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Thursday, March 16, 2006
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Attacking America's enemies first
Guests: Nick Gillespie, Reason Magazine & author Nancy Soderberg

"The Bush administration has released a report that says the policy of preemptive action in the war on terror will continue. The policy of striking perceived enemies before they attack us is controversial, and made more so because of the nation's disenchantment over the war in Iraq. Talking Points believes the Iraq war can still be won, and the world will be a far safer place if it is. But the key question is can America win the war on terror if it does not strike first. The cold truth is that many nations are cowardly and will not support the USA in the war on terror no matter what. It's simply disgraceful that the United Nations has not condemned Iran for enabling terrorism and destabilizing the world with its hateful policies. The UN will not right obvious and dangerous wrongs and everybody knows it. When it comes to confronting obvious dangers, I believe most Americans will rally, even though the Iraq WMD debacle has caused skepticism. Muslim killers are capable of committing murder on a mass scale. To rule out a first strike would be foolish and dangerous for America."

Fox News Video:

Author Nancy Soderberg and Reason Magazine's Nick Gillespie joined The Factor with their views on preemptive action. "There's nothing wrong with a preemptive doctrine in theory," Soderberg declared. "No president is ever going to take that off the table. But when you put it into practice, as we found out in Iraq, it's a lot more complicated." Gillespie contended that the Iraq war has done severe damage to the strategy. "Bush really screwed up and that discredits the idea of preemptive striking, and it hamstrings us in dealing with Iran and Syria. Preemptive war rests upon our ability to trust our government, and our government has screwed up." The Factor disputed the implication that Iraq is an unmitigated disaster. "No one knows yet how this war will turn out. To put it into the 'blunder' category without qualifications is wrong. And every American will have to make a decision about Iran, which is up next. Are you going to support a preemptive strike against them or not?"

FCC fines CBS program for indecency
Guest: Robin Bronk, Creative Coalition

The Federal Communications Commission has fined CBS $3 million for airing a sexually charged scene in the program "Without a Trace." Robin Bronk of the Creative Coalition, while admitting the scene was too explicit for children, objected to the punishment. "I want to make the decision of what's shown in my living room, I don't want the government to decide. The first line of defense is an 'off' button. We live in a country that flourishes on creative freedom and I don't want to be in the dark ages." The Factor countered that the FCC's is duty bound to shield children from inappropriate material. "The government has a responsibility, because it is the public airwaves, to say this is what you can and can not do. Does the government not have the right to protect unsupervised children? You don't seem to care about those kids."

Judge Connor lashes back
Guest: Joel Riley, WTVN Radio

Ohio Governor Robert Taft and the state legislature have begun exploring ways to remove Judge John Connor, who sentenced a multiple child rapist to probation. Connor told an interviewer "the governor should be ashamed" because "there is no basis for impeachment." Radio host Joel Riley, who interviewed Judge Connor, said the judge is being unfairly pilloried. "There was a plea deal, and two psychologists said the defendant had a zero percent of re-offending if he got counseling. To go after the judge is misdirected; why not go after the lawmakers." The Factor displayed a transcript refuting the idea that prosecutors were content with no jail time. "The prosecutors asked for ten years, but the judge said no jail time for a guy who raped two little boys. The guy should be in jail for at least ten years, and the judge is the villain."

Unneccessary panic over bird flu?
Guest: Dr. Holly Phillips, Lenox Hill Hospital

How concerned should we be about bird flu, which has been reported in at least 25 countries? Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt urged Americans to stock up on supplies in case of a pandemic, and Dr. Holly Phillips agreed with that. "The predictions from great sources have said there is the real possibility that if bird flu mutates into a human-to-human form, we could have a pandemic which would require a quarantine. If that happens, it's advised that people should have supplies at home so they wouldn't have to leave their houses." The Factor reminded viewers that bird flu is not yet an imminent threat. "We don't know of anyone who has gotten the bird flu from another human being, but every scientist says that is a possibility. The cautionary tale is for people to have a supply of goods just in case."

Marine deserter to be discharged
Guests: Attorney Patrice Brunet & Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt

Allen Abney, who deserted the Marine Corps and moved to Canada 38 years ago during the Vietnam War, was recently arrested in Idaho. The Marines decided to discharge Abney rather than seek punishment, which Fox News analyst Col. David Hunt found unacceptable. "It's inexcusable that the Marine Corps won't prosecute this guy. I want to put a red 'D' on his chest because he was a deserter. He wasn't drafted, he volunteered. Guys died and he took a vacation in Canada." Canadian attorney Patrice Brunet argued that Abney has suffered enough. "Deserters need to face some consequences, but in this case the guy was gone from the United States for 38 years. What would you achieve if you punished him at this point in time?" The Factor reported that there is no statute of limitations for deserters. "This guy broke the law, and it doesn't really matter if it was 38 years ago. He shouldn't enjoy one second on our soil. I don't want to put him in jail, I want him to go back to Canada."

"Confessions of a Video Vixen"
Guest: Author Karrine Steffans

Karrine Steffans has written a best-selling book about her life in the rap music industry, where she claims she was exploited and degraded. "The book gets women talking about how they're being treated," Steffans said. "Not only in the music industry but in their own neighborhoods. A lot of us have gone through trauma in our lives and we start abusing ourselves, which is what I did. And you allow people to misuse you." The Factor questioned Steffans about her son, who was just two when she was in the business. "I found the book a little depressing, and I felt sorry for your son. When he was a little kid you really neglected him." Steffans said both she and her son receive psychological counseling, but asserted that he has grown into a relatively well-adjusted 8-year old boy.

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
E-mails continued to pour in about Judge John Connor. Some excerpts:

Stacy, Cleveland, OH: "I was a rape victim in Judge Connor's court. He treated me in a cruel and arrogant way. Thank you for exposing him."

Steven Parker, Phoenix, AZ: "O'Reilly, you are right to expose the Judge's record. You were wrong in sending your producer to ambush him."

Vincent Richards, San Francisco, CA: "Bill, while I agree Connor is letting people off too easily, it is not your job to say he is not fit for the bench."

Buddy Clark, Fort Worth, TX: "Bill, your coverage of Judge Connor has been brilliant. What is pathetic is that you had to expose the situation nationally before anything was done."

Other viewers commented on the segment about the dangers of spring break.

Maura Hein, Southbury, CT: "Bill, I was surprised by your reaction to spring break. Kids should work during that time. You come from an Irish working class home, don't give into the pressure."

Pamela Roach, Nashville, TN: "Perhaps parents paying for college tuition can say if their kids do anything destructive on break - that payment will stop."

Book Mentions
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The Superpower Myth: The Use and Misuse of American Might
by Nancy Soderberg

Confessions of a Video Vixen
by Karrine Steffans

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