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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Mexico, Minutemen & the Border Patrol
Guest: Darryl Griffen, Border Patrol

"According to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, the Border Patrol has apprised Mexican authorities of exactly where the Minutemen are setting up their surveillance of illegal entries on American soil. Speaking on the Radio Factor, Border Patrol union president T.J. Bonner backed up the report. This is a very troubling situation. There's no question Mexican authorities are not stopping the rampant illegal drug trafficking and out-of-control illegal entries from Mexican soil. In my opinion, Mexican authorities are actively helping the smugglers. Thus, if the Bush administration is informing on a legitimate protest of the border chaos, this is a huge story. There's a deep anger on the part of most Americans that our borders remain unsecured. The federal government must stop the nonsense and fix this problem now. Allegedly informing on the Minutemen is just symptomatic of how out of control this problem really is."

Border Patrol agent Darryl Griffen joined The Factor to formally deny that his agency is informing Mexican authorities about the Minutemen. "The article that appeared is not accurate, and we have requested a retraction. It is not the policy of the Border Patrol to provide information to the government of Mexico with regards to the specific locations of civilian patrol group operations. We are making every effort to secure this border." The Factor was not totally reassured. "We admire you and the Border Patrol, but I'm worried as an American citizen that you've got the head of the Border Patrol union saying you're tipping off the Mexican government. If there is that kind of division within the Border Patrol itself, there's a problem."
Boy Scout sex case confusion
Former Boy Scout leader Jerrold Schwartz has been imprisoned for raping a young Scout. The victim, who claimed that he was 12 when the molestation began, is suing the Boy Scouts of America, which claims the boy consented to the sex. The victim's lawyer Michael Dowd denounced the BSA and its legal strategy. "This is a defense dreamt up in pedophile heaven. It's a ridiculous strategy and they're going to wind up getting pummeled by a jury that will see this as outrageous. You can not consent to having sex with an adult until you're 17 years old." Lawyer David Oblon countered that civil law is on the Scouts' side. "New York courts have held that consensual sex, even involving a minor, does not give rise to civil liability. The proper thing is not to bash the Boy Scouts, but to change the law." The Factor said the Scouts are inviting a public relations disaster. "I think the Boy Scouts are making a big mistake taking this into court and saying a 12 to 15 year old wanted to have sex with the Scoutmaster. I'm for the Boy Scouts, but in this case I think this is awful and a loser if their lawyers take this into court."
Congress, immigration & the kids
Guest: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN)

The Factor was joined by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who helped steer the sex offender registration bill through the Senate last week. Frist announced that immigration is next on the agenda. "Everyone agrees that the borders have to be tightened. We put money into looking at unmanned aerial vehicles, sensors along the border, and high tech surveillance. I'm going to take border security enforcement back to the floor of the Senate on Monday." The Factor warned the Majority Leader that Americans are demanding action. "If Congress and the President don't work together to secure the border, the President's approval rating will go down to 20%. Once you get a demonstrable border security, the other issues can be worked out."
John Stossel on stupidity
Guest: John Stossel, 20/20

ABC's John Stossel, who has made a career out of challenging widely held myths, has written a new book with more unconventional wisdom. Stossel joined The Factor and tried to slaughter a few more sacred cows:

On global warming: "It's become a religion with some people. The globe is warming, and man probably has an impact, but we don't know for certain. Alarmist scientists get the most play, but we shouldn't wreck life for poor people by reacting to it until we know what's going on." On "curing" homosexuality: "The myth is that you can change homosexuality. There are groups that say we can 'fix' you and make you straight, but I talked to lots of people and it doesn't work." On bottled water: "It's more expensive than gasoline, but tap water in most parts of the country beats bottled water. Especially the best seller Evian, which is 'na�ve' spelled backwards." The Factor told Stossel he can expect attacks from both sides. "By diminishing global warming, you are going to engender hatred from the left, because this is one of their pet causes. And you'll get conservatives mad on the gays."
Violence and the Koran
Guests: Ahmed Younis, Muslim Public Affairs Council & author Dr. Andrew Bostom

Some scholars claim the Koran encourages violence by devout Muslims. Author Andrew Bostom declared that Islam's holy book is effectively a declaration of war. "One chapter is essentially a series of war proclamations against Jews, Christians, and pagans, and establishes a permanent institution known as jihad. Muslim scholars make it clear the Koran's words mean warfare until the world is under Islamic law." Ahmed Younis argued that the Koran's true meaning has been perverted by radicals. "The term 'holy war' does not exist in the Koran and it does not exist in any single statement of the prophet. These were the decisions of men who interpreted the Koran. Our response should be to bolster the interpretation of the vast majority of moderate scholars who have rejected this approach." The Factor agreed that Islam has a silent majority. "Most Muslims in the world don't want to kill every so-called 'infidel.' It's only a small portion of them that are wreaking havoc in the world."
Journalists, liberalism and education
Guest: Victor Navasky, Columbia School of Journalism

The Factor has investigated the political leanings of teachers at the Columbia University School of Journalism. Of the 27 full time faculty members, 15 are Democrats and one is a Republican. Still, journalist and teacher Victor Navasky denied the existence of bias. "We don't ask about politics when they're recruited for the school, and they don't teach it in the classroom. We teach students to be adversarial to the powers-that-be, to put your own politics aside, and to ask the questions that will determine the truth." The Factor pointed out that America's future journalists are not getting a fair and balanced view of the world. "I'm not saying you're trying to brainwash these people, but isn't it interesting that you have only one Republican on the faculty and there's only one at Harvard? You need affirmative action for right-wingers."
Many of you sent e-mails about author Ben Stein's proposal that the rich should pay more taxes in order to increase military salaries.
Some excerpts:

Ewin Barnett, Boone County MO: "Stein's complaint about military pay is off-base. We could raise their pay if Congress would just cut out the wasteful spending."

Curtis Burbaker, Monarch Bay CA: "I'd happily pay more tax to help our military and cops and teachers, who perform well in the classroom."

Chip Bridgman, Vancouver WA: "Stein is full of mush. Being a former military man, I believe we are all equal in this country and should be taxed equally."

Carmelita Taylor, Germany: "Way to go, Ben Stein! My husband has been to Iraq twice so far. While the rich send their kids to Harvard, the poor defend this country. Just pay us what we deserve!"
Book Mentions
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The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims
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Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel - Why Everything You Know Is Wrong
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