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Monday, August 21, 2006
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Understanding Iran & Lebanon
"President Bush firmly believes the terror war is playing out in Iraq and that if Iran gets influence there, which it would should America leave, terrorism becomes dramatically stronger. Millions of Americans do not support the President on Iraq, but overall the President is correct about worldwide terrorism. It's not going away, even if we do get out of Iraq. Last week the UN talked tough about separating Hezbollah and Israel. This week France, which led the cease fire movement, shocked many by offering just 400 troops. Once again France epitomizes the world and its failure to confront the murdering terrorists. As the prime terror facilitator, Iran must be having a blast. It well understands that France and most of Europe is weak and scared, and that China and Russia see any weakening of the US as more important than fighting terror. The hateful Iranian leadership will defy the UN on nukes because it knows the UN is also weak and afraid. Back here we're a divided country - far left ideologues oppose most anti-terror methods. But there is a divide between the far left and the regular folks. I believe many Americans understand the terror danger, but are tired of bad news from Iraq. But being tired is no excuse - we all have an obligation to pay attention to this war and to vote for people not along party lines, but for those who have a clue as to how to win this terror war."

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Suspected JonBenet murderer extradited
Guests: Former columnist Chuck Green & attorney Darnay Hoffman

41-year old John Mark Karr, who claims he was with JonBenet Ramsey when she died in 1996, has been returned to the US from Thailand. Former columnist Chuck Green declared that Karr is almost certainly not the little girl's killer. "I discount the intruder theory for all sorts of reasons. It's unlikely that anyone could have pulled this off without leaving any sign of his existence behind, unless they were in the family or close to the family. It's almost impossible to conceive that someone unfamiliar with the house could have done it." Attorney Darnay Hoffman agreed, and implied that the real killer is JonBenet's late mother Patsy. "There's nothing about Karr's handwriting that indicates that he could have written the ransom note. At least nine experts have said they feel Patsy Ramsey was clearly the ransom note writer." The Factor made it three for three, saying "if I had to bet on this guy Karr, I'd bet against that he is telling the truth."
Bush press conference on terror war
Guest: Ambassador Nancy Soderberg

President Bush spoke Monday about Iran, Iraq, and the recent conflict in Lebanon. Ambassador Nancy Soderberg, who served in the Clinton administration, blamed the current administration for the chaos in the Middle East. "For the last six years Hezbollah has been digging in and we've ignored it. The Bush administration is making very slow progress on this, on Iran, and on North Korea. The world no longer trusts the United States - anti-Americanism is spiking all over the world because of US arrogance over the past six years." The Factor was incensed by Ambassador Soderberg's indictment. "It doesn't make any sense to say the United States is the problem in the war on terror. We're not the problem, the murderers are the problem. You give nations an excuse to backstab us by saying 'the Bush administration is arrogant.' With all due respect, you're just bloviating."
Wiretap constitutionality decision
Guest: Tom McArdle, Investor's Business Daily

Last week Federal Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ruled that the Terrorist Surveillance Program, under which the administration monitors international phone calls, is unconstitutional. The Factor questioned Judge Taylor's motives. "I'm sure she would also oppose coercive interrogation, profiling at airports, and every anti-terror program the Bush administration has put in place. Does she want Americans to die? Does she want dead people in the street?" Writer and former Bush speechwriter Tom McArdle reported that Taylor's ruling fit with her past. "She has a long history as a left-leaning political operative. She helped set up the Mississippi office of the National Lawyers Guild, which long had connections to the Communist Party and has been on the side of every enemy of America. She has also been in the pocket of the ACLU. Anna Diggs Taylor is not just trying to shut down this program, she is dropping a nuclear bomb on it."
Military dead shirt seller confronted
Guest: Parent Judy Vincent

Anti-war activist Dan Frazier has been selling t-shirts bearing the names of US soldiers who died in Iraq. But Judy Vincent is accusing Frazier of profiting from her son Scott's death. "Frazier can have his opinion," Vincent told The Factor, "but he doesn't need to use the names of the fallen. When I saw the shirts I was outraged and sickened. I took my anger to my state representative and Oklahoma passed a bill saying it's illegal to use the names of fallen soldiers without our permission." The Factor aired video showing an FNC producer trying to talk with Dan Frazier, who refused to answer any questions.
Juan Williams vs. Rev. Al Sharpton
Guests: Fox News analyst Juan Williams & Rev. Al Sharpton

In his new book, Fox News analyst Juan Williams urges black Americans to stop portraying themselves as victims. Williams joined The Factor, along with Rev. Al Sharpton, who was singled out for harsh criticism in the book. "Al Sharpton has a lack of credibility," Williams proclaimed. "When he stands before the camera, people don't know if this guy is getting money or if he's really helping the people who are in need. In 2002 he took more than $10,000 to stage a demonstration in St. Louis." Sharpton vehemently denied the accusation. "That did not happen. I went to many demonstrations - we've gotten no money for any demonstration. I was stabbed for leading a demonstration. Who could pay me to be stabbed? Who could pay me to spend three months in jail? This is absurd."
Latest in the JonBenet case
Guest: Greta Van Susteren

Finally, FNC host Greta Van Susteren reported the latest in the bizarre story of JonBenet Ramsey's self-proclaimed killer John Mark Karr. "Anyone who's been around the block," Van Susteren said, "knows it's not unusual for people to confess to the most heinous crime. What's bizarre here is that he's been arrested before they did any of the forensics. I don't even think they can place him in Boulder in 1996. I hope I'm wrong and they have the right guy, but it looks more likely that they've been had." The Factor predicted that Karr will be revealed as a hoaxer. "I'm not an expert, but this guy looks like a creep who is desperate for attention."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the media's tendency to report information that later proves wrong. Some excerpts:

Bob Colvin, Findlay, OH: "Bill, you succinctly described the problems in getting accurate information. So where do we go from here?"

Jennifer Reid, Lone Jack, MO: "I am sick and tired of all the misinformation I am getting from newspapers and TV. I don't feel I can believe anything anymore."

Jan Winter, Orland Park, IL: "O'Reilly, it is you that cannot be believed. Better quit before Fox News fires you."

Brenda Conacher, Alberta, Canada: "For many years, I have found it difficult to watch our tax-funded CBC because of its left-wing bias. I am so glad Fox News is now available."
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