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Tuesday, September 5, 2006
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How Bush-haters are hurting America
"I've been hard on the far left for its dishonest analysis of what's going on in America, and now the Valerie Plame case illustrates my point. Former State Department official Richard Armitage has been 'outed' as the leaker after three years of misreporting by the far left. Enterprises like MSNBC and Air America flat-out accused the Bush administration, especially Karl Rove and 'Scooter' Libby, of breaking the law by leaking Plame's name. So did Robert Siegel of NPR and the usual irresponsible suspects in the print press. Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorialized that statements from the White House and Rove 'look like lies.' New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said Rove 'damaged national security for partisan advantage.' Shouldn't they be forced to apologize? All over the world millions of people believe America is evil and worse than the terrorists, and the unrelenting hate-Bush media in this country fuels that ridiculous concept. The Bush-haters are out of control and are hurting the country. It is patriotic to responsibly disagree with any administration, but it is wrong to smear public servants in any party. So Talking Points is respectfully asking those who erroneously analyzed the Plame affair to admit their mistakes and be more responsible in the future."

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"Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin killed
Guests: David Levy, Discovery Channel & Jim Fowler, "Wild Kingdom"

Renowned animal trainer Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray while filming a television special, and The Factor pointed out that other entertainers have also been killed or maimed by wild animals. "People used to be content with just seeing the animal - now they want confrontation with the animal. So this stuff is going to continue and it's going to get worse." But animal expert Jim Fowler denied that his job is perilous. "Probably the safest profession you can get into is working with wildlife, if you know what you're doing. Steve was not taking anywhere near the risk that the audience thought he was." The Discovery Channel's David Levy lauded Irwin as a man with a message. "Steve was a conservationist and no one loved animals more. He was an entertainer and a showman, but his message was protecting animals."
Legal chaos in Boulder, CO
Guest: Attorney David Lane

The frenzy surrounding John Mark Karr has subsided, and the 10-year old JonBenet Ramsey case is back to where it was before Karr's "confession." Boulder attorney David Lane declared the entire episode a black eye for DA Mary Lacy. "Lacy made a political blunder she may never recover from. To make an arrest without nailing down the DNA was a misstep, and I think she'll be turned out of office." But Lane, who represents radical professor Ward Churchill, defended his town. ""Boulder should be a hotbed of love from conservatives because the motto of 'get the government off my back' lives in Boulder. You want to smoke pot in Boulder, you can do it and be left alone. We tolerate radical ideas from professors, and tolerance is the watchword." The Factor questioned whether all this tolerance comes at a price. "I believe the lack of judgment about behavior brings in a less than professional person to the city. I don't think you have good law enforcement there, and you don't have good college administrators."
Judge Cashman to retire
Guest: Attorney Wendy Murphy

Vermont Judge Edward Cashman, who infamously sentenced a child rapist to just 60 days in prison, has announced his retirement. Attorney and child advocate Wendy Murphy credited The Factor with exposing Cashman. "He could have just written a one-sentence resignation letter - 'O'Reilly made me do it' - because you absolutely led the cause here. This guy did not deserve to be a judge. He really didn't like punishing people who committed these kinds of crimes. He thought they were fixable." The Factor reported that bad judges are now being held accountable. "We've inhibited these judges. Sentences have gotten much tougher across the country, and they're scared because they know we're watching them."
Islamic terror connection to Nazis?
Guest: Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen

Donald Rumsfeld and other war hawks have likened Islamic fascism to the evil that flourished in 1930's Nazi Germany. Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen urged caution when making comparisons. "This is a serious threat, but I think we make a mistake in trying to come up with code words saying it's 'fascism' or 'Hitlerian.' This is an extreme philosophy that wants to destroy our way of life. We face a long struggle against terrorism, and we should try to support moderate Arab and Muslim countries that are trying to contend with the extremists in their countries." The Factor reminded Cohen of the similarities between Islamo-fascists and Hitler's acolytes. "This is the 70th anniversary of Hitler's seizing the assets of Germans Jews. What's the difference between Iran, which says they want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and kill all the Jews, and Hitler? I'm worried that Americans are not understanding the jihad."
Elections and terror protection
Guests: Fox News analysts Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin

In danger of losing Congress, the GOP wants to keep the focus on terror. FNC analysts Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin debated whether national security remains a Republican strength. "The Republicans are victims of their own success," Malkin declared. "There has not been an attack on American soil in the five years since 9-11. People have grown soft and complacent, and the anti-war drumbeat has taken a toll." Powers pronounced that Republicans have little else to talk about. "They didn't do an immigration bill or lobbying reform. They really are left with nothing except national security. I would be surprised if we Democrats win back the Senate, but I wouldn't be surprised if we win back the House." On another subject, Malkin condemned Miller beer for supporting a Labor Day weekend march in Illinois. "Miller gave more than $30,000 to an illegal alien march. These are people who support amnesty and are out to undermine enforcement of immigration laws. Miller has made a huge mistake."
Teens and access to drugs & alcohol
Guest: Columnist Amy Dickinson

According to a new study, 50% of teens say they've attended parties where there are drugs or alcohol, but 80% of parents say there is no way booze or drugs are being used. Columnist Amy Dickinson suggested that many parents are unaware of the reality. "Experienced parents of teens should be virtual security guards - they search, they police, and they are absolutely present at any gathering. You have to say 'no' and you have to make your values crystal clear to your kids." The Factor added that many parents are simply too permissive. "I can tell if a kid is drinking vodka, and I can smell if someone is smoking marijuana. Parents have to check. But there are parents who say 'ah, I did it and it didn't hurt me.'"
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Factor Words of the Day
Your emails covered a wide variety of topics. Some excerpts:

Duane Gurney, Mission, TX: "Bill, you need a new stick. You have worn out the old one by beating a dead horse."

Brad Harris, Germany: "O'Reilly, you made the comment that Americans have disconnected the war in Iraq with the war against terrorism. I do not appreciate being lumped into your statement."

Sharon & Miles Strasbaugh, San Diego, CA: "Bill, you belong to the people now. No more vacations."

Art Seigman, Ragley, LA: "Bill, welcome back. John Kasich did a good job but he's too nice to the guests."
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