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Monday, June 5, 2006
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Gay marriage amendment
Guest: Authors William Eskridge, Jr. & Darren Spedale

"President Bush's push for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage isn't really about the acceptance of gay marriage. It's about a bunch of liberal judges trying to impose their vision of America on the entire country. According to a recent poll, 58% of Americans want marriage to have a man-woman definition; 39% support gay marriage. So there's no question what the people want. Writing in the Boston Herald, Ted Kennedy says you are 'bigoted' if you oppose gay marriage. That's the usual far left tactic - disagree with me and you're a bad person. But the fact is that many who oppose gay marriage do so because they believe society is better served by putting traditional marriage in a special place. If gay marriage were legalized, then polygamy would have to be. Once you begin to alter the traditional definition of marriage, under 'equal protection' you can't stop at one alternative situation and then deny others. The gay marriage issue is perhaps the most vivid example of the nation's culture war. Secular progressives like Ted Kennedy want a new America, one that nurtures everyone and caters to the individual needs and wants. Traditionalists like me believe the USA has become strong because of its core values of freedom, individual responsibility, and institutions like traditional marriage. Some activist judges would like to tear that philosophy down, but they have no right to dictate how this country operates and what the laws should be. The folks decide that by voting, and in the case of gay marriage the folks have decided, and that decision should be respected."

Fox News Video:

The Factor was joined by authors William Eskridge and Darren Spedale, both proponents of gay marriage. "After Denmark recognized same-sex unions," Eskridge pronounced, "the marriage rate went up, the divorce rate fell, and the rate of out-of-wedlock children stabilized." Spedale pointed to similar outcomes in other countries. "In Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, after they passed gay-marriage type laws, the rates of heterosexual marriage went up. The important thing is that gay marriage does not affect heterosexual marriage." The Factor reminded Eskridge and Spedale that this issue also affects children. "People who oppose gay marriage believe a man and woman are best qualified to raise children, and in this country that's the overwhelming issue."
Terror suspects arrested in Canada
Guest: Rachel Marsden, Toronto Sun

Canadian authorities have arrested 17 Muslim men who were allegedly planning massive terror attacks in and around Ontario. The Factor pointed out that, at first glance, Canada seems an unlikely target. "Canada has been one of the most friendly nations on Earth to Muslims who show up with no passports. They will usually allow you asylum and will set you up in an apartment. The largesse shown by Canada to Muslims has been unprecedented." Canadian reporter Rachel Marsden responded that the hatred by Islamic radicals defies explanation. "No one ever asked why Timothy McVeigh became a terrorist - they just wrote him off and executed him. For some reason we are trying to wrap our head around the fact that these people want to kill us. Why do we care what there excuses are?"
Teacher-student sex laws
Guest: Defense attorney Jeff Lichtman

25-year old teacher and former beauty queen Amy McElhenney has been arrested in Texas for having sex with her 18-year old student. Like 27 other states, Texas forbids teachers from having sexual contact with their students, even those above the age of consent. Defense attorney Jeff Lichtman pointed out that this case involves two consenting adults. "If you have someone having sex with an 18-year old who could go to war, who can vote, how can this person possibly go to jail? It's her fault, but it's a judgment mistake." The Factor countered that the teacher-student relationship is a special one. "When I was 21 years old I was teaching 18 year olds - just a three year age difference. If I had done anything to any of my students I should have been prosecuted. I don't think this woman should go to jail, but she should be prosecuted and should never be able to teach again anywhere in this country."
Unintended consequences of illegal immigration
Guest: Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, criminal profiler

According to one study, about 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders are in the United States. Criminal profiler Deborah Schnurman-Kauflin, who authored the study, elaborated on her findings. "The illegal immigrant population is more heavily weighted with men, and men are more likely to commit sex offenses. These offenders averaged four victims per offender, and if you extrapolate, you get 960,000 victims." The Factor cast part of the blame on the government. "If anyone I knew was molested by an illegal alien, I would be tempted to sue the federal government. Every one of these crimes is at the doorstep of the federal government, which has refused to secure the border."
The state of marriage in the US
Guests: Fox News analysts Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin

Fox News analysts Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin joined The Factor to discuss marriage in America and the proposed amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. Malkin began by acknowledging that many traditional marriages are in trouble. "There is no question that there are problems within heterosexual marriages, but that is not an argument for destroying an institution. My view is that marriage should be protected for a man and a woman." Powers accused some Republicans of hypocrisy. "You have these Republicans that have been married and divorced many times, and what does that have to do with gay people? They are not divorced because of gay people. And two gay people can raise a child as well as a man and a woman."
The royalty of Monaco
Guest: Robin Leach,

It has been reported that Prince Albert of Monaco, son of the late Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, has two out-of-wedlock children.'s Robin Leach revealed more about the Prince and his offspring. "One girl is a 14-year old teenager in California, the other is a 3-year old son, allegedly living in Paris. Prince Albert has sown his wild oats through the years." Leach added that the entire royal family has been deeply troubled. "There is no question that this family was totally dysfunctional, and they've never found happiness." The Factor called the family an example of that old adage about money and happiness. "They're fabulously wealthy, with money stemming from the Middle Ages. But the family just seems to run into one thing after another. So once again, money can not buy happiness."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you commented on the segment with attorney Bernie Glaser, who defended a Nebraska judge's decision that a child molester was too small to survive in a state prison. Some excerpts:

Carl McLaren, Haines City, FL: "O'Reilly, when you get angry and start shouting as you did in that interview, it just makes you look like a fool."

Brendon Zastrow, Phoenix, AZ: "Bill, you really put it to that attorney. He was flustered, and foolish in his defense. You can argue my case anytime."

Bruce Wunder, Sibley, IA: "Bill, shame on you! I doubt if you had adequate information to challenge that attorney."

Mike Perlinger, Paxton, NE: "I may only be a small farmer, but I'd like to say that most of us in this state are outraged by the judge's decision."
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Gay Marriage: For Better, or for Worse? What We've Learned from the Evidence
by William N. Eskridge, Darren R. Spedale