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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
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Taking America off welfare
"Ten years ago President Clinton signed the Welfare Reform Act, which infuriated committed liberals. The Los Angeles Times said portions of the bill were 'shameful' and would hurt children. The New York Times editorialized that the bill was 'atrocious.' Well, they were wrong. By insisting that Americans train themselves for work and look for a job, the number of families on the dole has dropped by a whopping 56%, and about 1.6 million kids have been lifted out of poverty. So welfare reform has been a stunning success. But we hear little about that from politicians who voted against reform - people like Senators Kennedy, Feinstein, Boxer, Dodd, Leahy, and Murray. Talking Points does not believe liberal bashing is good for America, but also understands that politicians who lock themselves into a specific ideology and reject common sense are not looking out for you. The far left continues to believe that a huge federal government should mandate 'economic justice.' But the traditional road to success - hard work and honesty - is the true key to a fulfilling life. The feds owe us protection from our enemies, a fair system of justice, and security from chaos caused by situations beyond our control. That's it! Welfare reform has improved the lives of millions. Liberal thinkers were on the wrong side of that issue, as they are on the wrong side of illegal immigration and the terror war today. Don't expect any far left introspection on the welfare situation - it will not be forthcoming."

Fox News Video:
The arrest of John Mark Karr
Guests: Former prosecutor Joanne Musick & Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

John Mark Karr, who claims he was with JonBenet Ramsey when she was killed in 1996, actually spoke about her to a Sonoma County police informant in 2001. Karr described JonBenet as a 'beautiful, lovely little girl that I would love to have.' However, Sonoma County officials refuse to say whether they passed that information to authorities in Colorado. Former prosecutor Joanne Musick asserted that Sonoma officials may have been negligent. "Law enforcement agencies cooperate with each other on a daily basis. The sheriff's department had to pass on that type of information so that officers in Boulder could act appropriately." Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano surmised that the case against Karr may be stronger than it seems. "I suggest to you that the prosecutors have something, and it's more than just his babblings in Thailand. It may be this tape you just played." The Factor was indignant that Sonoma authorities are stonewalling. "This guy Karr didn't say he did the crime, but he said terrible things. And by law Sonoma County authorities had to tell Boulder. I'm angry about this."
What makes a child predator?
Guest: Dr. Fred Berlin, Johns Hopkins University

Are child predators born with that sexual orientation? Dr. Fred Berlin declared that pedophiles are not that way by choice. "It's like asking what's the cause of heterosexuality or homosexuality. The man who is attracted to children discovers that he's afflicted with that. It's not a person's fault that he has pedophilia, but it is his responsibility to do something about it." The Factor added that pedophiles can certainly control their actions, if not their urges. "You can choose to act out on any kind of sexuality. I believe Mark Karr is evil, but if he's born with it and cannot control himself, then I am wrong."
Pat Buchanan on immigration
Guest: Fox News analyst Linda Chavez

In his new book "State of Emergency," Pat Buchanan warns that America is being overrun by immigrants, particularly Hispanics who are not assimilating. Fox News analyst Linda Chavez took issue with Buchanan's thesis. "Every generation we think immigrants are not going to assimilate like previous generations, but Pat's just wrong on this. Hispanics are doing what others have done before them, they're intermarrying." The Factor countered that Hispanic immigration is different, especially in terms of volume. "The sheer numbers of Hispanics coming to America are like anything we've seen. By 2050 there will be 100-million Hispanics in the USA. The unintended consequences of this are worrisome."
Iran addresses nuclear arms
Guest: Author Michael Scheuer

Iran now says it will "talk about" its nuclear program, but shows no sign of abandoning its quest for nuclear weapons. Former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer downplayed the threat from Iran. "They are a containable country - we can certainly do to them what we did to the Soviet Union, which was a much larger threat. The most immediate nuclear threat to the United States is not Iran or North Korea, it's the arsenal of the former Soviet Union. Yet we have had three successive administrations who have failed to secure those 22,000 nuclear devices." The Factor reminded Scheuer that Iran is being run by irrational men. "This is a nation that is similar to Nazi Germany in the 1930's. They want to spread fundamental Islam across the world. They are fanatical and they believe they can throw this world off its axis."
Pres. Bush sees bounce in polls
Guests: Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers & Republican strategist Karen Hanretty

The latest opinion polls show that President Bush's job approval rating has risen to above 40%. Republican strategist Karen Hanretty called it a direct consequence of the foiled terror attack in England. "Americans feel more comfortable with the Republican Party on issues of national security. And terrorism isn't going away any time soon." Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers countered that national security is the President's only strong point. "The only area where people are showing any support for Bush is in terrorism. If you look at his other numbers, they are all very low." The Factor challenged Powers to explain the Democrat plan for Iraq. "The plan is to start a phased redeployment at the end of this year - redeploy troops to other places like Afghanistan where there are terrorist threats. It's not cut-and-run." The Factor joked that the 'plan' seems less than straightforward. "I don't know what the plan is, but I'm not smart enough. Just write it out for me in crayon so I can understand it."
Polygamy rally in Utah
Guest: Author Andrea Moore-Emmett

300 people recently staged a pro-polygamy demonstration in Utah - among the speakers were young children extolling the benefits of their "extended" families. Author Andrea Moore-Emmett denounced the organizers for exploiting children. "The polygamists got these children to do this, and the children do not know any better. Many of them are products of incest, and they come from a group that believes their blood line comes directly from Jesus Christ. They will eventually marry a cousin or an uncle."
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Your emails dealt with a wide variety of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Jim Frego, Grants Pass, OR: "O'Reilly, why do you bother to have guests? You always scream and yell at them."

Walter Pack, Brick, NJ: "Bill, the war on drugs and the war on terror can not be won."

Tom Craighead, Lubbock, TX: "Nancy Soderberg made you look like an idiot, O'Reilly. You let her babble on."

Cheryl Mandera, Beaverton, OR: "Bill, you put Soderberg in her place perfectly."

Mike Moore, Ireland: "O'Reilly, no nation is fit to sit in judgment upon any other."
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The Superpower Myth: The Use and Misuse of American Might
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God's Brothels: The Extortion of Sex for Salvation in Contemporary Mormon and Christian Fundamentalist Polygamy and the Stories of 18 Women Who Escaped
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