referring to his own alcohol problem. He's been convicted twice for DUI, and arrested for that possibly eight times. The main problem is that this judge will not protect children and is simply not fit for the bench. The two boys who were raped were poor, their parents from Sri Lanka. If these boys had been rich, Connor never would have dared to give the predator probation. So what are we going to do about this? Talking Points is asking all Americans to get in touch with Ohio Governor Bob Taft and urge him to drive action against Judge Connor. For those of you living in Franklin County, Ohio, we urge you to sign a petition to remove him. We all have to get involved and send a message to every judge in America - child rape is a brutal crime that must be punished harshly. Ignore that dictum at your peril."

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Connor's disastrous DUI decision
Guest: Parents Melissa Rollins & Connie Hack

Just before Christmas in 2004, 19-year old Ashley Hach and 20-year old Scott Rollins were killed when Jose Sanpallo, drunk and driving on the wrong side of a major highway, smashed into their car. Sanpallo had an extensive criminal record, but had been released early from prison by the very same Judge John Connor. The Factor was joined by Melissa Rollins and Connie Hach, mothers of the young people who were killed. "I did some research about the judge," Hach said, "and found out about his eight DUIs and I was appalled. The pain is so deep and so bad, and I'm begging all of you to help out. I don't want this to happen to you." Rollins also called for Judge Connor's removal. "These two kids are marked for life because of what this rapist did. It's amazing that a judge could do this, let someone out and walk the streets." The Factor predicted that Connor's days as a judge are numbered "He shouldn't be on the bench, and he won't be there much longer. I know the people of America are going to rise up."

Gay adoption & religious opposition
Guests: Dr. Larry Chapp, DeSales University & Thomas Groome, Boston College Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry

Gay couples in Massachusetts can legally adopt, but Catholic Charities is reluctant to place children in same-sex households. After being ordered to follow the law, Catholic Charities has decided to get out of adoption completely. Theology professors Thomas Groome and Larry Chapp had different views of the decision. "It's very tragic," Groome proclaimed. "The church has condemned placing children in gay homes. But the best antidote to abortion is to promote adoption, and the Catholic Church should be on the forefront." But Professor Chapp said Catholic Charities did the right thing. "The Catholic Church has a view of what constitutes a proper family, and actually believes that a proper family involves a mother and a father. This is nothing but a vendetta on the part of the state of Massachusetts. They're placing the gay agenda ahead of the rights of religious institutions." The Factor urged all parties to reach a compromise. "The bottom line on this is that kids get hurt - the state and Catholic Charities and the Cardinal should get together and make an exception."

Naval Academy controversy
Guest: Tim Susanin, former Judge Advocate General

Naval Academy football star Lamar Owens stands accused of raping a female classmate, although he claims the sex was consensual. Former Judge Advocate General Tim Susanin explained that Owen may have incriminated himself. "The accuser went to the authorities about a week after the alleged incident. She called Lamar Owens and tape recorded the conversation. Owens said a number of damaging things in that conversation, but he said one really damaging thing - he says 'I didn't do it for long. You were not awake, so I stopped.' That's devastating because if she was asleep there could have been no consent."

Teachers confront John Stossel
Guest: 20/20 co-anchor John Stossel

ABC's John Stossel, co-host of 20/20, is being denounced by some public school teachers. After Stossel aired a report called "Stupid in America," New York teachers called it "yellow journalism" and "anti-public education." Stossel surmised that teachers are angry because he advocates vouchers and school choice. "We did say that bad teachers can't be fired and they're all paid the same, which encourages mediocrity. If you had school choice, good teachers would get big bucks. Government can't run steel mills or airlines, why should we think a government monopoly would be good at educating kids?" The Factor pointed out that US children seem to do worse the longer they remain in the system. "In grammar school in America kids test okay, we're competitive with the rest of the world. But in high school it all falls apart."

Growing gang violence in America
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Seven California gang members have been charged with raping a woman while Connie Retana, the mother of one suspect, allegedly cheered them on. Geraldo Rivera lamented the fact that gangs have become increasingly savage. "This was an unbelievably barbaric gang rape. And it wasn't anything this victim did - they were trying to get back at her boyfriend, who is a member of a rival gang. I am so frustrated, having done these stories time and again, and the situation doesn't get any better." The Factor contended that foreign gangs have brought new levels of violence. "There used to be rules in the gang world, but these people have no rules. They'll kill you, dismember you, and kill your babies. Anything goes."

Kids and money management
Guests: Authors Robert & Kim Kiyosaki

Financial advisors Robert and Kim Kiyosaki have written a book advising children how to manage and invest their money. "Money is a life skill," Kim declared. "And because money is not taught in school, it should be taught at home. It's something parents and kids can learn together." Robert urged parents to teach children to live within their means. "There's nothing worse than a child who has the entitlement mentality. Desiring more than you can afford is causing the great debt problem." The Factor reaffirmed the adage that money is not everything. "Shouldn't American parents be more concerned with raising good citizens and moral people and deemphasize the money, because there's nothing worse than a greedy kid."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about Ohio Judge John Connor, who sentenced a child rapist to probation. Some excerpts:

Samuel Hargis, Hilliard, OH: "I have two little girls in school and am disgusted by Judge Connor. I manage a large sign shop and will donate posters to get this petition done."

Janet Gray, Columbus, OH: "I am a teacher here. What can I do to help right Judge Connor's wrong?"

Corey Citrin, Glen Oaks, NY: "Bill, Judge Connor has every right to make judgments without being questioned by the likes of you."

Eric Brown, Izmir, Turkey: "If those were my children who were raped, I would be very upset with Judge Connor."

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money -- That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not
by Kim & Robert Kiyosaki

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