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Thursday, June 15, 2006
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Understanding the Democrats
Guests: Democratic strategist Laura Schwartz & Fox News analyst Bill Sammon

"President Bush's job approval rating stands at 40%, a five point improvement since May. But it's clear the Democrats still have an advantage right now, as most Americans are not happy with the Bush administration. So my question is why are the Dems squandering that advantage. This week in DC the far left group 'Campaign for America's Future' held a convention of sorts and just about every big name Democrat showed up. Hillary Clinton was booed when she said cutting and running in Iraq would be dumb - that's how radical this group is. Here's more evidence - the crazy left Air America radio network partnered up with 'Campaign for America's Future.' One of that network's hosts, Randi Rhodes, recently condemned the US military for its 'killing of Iraqis.' Most Americans reject that kind of radicalism and won't vote for anyone associated with it. Why, then, do people like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Ed Rendell, and others associate themselves with those kinds of people? I just don't get it. Most Americans do not hate President Bush, but the 'Take Back America' crowd is full of Bush-haters and people who routinely reject all but far left thought. So once again Talking Points has a strong message for the Democrat Party - if you associate with these far left haters, you lose."

Fox News Video:

Democrat strategist Laura Schwartz and Fox News analyst Bill Sammon joined The Factor with more on the far left wing of the Democrat Party. "We have to take these organizations seriously." Schwartz declared. "Democrats and Republicans alike represent their entire party - the extreme wings as well as the middle. When you're a Democrat, you represent all Democrats." But Sammon argued that Democrats are making a grave error by cozying up to radicals. "Fifteen years ago the Democratic Party used to cultivate its candidates through centrist organizations. Today, if you want to be a successful Democratic candidate, you have to go kiss the ring of the people who put together this conference. The left wing of the party has taken control, and this is a recipe for disaster." The Factor suggested why Democrats are willing to associate with the party's left wing. "I think this has to do with money - the far left fringe people who want a completely different America have the money. If you don't play their game you don't get any money."
Cher & Operation Helmet
Guest: Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt

Singer and actress Cher has taken up a cause called "Operation Helmet," which raises money to provide American soldiers with upgraded helmets. Fox News analyst Col. David Hunt applauded the effort. "I think this is a great thing. 'Operation Helmet is supplying the troops with pads and straps that help make the helmet fit the soldier better. There are some serious issues with equipment, and the average soldier in Iraq is spending $1,000 of his or her own money on equipment. They should have the best gear."
Update on Principal Marcos Aguilar
Guest: Doug McIntyre, KABC Radio

As reported previously, a publicly-funded Los Angeles charter school is promoting a policy of racial separatism. The school's principal Marcos Aguilar previously told an interviewer from the UCLA student publication in Los Angeles that "the white way, the American way ... will eventually lead to our own destruction." Aguilar was booked to appear on The Factor Thursday, but fell ill just prior to the program. Radio host Doug McIntyre, who has followed the story, denounced Aguilar and his school. "The charter is to teach a self-segregating curriculum, it's a totally separatist program. It has disastrous test scores, and is the lowest ranked school in the LA school system, which is already a failing system." The Factor summed up the distressing situation. "Aguilar is a radical who is teaching that white America isn't something to embrace. Obviously the guy has a problem with America, and the kids aren't learning. Mr. Aguilar is welcome on the program when he recovers."
Gov. Schwarzenegger in trouble?
Guest: Tony Quinn, California Target Book

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has resisted the idea of sending National Guard troops to the border, and has been accused of putting re-election ahead of national security. California political analyst Tony Quinn defended the governor and his priorities. "There are probably 3 to 4 million illegal aliens in this state. A lot of them are working and a lot of people depend on them. Also a large percentage of the electorate is Latino, and Schwarzenegger can not come across as being anti-Latino. It's not the job of the governor to secure the border." The Factor disagreed, and urged Schwarzenegger to be more active. "His state is impacted in every way, shape and form by illegal immigration - it's a financial and law enforcement disaster and is the biggest problem in California. My analysis is that Schwarzenegger knows he needs a segment of Latino votes, and therefore will not take strong action on the border."
Marijuana legalization in New Jersey
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

New Jersey is considering a law that would allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. Geraldo Rivera, a resident of the Garden State, praised the legislation. "If this passes, New Jersey will be the 12th state to legalize medical marijuana. It means you have the people basically overruling the federal government. People are saying this is what we want, and why deny people with a debilitating disease and excruciating pain? Let them pick the analgesic that they want." The Factor agreed, but urged strict oversight. "I want people to have as much relief as possible, but you have to control it. The statistics are that more kids are in rehab for marijuana than for alcohol, and that's my concern." On another subject, Geraldo chastised The Factor for recommending that the Duke rape case be closed. "You are premature and in some ways presumptuous, because how do you know what the district attorney has? Why not let this process play out in court?"
Bachelorette party equality?
Guest: Author April Masini

More women are attending bachelorette parties that include male dancers, nudity, and general debauchery. Author April Masini called it part of a societal trend. "Women are basically out of control and are not held accountable for anything. My mother used to have sex within her marriage; today kids are 'hooking up' without even dating. Kids are hooking up in their parents' home when their parents are at work." Masini cast part of the blame on laws that make it easier to end a marriage. "No-fault divorce encourages women to do whatever they want. There's no reason for women to stay married - they can have affairs, take everything away from the man, and it's nobody's fault. I don't think they're great role models."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the New York Times' decision to publish an op-ed written by a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay. Some excerpts:

Michael Ray, Plattsmouth, NE: "Bill, publicly shaming the New York Times' eagerness to disregard the truth is a great service to this country."

Frank O'Collins, Australia: "Bill, you are dead wrong on Gitmo. Those prisoners when released will become a hundred times more dangerous."

Cmdr. Al Dinicola, Seal Beach, CA: "This Marine believes that those who portray the military as 'bad guys' are misguided and are helping the enemy."

Other viewers wrote about the prospective law that would ban flag burning.

Mary Ann Pavack, Milpitas, CA: "Shame on you, Bill O'Reilly! I am upset you would say a law banning flag burning would be unconstitutional."

Rusty Baker, Childress, TX: "Burning a flag is a symbol of protest. This nation was born of protest. Burn one flag, we'll make a million more."
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