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Monday, May 8, 2006
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Can Pres. Bush make a comeback?
"A new Gallup poll has President Bush's job approval rating at just 31%, the lowest ever for him. Only 52% of conservatives approve of the job Mr. Bush is doing, and that's his base. The question now is whether he can regain the confidence of the American people. There's no clear answer, but one thing is certain - Mr. Bush can only turn things around himself. Here's what the President must do right now: Go to the southern border and announce concrete steps to stop the millions of people trying to illegally cross into this country; hold monthly press conferences about Iraq only, opening with specific remarks about what progress is being made; appeal to the oil companies to hold the line on pricing and quickly develop ethanol; stop the spending madness and cut back discretionary spending by 10%; push to make tax cuts permanent; and finally, make more changes like the CIA chief. Talking Points understands that President Bush believes history will exonerate him, but the USA needs to solve the tough problems now. If he stays the course, there will be some very unfriendly faces on Capitol Hill come November."

Fox News Video:
Switch-up at the top of the CIA
Guest: Author Melissa Boyle Mahle

Porter Goss is out at the CIA, General Michael Hayden is in - at least if he is confirmed by the Senate. Author and former CIA case officer Melissa Boyle Mahle said there were high hopes when Goss was nominated, but the rank-and-file soon grew disenchanted. "Goss made a poor impression from the beginning. CIA employees questioned whether they could trust him, and whether he had a vision of the future that included them. If they sense that they're not going to be supported, they're going to shy away from pushing the envelopes they need to push." The Factor complained that the agency's recent past does not inspire confidence. "I'm getting a little frustrated with the CIA. We had two colossal screw-ups - 9/11 and the failure to anticipate the brutal insurgency in Iraq. And this is the most vital agency in the country to protect our families. Almost five years after we were attacked, we still don't have it right at the CIA."
McGovern questions Rumsfeld
Guest: Fox News analyst Juan Williams

Last week former CIA analyst Ray McGovern peppered Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with hostile questions, most media accounts failed to note that McGovern has been associated with numerous far-left causes. The Factor delineated McGovern's anti-Bush credentials. "This guy is off the chart. He went to visit Cindy Sheehan and called her an example to follow, he wants to impeach President Bush. He's a far left zealot and the press portrayed him as a CIA analyst who has credibility." Fox News analyst Juan Williams agreed that McGovern is a radical, but defended his actions. "This is a guy who even says the President would create another attack on American soil. He says crazy stuff like that. But he did serve in the CIA for 27 years, which gives him some credibility. What do you want, Secretary Rumsfeld in a cocoon? He should hear some critics." The Factor decried the fact that McGovern's ideology went unmentioned. "If this guy had been a right-wing nut instead of a left-wing nut, he never would have got on television. And the media would have slaughtered him."
South Carolina debates death for child predators
Guest: South Carolina State Senator Jake Knotts

Some legislators in South Carolina are considering the ultimate punishment for repeat child predators. State Senator Jake Knotts explained why he favors execution for two-time child rapists. "We want to send a strong message. If anyone commits two offenses, the death penalty could be given. The state Attorney General is willing to take this all the way to the Supreme Court, and believes he'll be successful." The Factor predicted the bill will pass. "This will be the toughest law in the country against sex offenders. I'm a sexual offender, I'm not going to South Carolina."
Prosecuting predatory cults
Guest: Ed Miller, America's Most Wanted

The infamous FBI Ten Most Wanted list now includes Warren Jeffs, the leader of a bizarre Utah-based "church." He is charged with molesting a minor and arranging hundreds of child marriages. America's Most Wanted host Ed Miller explained more about Jeffs and his cult. "There are 8,000 to 10,000 followers, and their big crime is forcing child marriages. We're talking about hundreds of child marriages to girls as young as 13. The real problem is that these girls are taught from birth that this is what the prophet wants for you. And if you don't do what the prophet says, you will go to hell." The Factor urged Utah authorities to crack down on these kinds of cults. "Polygamy is against the law everywhere, but Utah seems to look the other way. Everyone knew this guy was doing this and only now are they cracking down."
Controversy over school curricula
Guests: Fox News contributors Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin

California is considering a law that would require schools to teach positive messages about homosexuals and their societal contributions. Fox News contributors Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin both said the law is a bad idea. "This is much more radical than ensuring that homosexuals are respected," Malkin pronounced. "This bill says no teacher can even say anything that would 'reflect adversely' on anyone because of their sexual orientation. This is pure political propaganda." Powers called this a case of good intentions gone awry. "They are saying we should disclose in history books who was gay and who was not. I understand the impulse behind this, but it is such a dicey area and an area people are not comfortable with." The Factor agreed that California legislators are wading into dangerous waters. "Isn't it a form of fascism to be mandating that a certain lesson pattern be enforced by teachers? Government's not in the business of telling teachers to say good things about a certain group."
Andy Garcia
Guest: Actor, producer & director Andy Garcia

Actor, producer, and director Andy Garcia, whose family fled Fidel Castro's Cuba, has made a new movie about Castro and his revolution. Garcia denounced the dictator as a power-hungry tyrant. "The rebellion was promising a democracy and elections, and he quickly turned it into a Marxist Leninist totalitarian state. It's a police state and he has total control of the island." When The Factor pointed out that Hollywood liberals Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, and Kevin Costner have lauded Castro as a heroic figure, Garcia suggested they are simply na�ve. "If they really knew the atrocities that he's committed, they would feel differently. There's a lot of misinformation."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails covered a variety of topics, including the sex offender registry bill that passed the Senate last week. Some excerpts:

Richard Irons, San Antonio, TX: "Bill, thanks for providing leadership on the child protection issue. The fact that the Senate passed the bill empowers the people. I hope this country evolves into a direct democracy."

Cheryl Duke, Gaithersburg, MD: "I was one of those who wrote Senator Kennedy from I feel I have done something to protect my grandchildren."

Louis Martinez, Pueblo, CO: "It was interesting to see how the liberal media played Congressman Kennedy's drug situation as opposed to Rush Limbaugh's."

Gary Stebnitz, Madison, WI: "Bill, Professor Derber cleaned your clock in the debate over whether Boston College should award Condoleezza Rice an honorary Doctorate."

Wayne Abraham, Dominica, The Carribean: "Bill, you were at your very best with Professor Derber. You skillfully opined and guided him to the truth."

Bob Strauss, Greenwood, SC: "Bill O'Reilly, when you told the professor that 3,000 Americans will not be able to attend the graduation at B.C., he had no reply. It's amazing how peace and justice is so selective."
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Denial and Deception: An Insider's View of the CIA
by Melissa Boyle Mahle

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