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Friday, March 17, 2006
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Here comes the far-left!
Bill discusses how the ultra-liberal far-left has started to call people out in the wake of President Bush's falling poll numbers.
Al Qaeda-Saddam connection?
Guest: Author Stephen Hayes

New documents have been released on Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein--was there a connection between the two?

Gays and the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Guest: Psychologist Dr. Lillian Glass

Why do gay groups not understand that the St. Patrick's Day Parade is no place to display any kind of sexuality?

New developments in Couey case
Guest: Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist

We'll tell you about a new proposed law in Florida related to the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Winning over the Muslim world
Guest: Dr. Albert Mohler, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

How should we go about winning the support of moderate Muslims who do not support terror?

Is gangsta rap hurting society?
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

We'll tell you about a new special airing on BET about rapper Lil' Kim, who was sentenced to a year in prison for lying to a grand jury.

Dangerous Spring Break spots
Guest: Scott Allsmith, Magellan Travel Group

We'll tell you about some of the dangers that face students going out on Spring Break.

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The Connection: How al Qaeda's Collaboration With Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America
by Stephen Hayes

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