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Monday, September 18, 2006
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Taking action against terrorists
Guest: Fox News political analyst Al D'Amato

"Let's stop all the nonsense, shall we? A month ago two Fox News journalists were captured in Gaza - their lives were obviously in danger. If a terrorist was captured and had information about where those guys were being held, are you telling me the authorities can only ask them name, rank, and jihad number? Is that what you're telling me, John McCain, Colin Powell, and other senators who oppose coerced interrogation? The military, thanks to the McCain bill, can not do anything to coerce information out of suspected terrorists. Now there's a debate over what the CIA can do. The President wants the agency to be able to use the following techniques: cold rooms, forced standing, sleep deprivation, slapping a suspect's belly, and using loud noise and bright lights. In an unbelievably foolish display, far left Princeton professor Paul Krugman poses this question: 'Why is President Bush so determined to engage in torture?" Well, here's your answer, professor - the President is trying to stop attacks on Americans. We tried to get some of the senators opposed to coerced interrogation on The Factor this evening, but most of them are hiding under their desks. That's because they know the American people realize this whole debate is absolutely ridiculous. We're fighting a war here, and all the theory in the world is not going to defeat the enemy, who is laughing at us as this debate takes the Senate floor this week."

The Factor was joined by former US Senator and current FNC analyst Al D'Amato. "This is going to hurt McCain," D'Amato predicted. "He is absolutely wrong when he equates sleep deprivation with torture. We talk about homeland security - how did we interrupt a number of attacks? By using those methods we were able to stop terrorism." The Factor posed a real-world scenario. "If one of your children is captured, and the CIA picks up a guy who is in the cell that did the kidnapping, is John McCain going to tell me the CIA can not do anything other than ask the guy's name and where he's from? These senators can not answer that question, and that is the reality. Coerced interrogation is necessary to protect every citizen in America."
The Pope and Islam
Guests: Ahmed Younis, Muslim Public Affairs Council

Many Muslims are angrily denouncing Pope Benedict, accusing him of slandering Islam. Pointing to protests throughout the Islamic world, The Factor accused Muslims of behaving unlike any other religion. "If Catholics were crashing planes into buildings, blowing up babies, and killing their own people, I would be angry and every Catholic would feel the same. We don't see that in the Muslim world, and I think it's because they're afraid they're going to be killed." Ahmed Younis of the Muslim Public Affairs Council protested that his faith is being corrupted by a few. "The people rioting in the streets - their message is not to the West, but to other Muslims. They are saying 'even their Pope is defaming our religion.' Less than one hundredth of one percent of Muslims in the world support what is going on."
Fugitive child rapist captured
Guest: Former prosecutor Dick Harpootlian

36-year old convicted child molester Vincon Filyaw, accused of keeping a 14-year old girl in an underground dungeon, has been captured in South Carolina. Former prosecutor Dick Harpootlian portrayed Filyaw as a particularly depraved lowlife. "I was a prosecutor for twelve years and saw all kinds of horrifying things, but never anything like this. This guy is right out of 'Silence of the Lambs,' and you'll see a jury convict him. He'll never see the light of day." The Factor theorized that sex crimes are getting more vicious. "Can you imagine kidnapping a little girl and putting her in an underground bunker? I believe these crimes are getting worse - they see these things in the movies and on the Internet and they're acting it out."
Iran, Iraq and insurgents
Guests: Fox News military analysts Col. Bill Cowan & Col. David Hunt

According to some sources, Iran is arming and supporting insurgents inside Iraq. Fox News analyst Col. David Hunt asserted that Iranian treachery is nothing new. "Iran has been up to its eyeballs in blood killing American soldiers. It outrages me and the only way we're going to be able to get at this is to either sit down and talk with them or bomb them." FNC analyst Lt. Col. Bill Cowan added that there are rumors of a major October attack timed to influence our Congressional elections. "I've talked with members of the Iranian resistance, and they're telling me that the Iranians have something big planned. There's the possibility of an attack here in the US." The Factor accused the Iranian government of provoking war. "Isn't that an act of war against the United States when another country arms and trains and plans attacks on our soldiers? I'm okay with anything we can do about Iran because these are really bad guys."
Men, women and IQ scores
Guests: Fox News analysts Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin

According to a controversial new study, men have slightly more brain power than women. FNC analysts Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers, obviously exceptions to the "rule," offered their take on the study. "When men start pulling over and asking for directions," Malkin quipped, "then I'll believe this. Seriously, this study deviates from the consensus that men's and women's intelligence is about the same. But if this turns out to be right, then I say 'big deal.' I have far more of a beef with these thuggish feminists who don't want to acknowledge any differences between men and women." Powers suggested that the study could have deleterious effects. "We tell little kids they can be whatever they want to be. Then someone comes out with a study like this that says men are smarter and that might account for why there are more male CEO's. I'm not sure it's useful." The Factor closed the debate this way: "I don't care if men are smarter than women, or if women are smarter than men, as long as I'm smarter than everybody."
The politics of late night TV
Guests: Entertainment reporter Jeanne Wolf

David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Bill Maher, and other late night comics seem to lean to the political left. But according to entertainment reporter Jeanne Wolf, they are equal opportunity bashers. "They will say or do anything as long as the audience will laugh. Letterman has a very sharp skewer, and he will use it on anyone. I know plenty of stars who are far to the left who will not go on the show because he can skewer with a joke." Speaking from personal experience, The Factor claimed there are different standards for different guests. "They'll bring on a far left person and kiss their butt. But they'll bring me on, as we saw on Letterman, and it'll be a big brouhaha. He would have never gone after a liberal like he went after me. I can't figure out why there is not one moderate or conservative hosting a late night show."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about Pope Benedict and Islam. Some excerpts:

Patricia Belmonte, Westchester, IL: "First a Dutch TV producer was murdered, then the Danish cartoon controversy, now the Pope. Can no one criticize Islam without repercussions?"

David Paytum, Pell City, AL: "The violence in response to the Pope's comments proves those comments were correct."

Dan Ortiz, Seville, Spain: "The Pope correctly cited the words of a 14th century emperor. He was also correct in saying violence should not be used to spread religion. Yet he has to apologize?"

Other viewers wrote about the interview with Congressman Marty Meehan.

Brian St. Cyr, Gretna, LA: "I noticed that Congressman Marty Meehan didn't answer your direct questions, O'Reilly, about how he would interrogate terrorists. If we don't take the gloves off, we'll lose."

John Morlock, Truth or Consequences, NM: "Listening to Congressman Meehan evade the questions was torture."
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