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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
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The press & illegal immigration
"By a wide margin, the American press sympathizes with people who have come to this country illegally in order to work. Leading the charge to give citizenship to 12-million illegal aliens is the New York Times, which editorialized that immigrants 'deserve to become Americans.' Are they kidding? Nobody born on foreign soil 'deserves' to become an American. There are billions of good people in this world, and millions of them would love to come here and be free. But nobody 'deserves' to come here. This kind of thinking is the hallmark of the 'open society' crowd which believes in a one-world government and no border restrictions. People who violate American immigration laws 'deserve' to become Americans? What about the millions of people playing by the rules, patiently waiting their turn? The truth is the USA can not accept all the deserving people in this world and should not accept anyone who does not earn citizenship. In conjunction with securing the border, most Americans will accept a guest worker situation that could lead to citizenship. But this 'deserving' stuff is dangerous and foolish. Let's stop the nonsense. Pass a fair immigration law that helps the nation and provides us protection. Now."

Fox News Video:
Pres. Bush on gas prices
Guest: John Passacantando, Greenpeace & oil expert Gregory Copley

As President Bush announced his intention to look into accusations of gas gouging by oil companies, The Factor was joined by two men with divergent opinions on the current situation. "The rise in price is something we could see coming for a long time," declared John Passacantando of Greenpeace. "Every year there are bigger and less efficient cars sold in the USA. We have to build super efficient vehicles because oil is over." Oil expert Gregory Copley predicted a seismic change in America's energy usage. "One study showed the US was already producing enough corn stalk waste, if it were refined, would replace all the oil imported into the United States. I suspect we'll be weaning off oil in the next twenty years." The Factor charged Greenpeace and like-minded organizations with taking good intentions too far. "The greens have succeeded in blocking drilling in the Arctic. We can't have new refineries, we can't drill offshore without lawsuits. We want clean air and water, but you guys went overboard."
Denver and illegal immigration
Guest: Paul Campos, Rocky Mountain News

As mentioned in the Talking Points Memo, US journalists are overwhelmingly opposed to any crackdown on illegal immigration. Denver columnist Paul Campos explained his profession's general attitude. "Many people are not comfortable with the notion of expelling or making 11-million people felons. This is like the drug war - you can't put most of the emphasis on interdiction, which is not going to work. A lot of people who come to this country are smuggled in by car and ship, and you're not going to stop them." The Factor accused many in the media of engaging in a "hollow debate" without offering solutions. "There is an almost cheerleading aspect to 'hey, they're here, let them stay.' This is ridiculous and does not solve the problem. You can stop 80% of illegal immigration, but the newspaper industry doesn't want it."
Tony Snow & the White House
Guest: Fox News analyst Juan Williams

Fox News anchor and commentator Tony Snow has accepted the job as White House Press Secretary, and his colleague Juan Williams expressed his surprise. "The White House is lucky to get him, but I'm surprised because Tony is not a 'spin' guy. That job requires you do some spinning for the president. It's hard to go from being a pundit to being somebody else's spokesman." The Factor predicted that Snow can have an immediate and positive impact. "This administration is heading into Jimmy Carter territory and if they don't turn it around fast, President Bush will go down in history as very poor president. I think Snow is going to get out there and be direct."
Iraq: Better or worse?
Guest: Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt

Is the situation in Iraq a quagmire, or is it improving by the day? Fox News analyst Col. David Hunt put forth a mildly optimistic assessment. "I think things are getting better - I give an A to the soldiers, intelligence guys, and special ops, and an F to the politicians. There are good things going on, but the minuses are that police are still not getting trained. We've gone a long way toward winning." Col. Hunt also agreed with other former officers who are calling for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The Factor reiterated the strategic importance of prevailing in Iraq. "If we lose it or pull out too early and this collapses, Iran becomes the most powerful nation in the gulf, which is a disaster for the world."
Geraldo on Duke & Kansas school plot
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera joined The Factor with his analysis of major criminal cases, beginning with the alleged rape at Duke. Rivera reported that DA Mike Nifong is about to bring down the hammer on other players. "Nifong is letting it be leaked that he is on the verge of re-arresting more than a dozen players who were at that party, charging them with misdemeanors like public urination and underage drinking. He has declared war." Rivera also commented on the students in Alaska and Kansas who plotted Columbine-like massacres. "In both places there were conspiracies to commit mayhem. One kid was quoted as saying 'we're going to go out in a blaze of hatred and fury.' Shockingly, in Alaska these were 7th graders - they were going to commit mass murder then escape into the wilderness." The Factor theorized that the Internet played a role in both plots being foiled. "They got caught because kids communicate on the 'net and someone picked it up. There were warning signs at Columbine that no one picked up on, but now our senses are heightened."
"The Da Vinci Code" and "The Jesus Papers"
Guest: Michael Baigent

Author Michael Baigent, who accused "Da Vinci Code" author Dan Brown of plagiarizing his work, has a new book in which he declares that the usual version of Jesus' life story was fabricated long after his death. "There was a cover-up - in the 4th century," Biagent asserted. "They created this theological figure of Jesus. Jesus never claimed to be God, Jesus never tried to start a religion. We know he was crucified, but he did not die on the cross." The Factor cast doubt on Biagent's historical analysis. "I don't buy what you're saying - I don't think it's scholarship. I think it's your imagination and it's written to sell books. It's interesting, it's amusing, but I think you should write fiction."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e mails about the father whose beating of his daughter was videotaped by ABC News. Some excerpts:

Karen Kennedy, Baltimore, MD: "O'Reilly, I never thought you'd be such a wimp! Your rationalizing and defending ABC News because the girl was no longer in the home, was the most ridiculous item of the day."

William Thomas, British Columbia, Canada: "Yes, the father lost his temper but the girl provoked him. Four strikes on the butt with an open hand hardly constitutes a beating."

Jim Dwyer, Chicago, IL: "As the Director of the Media Relations for the Archdiocese of Chicago, I respect you, Bill. But if a Catholic Bishop failed to report any form of child abuse by a priest, you would be all over him."

Susie Swartz, Central Point, OR: "If that father had attacked an adult that way - he'd be charged with assault."
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The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History
by Michael Baigent

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