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Friday, June 2, 2006
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California and the National Guard
"California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has deployed the National Guard to help the Border Patrol, but said it was 'not my preference.' Here's what's going on - the law breaking on the southern border could be stopped cold by 50,000 military people working in tandem with the Border Patrol. Human smugglers and drug runners wouldn't even try it with a force like that awaiting them. But President Bush allots a paltry 6,000 Guardsmen and Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't like the mission. The reason is that the governor wants to be re-elected and doesn't want to alienate Hispanic American voters, so he's not bullish on a tough solution. Same thing with President Bush - he got 40% of Hispanic American votes last time around and Republicans can't afford to lose any of those. So once again, politics trumps what's good for the country. A new Congressional Budget Office shows that if the Senate's soft immigration bill becomes law, which it will not, 20 million foreigners will become citizens in the next ten years. Talking Points believe that if Americans saw massive security on the border, most of us would compromise about earned citizenship for illegal immigrants already here. But 6,000 military is not going to cut it. It's really a shame that vote-getting has become more important than problem-solving in this country. But politicians put themselves first and the folks a distant second."

Fox News Video:
BBC releases tape of killings
Guest: Analyst Andrew Apostolu

The BBC has aired a videotape that purportedly proving that US troops killed Iraqi civilians, a separate incident from the alleged massacre at Haditha. But the BBC acknowledges that the tape came from "a hardline Sunni group opposed to coalition forces." Middle East analyst Andrew Apostolu cast doubt on the story and the source. "The BBC has taken material from a hardline Sunni group and hasn't named them. The BBC is piling on, it's a rush to condemn America. The evidence we have is that US forces were fired on from the house." The Factor suggested that the alleged Haditha massacre will turn out to be far more serious. "The Pentagon has issued a statement that this was a legitimate firefight, and you have to give your side the benefit of the doubt. But in Haditha, our sources say there will be Marine indictments, and there were killings of civilians."
Clemson bikini murder update
Guest: Detective Rod Wheeler

A week after 20-year old student Tiffany Souers was strangled in her apartment, South Carolina police are looking for a man who tried to use her bank card at an ATM machine. Fox News analyst Rod Wheeler put forth his theory. "From what I understand, the young woman may have met this guy, maybe over the Internet. It sounds like a sexual assault that went bad, and then this guy strangled her. Police believe this guy lives in the same area, and may still be in the area." Wheeler also commented on a multiple slaying in Indianapolis, where 28-year old Desmond Turner allegedly killed four adults and three children. "This looks like a drug deal gone bad, and the police believe he killed the kids because he didn't want any witnesses to this case." The Factor predicted police will soon solve the Souers case. "There has to be DNA all over the place, so it's just a matter of time before they match it up. I expect this to be broken pretty soon."
Oakland OKs diplomas to failing students
Guests: Oakland school board member Dan Siegel & Mayor Jerry Brown

School authorities in Oakland have decided to award diplomas to 140 seniors who failed the mandatory high school exit exams. Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown denounced the school board for breaking the law. "We have an exit exam, and students must pass. The law is clear, we teach our students respect for the law, and the Oakland School Board gave the exact opposite message." On the other side, school board member Dan Siegel claimed the issue is equity. "60 percent of the kids who failed are low income, most are Spanish speaking, and this is about fairness. We want to give these kids diplomas because they have the credits, they have the GPA, they have done everything asked of them." The Factor told Siegel his board was legally and ethically wrong. "You're telling the state you're going to usurp their authority. Society has to have standards, and you're obliterating the standards. If these kids can't pass the test, which is designed for freshman, and they get six tries, this tells me your school system is not very good."
Agreement with Judge Cecava?
Guest: Former prosecutor Bernie Glaser

50-year old Richard Thompson was convicted of two counts of sexual assault on a 13-year old girl, but Nebraska Judge Kristine Cecava gave him probation, supposedly because she felt the 5-foot-1 Thompson is too small so survive in a tough state prison. Former Nebraska prosecutor Bernie Glaser defended Judge Cecava. "The judge never said he was too short - she was concerned about his 'stature' and the fact that he is borderline mentally retarded. The prosecutor in this case did not ask for prison time. The judge is reasonable, and if you would look at the facts you would see that." The Factor was incensed Glaser's assertion. "This man molested a 13-year old girl five times. This is what happened! He confessed to the crime, and you shouldn't be defending the judge! This guy should be in jail for ten years."
Gay Talese on the New York Times
Guest: Reporter & author Gay Talese

Author and former New York Times reporter Gay Talese joined the The Factor to discuss the Times and journalism in general. "In the 1960's we were a little more skeptical of government and power. And when I was in journalism, we were often the first children in our family to go to college. We were of a rougher America than the smoothies that went to elite colleges and go into journalism today. There's a coziness with power." Talese claimed that the Times is too easy on both parties, but The Factor took exception. "I think the Times hates President Bush. We did an analysis of their op-ed columnists and found that 50 percent of their output is 'hate Bush' stuff."
Lucille Ball's final days
Guest: Author Mitchell Fink

Mitchell Fink has written a book about celebrities at the end of their lives. Fink talked with The Factor about the final days of beloved comedienne Lucille Ball in 1989. "When her former husband Desi Arnaz died in 1986, that was the beginning of the end for Lucy. She never stopped loving him, and it was the beginning of a slow and sad decline. In her last days she didn't want to be around anyone. I think she felt everyone wanted her to be the Lucy of old, and she wasn't that Lucy any more. She had a stroke, slurred her words a bit, and was embarrassed."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails dealt with the alleged Marine atrocity in Iraq and the dangers of the Internet. Some excerpts:

Joey Harrison, Fairfax, VA: "Mr. O'Reilly, your disdain for the media has damaged your sense of propriety. Marines execute civilians and your concern is the press giving it too much coverage?"

Doug Gray, San Antonio, TX: "I believe the U.S. media is at war with the U.S. military."

Raymond England, Florence, AL: "Bill, your argument that the internet is responsible for perverted sexual behavior is flimsy. There is a direct relationship between such behavior and media filth. Also, tossing God from the classroom."

Nancy Newton, Grand Prairie, TX: "Mr. O, it's true! The internet allows predators to form support groups. That encouragement makes it easier for these perverts to act."

Cindy Voorhees, New Jersey: "I want parents to know that my 11-year old son was stalked by a man using the X-box. Please spread the word, Bill."
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A Writer's Life
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Last Days of Dead Celebrities
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