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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
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Chaos in Afghanistan & Iraq
Guest: Fox News military analyst Gen. Wesley Clark

"While most of us were celebrating the heroism of those who have died defending America, some Afghanis were rioting and some Iraqis were killing civilians. In Kabul, a traffic accident led to rioting by young men who hate America. And in Iraq, a CBS news team was bombed by terrorists. The chaos in Afghanistan and Iraq will never end, because there will always be people who hate Americans and we are an occupying force in those countries. So what should the USA do? Well, the first thing is to be realistic. If we could go back to the fall of 2001, right after 9/11, you'd still have to invade Afghanistan. No way could the USA allow Al Qaeda to remain there. But Iraq should be a lesson learned - we cannot ever again put American boots on the ground in a hostile Arab country. There were other ways of removing Saddam. That being said, the John Murtha solution of cutting-and-running would lead to greater conflicts down the road as Iran would dominate the gulf. Also over the weekend, Congressman Murtha, who continues to duck The Factor, spoke harshly about the investigation of Marines who may have murdered some Iraqi civilians. What is Murtha's intent? Is this an 'I-told-you-so' because he opposes the war? Murtha should answer that question because 95% of the military is performing heroically overseas. In the chaos of war perspective and fair play are vitally important."

Fox News Video:

Fox News military analyst Gen. Wesley Clark joined The Factor and defended Murtha's comments. "What Congressman Murtha is doing is a legitimate function of the legislative branch. This is the way he sees it, and he wants to get the facts out. My sources say something happened - it was murder, and it was covered up. It's an indicator that the stress is such that standards of discipline are breaking down, and it's a real warning to us." The Factor tried to put the alleged incident in perspective. "This has happened in every war, and the breakdown has to be dealt with effectively. But to draw a wider implication when 95% of the forces are performing heroically is brutally unfair. But Murtha indicts the military, and I'm mad about it. He doesn't have the stones to come on this program and back up what he says."
Cops hunting for bikini murderer
Guests: Reporter Merryl Dillman & friend Joel Perry

20-year old Clemson University student Tiffany Souers was strangled by a bikini top last week, and South Carolina police are searching for clues that might lead to her killer. Newspaper reporter Merryl Dillman told The Factor that facts are sketchy at best. "There aren't any suspects, but there are some 'persons of interest' that police are hoping to learn more about. We were told there was no forced entry." Tiffany's friend Joel Perry described her as a gracious young woman. "She had a big group of friends, but I never saw her with a steady boyfriend. She went out of her way to help everybody, and never had a bad thing to say about anybody."
More citizen groups patrolling border
Guest: Flash Sharrah, Yuma Patriots

In addition to the Minutemen, a citizens group called Yuma Patriots is now patrolling the Mexican border. The organization's founder Flash Sharrah explained why he founded the group. "We are under siege - illegals are stealing our cars, destroying our crops, bringing drugs into our country. My son was robbed by illegal immigrants at gunpoint after he came back from the Iraq war, and that's what motivated me and others to go out and protect the borders." Sharrah described how he and his colleagues stop illegal aliens. "We are not armed - we use flashlights, air horns, and bull horns. We stop them without touching them." The Factor lauded Sharrah for his attempt to help the Border Patrol in Arizona. "It's not the Border Patrol's fault that you're being overrun. It's the federal government's fault for not doing what it should do."
San Fran to boot JROTC?
Guest: Fox News analyst Michelle Malkin

San Francisco may eliminate the junior ROTC program in city schools, which Fox News analyst Michelle Malkin cited as one more example of the city's lunacy. "San Francisco is in an intergalactic zip code. It became a center for hippies and socialists and all kind of anti-American riff-raff who took over the city and all the power centers. They kicked out normal Americans, and what's left are these folks who hate the military and have nothing but contempt for our traditions and our history." The Factor agreed that the city is led by people who despise traditional values. "It's like we don't live in the same country that San Francisco politicians live in. We're looking at a city that basically says to the military, 'we don't like you and we don't want you.' They're so severely misguided that we can not take them seriously any longer."
Political problems for both parties
Guest: Fox News contributor Dick Morris

Fox News contributor Dick Morris analyzed the blossoming love affair between the left wing of the Democrat Party and Al Gore, who claims he is not a presidential candidate. "Gore is running," Morris declared, "but he doesn't want to be seen as running. The point about Gore is that he is the 'un-Hillary' in the Democrat primary. People have misgivings about her ethical issues, her inconsistencies, the marriage mess. That's leading this party, which is determined not to lose another election, to look away from Hillary." The Factor questioned how Gore, if he runs as an environmentalist, will explain his record. "Can't a Republican candidate shred Gore by saying you had eight years to do something about the environment, yet nothing was really done. If Al Gore would come in here, and he won't, I would point out to him that he and Clinton could have developed ethanol and alternative fuels, but they didn't."
Doubting the USA's commitment to justice
Guest: Author Peter Beinart, The New Republic

Peter Beinart's new book posits that only liberals can "make America great again," and questions the USA's commitment to global justice. Beinart joined The Factor and elaborated on his thesis, beginning with Afghanistan. "One of the reasons we're having trouble is that we didn't make an investment to turn Afghanistan into a showcase. We didn't even built one road in that country - the world's eyes were on us and we failed." And while he opposed the invasion of Iraq, Beinart said this is not a time to cut and run. "If people get the idea that America creates messes around the world and leaves them behind, it would be terrible message to send. At the heart of liberalism is a struggle against totalitarianism - against evil people who want to take control of society and crush all human freedom. That's our heritage." The Factor pointed out the vast difference between most Democrats and the far-left activists who play a major role in the party. "MoveOn, Michael Moore, and the far left are all opposed to you. I don't believe the far left will fight for anything, unless you're coming down their block with a tank."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your emails covered a wide range of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Doug Gray, San Antonia, CA: "Bill, you agreed with Colonel Peters that the media mainly only covers bad things in Iraq. But Fox News does that, too. Why don't you cover one good thing in Iraq every night?"

Carl DiUbaldo, Santa Barbara, CA: "Bill, you have done it again. How many extensions are you going to call for in Iraq? You keep saying 'give it another year.'"

Ron Lacroix, Tiverton, RI: "O'Reilly, up until last week you pounded your desk for security on the border. Then as the Senate vote neared, you went silent."

John Bonner, Longwood, FL: "I see nothing wrong with Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling spending the rest of their lives in prison. I don't understand, Bill, wanting to give them 20 years."
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