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Friday, May 19, 2006
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The Rumsfeld factor
"There are three vital issues on the Defense Secretary's desk right now - the border, Iraq, and Iran. Each of those things affects your life and your security. On the border, I believe the Bush administration is being far to timid. Most of us think the National Guard should be actively employed, not just backup, to stop the flow of human beings and narcotics into America. On Iraq, Mr. Rumsfeld remains a true believer in the ultimate victory there. I agree with him that victory would greatly help this nation, but I am not as confident as he is in the ultimate outcome. Likewise on Iran, the Secretary sounded confident that the situation can be contained, and I sincerely hope he's right. Finally, Secretary Rumsfeld is facing another Iraq setback if accusations that some Marines killed innocent civilians is borne out. Lt. Col. Sean Gibson e-mailed me to say the investigation into that matter is not complete and no assumptions should be made. Fair enough. All in all, the interview with Donald Rumsfeld was informative and needed. We are living in tough times and the Secretary is there to look out for us. As always, you are the decider as to whether he is doing that."

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Rumsfeld, Part II
The Factor's exclusive interview with Donald Rumsfeld, part of which aired Thursday, continued with the Secretary of Defense commenting on the threat from Iran and its renegade president Mahmoud Ahmadinejan. "He knows what he's saying,", Rumsfeld declared. "He's saying Israel should not exist, and is saying roughly the same thing about the United States. Whether that is bluster or declaratory policy I don't know. But if people keep their wits about them and see this (war in Iraq) through, we're going to create an environment that is inhospitable to extremism." Secretary Rumsfeld also reacted to the constant criticism of him, the war, and the President. "Wars are unpopular - they're bloody, horrible things. We've got 300-million people and there has never been a war where there hasn't been controversy. There's nothing new about this, but the shrillness of it is unfortunate. It bothers me to hear people say the President's a liar. I know he's not a liar."
Gingrich on Rumsfeld
Guest: Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich

Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich joined The Factor with his observations of the Rumsfeld interview and the Defense Secretary's confidence. "He and I both have a realistic sense that if we stay the course, and if we continue to help those Iraqis who want to live in freedom, eventually we will win. We are gradually winning and the bad guys are gradually losing. We've had a long stretch with no bombings in the US, and there's something to be said for fighting the terrorists in Iraq rather than in Indiana." But when the former Speaker of the House compared Iraq to the long and ultimately successful Cold War, The Factor pointed to some critical differences. "You weren't getting young Americans having their arms and legs blown off, and you didn't have crazy mullahs going around killing each other. The wild card in Iraq is that you have these Shia and Sunnis killing each other at the rate of 1,000 a month."

Gingrich also analyzed the Senate's vote to endorse English as the official language of the United States, an amendment that was denounced as "racist" by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. "I don't think you've ever seen the elites farther away from the American people. Harry Reid, the Democratic leader of the Senate, described 90% of Americans as racist. For thirty years the left has been drifting away from understanding American civilization. The intellectual and Hollywood elite have contempt for basic American values and for the institutions of history." The Factor was also bewildered by the votes of many Democrats. "It's stunning that you would have 32 Democrat senators say they don't want English to be the official language. The only thing I can figure is that Democrats have said we have to get the Hispanic votes, so we're going to oppose any measure that could even remotely be considered anti-Hispanic."
Bush approval drops further
Guest: Fox News contributor Dick Morris

Even after his prime-time speech about immigration, the President's approval ratings continue to head south. Fox News contributor Dick Morris placed most of the blame on gas prices. "When American people were asked about the major issue facing the country, 29% said gas prices. His problem is that he is seen as an 'oil company president' when the oil companies are seen as gouging the people. The President should get on national TV and say we're going to quintuple the number of ethanol-alcohol fuel factories, we're going to make sure cars can use ethanol." The Factor agreed that big oil is hurting the President. "I believe oil companies have manipulated the prices to their benefit. It has nothing to do with the market."
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Guests: Rev. Jerry Falwell & Rev. Robert Schuller

Film critics have given "The Da Vinci Code" generally dismal reviews, but how is the movie playing with religious leaders? The Reverend Jerry Falwell, who has produced a DVD called "The Da Vinci Code Deception," expressed his resentment. "It angers me when you attack the divinity of Christ. When you cast doubt on his morality, saying he perhaps fathered a child, it's a direct attack on Christ, the Catholic Church, and Christianity." Rev. Robert Schuller said he was mildly entertained by the movie, but not angered. "I don't get angry watching 'Star Wars' either. You have to remember that the book is in the fiction section. People are intelligent, and I like the idea of people talking about Jesus." The Factor defended the movie's director Ron Howard. "He went out of his way to be respectful to Christianity. He didn't cheap-shot, and he actually toned things down from Dan Brown's book. If anyone loses their faith over this, Reverend Falwell, I'm going to pay for them to enroll in your Liberty University."
Hazing incidents on campuses
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

The Northwestern University women's soccer team has had its season suspended after players engaged in a hazing ritual, and Catholic University in Washington is also investigating a hazing incident involving the women's lacrosse team. Geraldo Rivera doubted whether that kind of behavior is more prevalent than in the past. "In our day, whatever happened, no one had a cell phone camera or home video. Now there is no such thing as a private event. You can have your bachelor party or wild fling and someone's going to take a picture and post it on the web. This destruction of the world of privacy is our future, and we have to get used to it."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your reactions to Thursday's interview with Donald Rumsfeld were mixed. Some excerpts:

Travis Lockert, Arvada, CO: "My respect for Rumsfeld has risen. His point about the cost of the Iraq war as compared to 9/11 was great."

Judi Sample, El Cajon, CA: "Rumsfeld was dancing. He will not allow the National Guard to do anything on the border."

Diana Orrock, Las Vegas, NV: "Bill, when you told Mr. Rumsfeld that most Americans would like to see the Guard armed and confronting lawbreakers on the border, I literally jumped up and cheered."

Wanda Posey, Austin, TX: "O'Reilly, your very rude, holier-than-thou attitude with Donald Rumsfeld will cost you viewers."
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