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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
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A miracle in Oregon?
"Earlier this week I said I was praying for a miracle that one American newspaper would take my side in the University of Oregon controversy, where a radical student publication printed vile illustrations of Jesus. That hate speech violates academic standards, in my opinion, and the publication should be denied college funding. I also said university President Dave Frohnmayer should be fired for poor judgment and lax leadership. I didn't get the miracle I asked for, but something even more miraculous has happened. In a poll sponsored by the student newspaper, 38% said 'Bill O'Reilly is right, fire Frohnmayer.' And 22% said the paper should be condemned. So 60% of those who voted understand that hate speech is irresponsible. The Jesus pictures are clearly obscene and designed to injure Christians. Nobody in their right mind thinks the University of Oregon would allow a KKK student-run newspaper to receive student funding, but they will kick $20,000 a year to a Marxist anti-Christian hate sheet. That's unacceptable at a publicly funded university. Alumni should stand up the way students have and withhold donations until something is done. This whole thing is miraculous to me - the students are much smarter than the faculty, and much braver as well."

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The failure of Reagan's amnesty plan
Guest: Dr. Matthew Spalding, Heritage Foundation

Former Attorney General Ed Meese has called the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens a failure, and worries that the current Congress will repeat the same errors. Meese's advisor Matthew Spalding explained why the Reagan administration endorsed the '86 bill. "The legislation was urged by a Democratic Congress, and President Reagan made a practical decision that it was reasonable at the time under the circumstances. There was a six-month slowdown in illegal immigration, then it went back up again. The 1986 bill closely parallels the bill the Senate is passing now, and this should raise red flags." The Factor urged Congress to learn from the past. "Ed Meese and the Justice Department didn't crack down on employers, and President Reagan could have immediately secured the border but he did not. They didn't do anything except give 3-million illegal aliens a free pass. They talked tough but took no action."
Duke defense lawyers cast doubt
Guest: Attorney Georgia Goslee

There is evidence that the woman who accused Duke lacrosse players of rape changed her story various times, and the prosecution's case seems increasingly tenuous. But some groups are crying "racism" because the woman is black and the players are white. Lawyer Georgia Goslee explained why the race card is valid. "The African American lady was raped, in my opinion. Had this young lady been a white female, and had the assailants been African American, they would have been in jail two minutes after she made an identification." The Factor countered that evidence and public sentiment are turning against the accuser. "The most damning evidence is that this lady, before she showed up at the frat house, had sex with three men. The public is starting to side with the lacrosse players, and it's hard for the public not to say this could be another Tawana Brawley case, which was a hoax."
Wal-Mart vs. eminent domain
Guest: Gale Connor, attorney

The California town of Hercules has used eminent domain to seize a tract of land owned by Wal-Mart, thus preventing the retailer from building a store on the site. Hercules attorney Gale Connor rationalized the action. "Wal-Mart bought this property knowing full well there was a redevelopment plan. The plan was not for a 'big box' retailer. Wal-Mart says it has all the money to fight this, but that has inflamed the citizens of Hercules." The Factor put forth the other side of the argument. "Wal-Mart comes in, buys an expensive piece of property, tries to play by the rules, and the city says 'blank you, we're taking your land.' Wal-Mart was going to come in and hire people and have low prices. What's wrong with that?"
The worst charity in the country?
Guest: Trent Stamp, Charity Navigator

The Factor reported on what may be the worst charity in the nation. According to the watchdog group Charity Navigator, the Youth Development Fund spends just three cents of every dollar it raises on children, while director Rick Bowen pays himself a six-figure salary. When confronted outside of his home by Factor producer Jesse Watters, Bowen claimed his group helps kids, and said watchdog groups "are entitled to their opinion." Charity expert Trent Stamp elaborated on the Youth Development Fund. "They raised $3.2 million last year, and gave $83,000 to children. They spent more money on Cadillacs than they did on kids." Stamp gave viewers two pieces of advice. "Don't ever give to a charity over the phone, and tell legislators we need serious non-profit reform."
Utah and polygamy
Guests: Author John Llewellyn & Mark Shurtleff, Attorney General of Utah

Polygamy is illegal in all states, but Utah has a history of tolerating men with multiple wives. John Llewellyn has written a book about polygamy, which he once practiced himself. "Nobody bothered me, " Llewellyn declared. "They won't, as long as you're not causing problems or blatantly showing off the lifestyle. There are a lot of people in the fundamentalist subculture who try to their lives honorably, but there are a lot of predators and fanatics." Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff claimed his office vigorously prosecutes polygamy. "We've removed police officers and a judge who were polygamists. The problem is that we have perhaps 30 or 40-thousand polygamists in this state, but don't have the resources to lock them up and take all the kids and put them in foster care. We have to spend our efforts on the most heinous types of crimes." The Factor summed up the situation in Utah. "The headline of this interview is that Utah has a problem with polygamy that overwhelms your resources to deal with it. You can't lock up all the polygamists because you don't have facilities for them and their children."
Investigating alligator attacks
Guest: Author Michael Garlock

Florida has seen a rash of recent alligator attacks, at least three of them fatal. Author Michael Garlock explained why there have been so many incidents. "The major factor is the loss of habitat. People are moving down here by the tens of thousands. Alligators have an innate fear of humans, but they are opportunistic hunters. When they see what they perceive as an easy meal, they attack." The Factor pledged to steer clear of gators. "If I have to assume there's an alligator in every body of fresh water, I'm not going in - I'm going in the pool."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
You sent e-mails about a wide variety of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Stephen Incavo, South Burlington, VT: "Bill, only in Vermont can a man who abused his dog be sentenced to up to 36 months in prison, while a man who raped a little girl for three years gets almost the same sentence."

Ruben Lovato, Petaluma, CA: "Bill, Mexicans have migrated to the USA for hundreds of years. Call them illegals, drug runners or spin it as you wish, you and your European majority will not succeed in halting migrating from Mexico."

Jack Kimball, Clear Lake, IA: "Bill, you should stop talking about gas prices because you look pretty silly."

David Johnson, Fountain Inn, SC: "If the oil companies aren't gouging, then I'm Whistler's Mother. And I ain't wearin' no dress."
Book Mentions
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Killer 'Gators and Crocs: Gruesome Encounters from Across the Globe
by Michael Garlock

Polygamy's Rape of Rachael Strong: Protected Environment for Predators
by John Llewellyn

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