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Wednesday, May 3, 2006
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Moussaoui sentenced to life
Guests: Fox News correspondent Megyn Kendall & Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch

"An American jury has spared the life of terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. The Al Qaeda savage promptly thanked them by saying, 'America, you lost, I won.' But like most of what this degenerate says, he's wrong. Moussaoui is condemned to rot in a cell until he does die. Many Americans will be angered upon hearing that some juror members felt sorry for the terrorist because he had a bad upbringing. I share that anger - the guy sanctioned murder and it doesn't matter if his mother was mean to him. By not executing Moussaoui, the USA shows the world we are a nation of laws that puts power in the hands of regular folks. Of course, the savages who cut off the heads of hostages will not respect that. It is long past time for all Americans to stand together against terrorism and the likes of Moussaoui. The bottom line on the case - a terrorist is out of action forever, but thousands of his brothers remain a threat to all of us. We should have no sympathy for any of them. While they are active, our government is obligated to kill or detain them indefinitely. After they are captured, our system takes over. And the system, whether we agree with individual verdicts or not, works."

Fox News Video:

Fox News correspondent Megyn Kendall expressed her surprise that some jurors were apparently sympathetic to Moussaoui. "I was stunned, not so much by the sentence, but by the reasons for it. Nine jurors cited the fact that he had an abusive father and a bad childhood. They seemed to consider that in deciding the punishment." Moussaoui will now spend the rest of his life in a so-called 'supermax' prison, which Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch depicted as cruel and unusual. "He'll be in a 7 by 12 foot cell, and gets to exercise one hour a day. It's enough to drive an ordinary person crazy. I'm all for harsh punishment in a case like this, but this is over the top." The Factor declared the sentence a fate worse than death. "This is appropriate punishment, whatever happens to him mentally. He's in his early 30's and will live for a very long time. He has nothing to look forward to every single day of his life. I'd rather die."
Surrendering to Iran?
Guest: Robert Hunter, former NATO Ambassador

In an op-ed that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, two foreign affairs analysts claimed America has little to worry about in Iran because "the mullahs there would never give nukes to terrorists." Former NATO Ambassador Robert Hunter basically agreed with that premise, and urged a diplomatic solution. "I don't want to live in a world where Iran has the bomb. I don't think we're going to let them get to that point; the question is how are we going to stop them. I'd like to try some things other than going to war with them. These guys in Iran don't want to commit suicide." The Factor was far more pessimistic about Iran's intentions. "Iran is bent on causing chaos in this world, and there is a strain in the Islamo-fascist community that wants Armageddon. But there is already a drumbeat in the media and the peace groups are out screaming 'no, no.' The message it sends is that America is weak."
Posses forming to round up illegal aliens
Guest: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a.k.a. "the toughest sheriff in America," is using his 3,000-strong posse to find illegal immigrants. Arapaio declared that posses are an effective and efficient tool. "I use a posse to go after deadbeat dads, hookers, and now I'm going after illegal immigrants. If we catch them, they're going to jail. We're the only law enforcement agency in the country locking up illegal immigrants along with the smugglers. The posses are well trained, and they do great work."
Parents suing over gay fairy tale
Guests: Parent David Parker & attorney Jeffrey Denner

A Massachusetts second grade teacher read her class a book called "King & King," in which a prince falls in love with another man and lives happily ever after. Some parents are suing, asking that their kids not be exposed to sexual themes. David Parker explained why he and other parents are upset. "We're not trying to control the curriculum. I'm essentially asking that the school administration give parental notification. As it stands now, parents have no idea when teachers are going to bring this up, or how they're going to bring this up." Attorney Jeffrey Denner elaborated on the complaint. "Parents have a special right of privacy. They're saying that when you teach sexuality, parents have to be notified first and given the chance to opt out." The Factor sympathized with the parents. "I wouldn't want my kid to be exposed to homosexuality in second grade. That's way too early. I think you've got a strong case."
Could gas hit $5+?
Guests: Author Raymond Learsy & Fox News senior business correspondent Terry Keenan

Some analysts predict gas prices will continue to rise, which could mean still higher profits for oil companies. Speaking on the Today show, ExxonMobil boss Rex Tillerson declared that "our job is to go out and make the most money" for our shareholders. Fox News business anchor Terry Keenan defended the companies, pointing out that they pay billions in federal and state taxes. "In the latest quarter ExxonMobil paid an effective tax rate of 47%. The question might be what about the windfall in taxes that Uncle Sam is getting. This is a free market and the profits go up and down. Isn't that what this country is all about?" Author Raymond Learsy argued that big oil and OPEC have rigged the system. "ExxonMobil and the oil patch generally are earning money at monopoly profits. The price is set by OPEC, and the oil companies have been tailgating on that. The companies use their public relations and money to convince us that this is a free market. It is not." The Factor again criticized the huge oil firms for harming the country. "You've got ExxonMobil making more money than any company in the history of the world, and we're in the middle of a war on terror."
New details in Duke lacrosse case
Guest: Greta Van Susteren

One member of the Duke lacrosse team has spoken to a reporter, asserting that no rape took place that night. Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty have been arrested, but Seligmann seems to have an alibi. Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren reported on the current status of the investigation. "Let's assume Seligmann has a good, solid alibi - that certainly doesn't mean you throw away the case. It does appear to be a troubled prosecution, but I'm prepared to wait for the evidence on this." The Factor claimed a conviction is highly improbable. "One of the guys accused of rape was not there. The alleged victim identified both these guys, and if one of them was not there that's going to help the other. I think this is a botched case."
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