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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
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The case against Israel
Guest: Peter Zeihan, Stratfor Security

"There are some Americans who see Israel as a villain, just as some believe the USA has brought the war on terror on itself. The Los Angeles Times printed an op-ed by UCLA professor Saree Makdisi, in which he claimed Hezbollah is fighting for the release of 'Lebanese prisoners Israel stubbornly refuses to free.' Makdisi apparently believes Hezbollah is a legitimate fighting force that should be given moral equivalency with Israel. Never mind that Hezbollah wear no uniforms and routinely attack civilian targets; never mind that the terrorists killed eight Israeli soldiers in their raid to get hostages; and never mind that the prisoners Israel is holding are terror suspects. The professor justifies his opinion by saying that Israel is a terror state itself, and points to the Israeli seizure of land in 1948. From his safe perch, this educated man believes Hezbollah terrorists have a perfect right to do whatever they want because Israel violently carved out a homeland after World War II. That kind of thinking is at the root of the terror war - Israel is bad, and so is America for supporting Israel. Has Israel made mistakes? Of course. But here is the simple fact. Tomorrow, if the terrorists stop killing and lay down their arms, the violence in the Middle East and Iraq will stop. Tomorrow, if Israel throws all its weapons into the Mediterranean Sea, there will be another Holocaust. Getting that, Professor Makdisi? Wise up."

Fox News Video:

Middle East expert Peter Zeihan outlined his theory of why Israel is striking Lebanese airports, bridges, and ports. "Israel is getting ready to go in and eliminate Hezbollah for the next generation as a military force. That requires isolating them and their infrastructure." Zeihan predicted an imminent ground invasion. "We'll see up to another week of combat like we've seen, until Israel can get all its ground forces prepared. Then we'll see Israel infantry and tanks pouring across the border." The Factor suggested that Israel has not effectively laid out its case. "Israel has not explained what you have just explained. Therefore the anti-Israel forces say 'see, they're just killing civilians for no reason.' The world lines up against Israel, when in fact Israel is right to defend itself."
Negotiating with terrorists
Guest: Ian Williams, The Nation magazine

For a contrasting view, The Factor was joined by Ian Williams of the far-left Nation magazine. Williams argued that Israel is making a military and political blunder. "They're breeding future generations of Hezbollah. They're thinking, 'we have to go in and show we have hairy chests.' Hezbollah will be even more popular with people there who will say they were right, the Israelis are every bit as bad as they said they were." The Factor reminded Williams that Hezbollah's goal is to kill Jews and destroy Israel. "You have to think the Israelis have more vision than to just go in and do something for no reason. I think they want to wipe out Hezbollah once and for all."
Trapped in Lebanon
Guests: Laura & Scot Gabriel

The United States has been evacuating Americans from Lebanon, but some US citizens have been trapped there. Among them is 31-year old Laura Gabriel, who went to Beirut to adopt a baby. The Factor was able to give Gabriel some extraordinary news. "Just before we went on the air, the State Department granted you and the baby permission to come back home. All you have to do is stay safe for a few hours, and you should be home over the weekend." Laura praised the US officials who worked on her behalf. "I have absolutely no words to express how happy I am. The baby is wonderful, and I just want to bring him home and have him united with his new family." Laura's husband Scott explained why the couple adopted in Lebanon. "My family came to America from Lebanon almost 100 years ago, so we thought it would be a place we could go, where we share a heritage, and would be a good place for us to have a child."
Hurricane Katrina fallout continues
Guests: Author Douglas Brinkley

In New Orleans, a doctor and two nurses have charged with euthanizing four patients during the post-Katrina flooding. Author Douglas Brinkley elaborated on the case. "Authorities found four people they say would have stayed alive were it not for a lethal injection. It's looking more and more like one rogue doctor and two nurses, and it's a sorry story when patients get treated like this." Brinkley also commented on nursing home owners Mable and Salvador Mangano, who escaped to safety while 34 elderly people drowned in their nursing home. "They're possibly going to be facing negligent homicide charges. It's a lesson for everyone - sometimes we put our loved ones in these homes and we think they're on the up and up. But in many cases in Louisiana people just up and left, and the old people just sat their in agony and despair."
Bush veto kills stem cell bill
Guests: Fox News analyst Juan Williams & Nancy Pfotenhauer, Independent Women's Forum

President Bush vetoed a bill that would have provided federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Conservative Nancy Pfotenhauer praised the move. "This is an example of the President acting on the courage of his convictions, and he's doing the right thing. The private sector is funding research, and there's no reason for tax dollars to be going into this practice." Fox News analyst Juan Williams vehemently disagreed. "The President is making a big mistake, and it's going to be costly in the mid-term elections. He's hurting scientific research." But Williams praised Mr. Bush's decision to speak to the NAACP, even though the group's leaders have been consistently hostile. "This is an opportunity to talk about integration in his Cabinet, the fact that this administration has invested heavily in the fight against AIDS, to talk about increased black home ownership." The Factor issued one cautionary note. "I agree that the President should do it, but I'm not sure it's going to come out his way. Remember when he went to the funeral of Coretta Scott King and they blasted the daylights out of him? And the stem cell veto will be used by Bush haters to say he's a religious fanatic."
Kids imitating celebrities on MySpace?
Guest: Author Katharine DeBrecht

Some teens are posting salacious photos on the Internet, often mimicking the poses of celebrities such as Madonna, Ashlee Simpson, and others. Katharine DeBrecht, an author of kids' books, described the situation as extremely troubling. "They're emulating celebrities in these poses and not realizing the consequences. It's so sad to see them posing, looking for acceptance or attention. Predators are flocking to these sites." The Factor urged parents to be vigilant. "Some kids do it anonymously, but others give enough information so that anyone could track them down. Parents have no clue, and the Internet has no restrictions."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about the violence in the Middle East. Some excerpts:

Shlomi Hassan, Eilat, Israel: "I'd like to respond to the Jewish peace group in San Francisco. I think that until you have suffered the way we have, you should not be telling us how to protect ourselves."

Susan Kulkowitz: "Bill O'Reilly, you seemed shocked that a group of Jews prefer non-violent protest over retaliation. Unfortunately, retaliation is why peace can't happen. When will the violence ever end?"

Bob Lichtenberger, Austin, TX: "I must say that Mitchell Plitnick of 'Jewish Voice for Pease' has no clue of what is happening in the Middle East. People like him endanger those in harm's way."

Oswaldo Partidas, Caracas, Venezuela: "The destruction in Beirut unjustly punishes civilians not terrorists. The United States should tell Israel to tone down the overkill."
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