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Monday, July 24, 2006
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Who's winning World War III?
"The terrorists are winning. I'm very sorry to have to say it. Just like Germany and Japan were ahead in the early stages of World War II, the terrorists are winning in the early stages of World War III. The violence in Israel is just another campaign in the worldwide jihad. But in the USA and around the world we are not united against that jihad. The far left media refuses to confront the truth, preferring to blame America for all the trouble. Radical left New York Times columnist Bob Herbert blamed the current violence on President Bush. Overseas there is actually sympathy for the terrorists. In Belgium, demonstrators called for the 'Israeli aggression' to stop. In the United Kingdom, demonstrations were held in eleven cities. The bottom line is that the world is not united against terrorism and because of that the terrorists are winning. So like Hitler and Tojo, the terrorists have gotten off to a fast start. The world is once again blind to real danger. And unless the world wises up, more mass murder is inevitable."

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Latest from the Middle East
Guests: Dr. James Carafano, Heritage Foundation & Dr. Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution

Two leading foreign affairs analysts put forth their views on the violence. Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution told The Factor that the US and Israel have made mistakes. "Israel does have to attack the military targets associated with Hezbollah, but attacking the Lebanese infrastructure has been a mistake. US silence as Israel attacked broader targets was a mistake." In contrast, James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation lauded the administration. "The US is doing exactly the right thing. The worst possible thing we could do would be to push for a premature cease fire, especially if it's going to reward Hezbollah and empower Syria." The Factor worried that Israel is the target of widespread anti-Semitism. "The world is more anti-Israel, which has been the case since Israel carved out its homeland. Spain and France are notorious Israel-bashers, and I believe there is a strain of anti-Semitism in Europe."
Critics of Israel cry foul
Guest: Dan Gillerman, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman rationalized his nation's recent actions. "We left Lebanon over six years ago with no intention of ever coming back. The Lebanese government had two options - take care of its people or allow southern Lebanon to become a terror base. They allowed Hezbollah and the Syrians to rape them, to strangle them. Hezbollah has infiltrated Lebanon, and you can not distinguish today where Hezbollah ends and Lebanon starts." Gillerman expressed his regret for civilian deaths, and noted a stark difference. "For us every dead Lebanese child is a mistake and a tragedy, for them every dead Israeli child is a victory. We will continue to do what we have to do whether people applaud it or condemn it. This will end when we make Lebanon free of missiles and terror."
Dems say they could have prevented violence
Guests: Fox News political analyst Dick Morris

Democrats John Kerry and Howard Dean say the Middle East fighting would not have occurred if their party held power. Fox News analyst Dick Morris, a former Clinton adviser, ridiculed that notion. "In 1996, when Clinton was in power, Israel had to invade Lebanon to deal with Hezbollah. Clinton called for a cease fire, whereas Bush's top priority is to help Israel win and destroy Hezbollah. When you compare Bush's stand-up attitude in the face of European public opinion and Clinton's response, I believe you see the difference between a Democrat and a Republican administration on this issue." The Factor pointed out that Bill Clinton was president in another era. "It's a different world. We have worldwide terrorism now, and they didn't have 13,000 missiles locked and loaded and aimed at Haifa. So let's be fair to Clinton."
Judge Napolitano on the case
Guest: Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano rendered his judgment on two high-profile legal disputes. In one case, the ACLU is defending a fanatical Kansas group's right to disrupt military funerals. "The group is absolutely crazy, and it's truly hateful speech," Judge Napolitano pronounced. "But the First Amendment was written to protect speech we hate. When the funeral takes place on government property, the government can't push them back because it does not like what they say." Napolitano also commented on Hawaii sex offender Christopher Brainerd, who was sentenced to just ten years, despite molesting a boy for his third offense. "Ten years is way too low given the gravity of this case. The judge should have rejected the plea bargain. He's irresponsible and so is the legislature." The Factor slammed the judge and local politicians. "Hawaii has the weakest law in the country regarding predators The parents are outraged and sickened and they're demanding justice."
Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin
Guests: Fox News analysts Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin

The two FNC analysts debated various issues, including repeat drunk driver Karen Fisher, who killed a Catholic priest on Long Island. Fisher has young children, but Malkin wants her locked up. "She should have thought of that before she got into the car and killed the priest. She had one too many chances." Powers agreed that Fisher should do hard time. On another subject, Malkin rationalized why Americans resist calls to cut back on energy use. "You're not going to convince mothers to cram their kids into a Prius. Democrats obstruct things that would get this country more energy independent. We need to find more sources of gas and oil." Powers placed blame on the GOP. "Republicans love the oil companies and the oil business. Their response is to drill in Alaska, which is not going to solve the problem. We need to look at renewable sources." The Factor advised all Americans to chip in. "All of us could cut back ten percent on our energy consumption, but we refuse to do it, which helps the terrorists."
Covering Middle East violence
Guest: Brent Bozell, Media Research Center

According to conservative media observer Brent Bozell, the press has done a fairly good job of reporting the situation in Lebanon. "At the start of any ground engagement, the coverage tends to be fair and objective. But when reporters start getting restless and start analyzing, that's when you see bias. There was a report on CNN, a propaganda piece giving the Hezbollah point of view. No reporter ought to allow himself to be led by the nose by a terrorist organization." The Factor pointed out that the New York Times has avoided editorializing on the conflict. "The Times is sitting this one out editorially, and I think it's because they don't want to alienate their liberal Jewish base in New York City."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the interview with UN Ambassador John Bolton. Some excerpts:

Vonnise Cobb, Jacksonville, FL: "Way to go, Bill! You asked John Bolton tough questions and I be millions of viewers were shouting at their TVs - yes, yes, yes!"

Richard Doell, St. Petersburg, FL: "Congrats, Bill. You certainly put to rest any doubts about Ambassador Bolton's diplomatic abilities. If he can withstand your rudeness, he can put up with anything."

Ernie Garcia, Redlands, CA: "Bill, one of your best interviews: Succinct and pithy."

Lynn Metz, Kennewick, WA: "Wow, Bill, way to frame the frustrations most Americans have with the U.N."
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GI Ingenuity: Improvisation, Technology, and Winning World War II
by James Carafano

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