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Thursday, September 21, 2006
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Making interrogation laws work
Guest: Senator John Cornyn

We'll explain the deal that was hashed out in the Senate over interrogation laws.
Controversy over voting ID law
Guest: Rev. Al Sharpton

Why are some opposed to a proposed law that would require a photo ID to vote?
Illegal immigrant commits crime
Guest: Dan Caplis, KHOW

We'll tell you about another heinous crime perpetrated by an illegal immigrant.
Anna Nicole Smith & Tiger Woods
Guest: Jill Dobson, Star Magazine

Celebrity outrages abound in the press. We'll talk about a couple.
Geraldo on Hugo Chavez
Guests: Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo shares his thoughts on Hugo Chavez' incendiary remarks about President Bush.
Dangerous behavior: Imitating models?
Guest: Author Robin Hazelwood

We'll tell you about an alarming trend towards little girls imitating ultra-thin fashion models.
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Model Student: A Tale of Co-Eds and Cover Girls
by Robin Hazelwood

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