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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
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Clinton/Wallace story grows
Guests: Democratic strategist Sascha Burns & Nancy Pfotenhour, Independent Women's Forum

"As I said Monday, Chris Wallace simply did his job - he was tough but respectful and asked legitimate questions about Al Qaeda in his interview with Bill Clinton. Predictably, political partisans attacked Fox News and Mr. Wallace, as did some of our competitors who get crushed nightly by this network. But this story has now developed into much more than a contentious chat. Some Democrats believe it will mobilize the left to get tough on terror. Three weeks ago Democrats thought they had the November elections locked up, but now gas prices are falling and terrorism is once again the big issue in the upcoming campaign. The President should not have been angry with Chris Wallace or Fox News. So there must be something else in play here, and that something, I believe, is politics. Democrats know Republicans are still perceived to be the stronger terror fighters, and that perception might be all-important in November. I don't know whether or not that was on Clinton's mind when he entered Wallace's 'no spin zone'. But it's in play now."

The Factor was joined by two women with differing views of the Clinton interview. Nancy Pfotenhauer of the conservative Independent Women's Forum claimed Clinton was trying to score political points. "There's been an orchestrated effort on behalf of Hillary Clinton's campaign to get Bill Clinton in the news recently. They're trying to position him as an elder statesman. But in his specific reaction to that question he was thin-skinned and defensive. Clinton hit the gas too hard and ran smack into his ego." Democratic strategist Sascha Burns argued that the ex-president was truly angry. "I think it was partly calculated, but he was also angry. If you put President Bush in the same situation and Chris Wallace asked why he hasn't done more to keep his promise to get Osama Bin Laden, I don't think he'd be happy either." The Factor remained puzzled by Clinton's over-the-top reaction. "Bill Clinton was genuinely angry after this interview and I can not understand why. Clinton has been in public life forever and should have been easily prepared to deal with these questions."
Congress debates immigration
Guest: Attorney Nicole Deborde

A brutal murder in Houston is the latest controversy in the ongoing battle over illegal immigration. 32-year old Mexican Juan Leonardo Quintero, who had been deported for child molestation, killed Houston police officer Rodney Johnson, a father of five. Former prosecutor Nicole Deborde described the murder. "Officer Johnson was riding alone, which is standard in Houston. He made a traffic stop and placed the suspect in the back seat of his patrol car. The suspect shot the officer through the sliding glass of the police car." The Factor angrily pointed out that Houston officials refuse to help enforce federal immigration laws. "This is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Quintero sneaks into the country illegally, molests a 12-year old girl, is sent back to Mexico, and comes right back into the United States because there's no border security. Now he guns down a cop. But Houston's mayor and police chief continue to say they are not going to enforce immigration laws. That's outrageous!"
The media vs. Bush?
Guest: Fox News correspondent Brett Baier

The left-wing press has trumpeted excerpts from an intelligence report claiming the Iraq war has helped recruit more terrorists. But The Factor recited this passage from the same report: "Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves, or be perceived to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight." FNC White House correspondent Bret Baier reported on the administration's response. "The president has conceded that different terror groups have been created around the world over the past few years, but said the Iraq war was not the cause of that. The administration has said from the beginning that Iraq is the place the terrorists are coming to fight and they're going to fight them there rather than in the US. They say that is supported in this report."
John Rocker
Guests: Former baseball player John Rocker & Alicia Marie

Former major league pitcher John Rocker, who was vilified for making statements some deemed racist, has embarked on a new crusade called "Speak English." "It's not a campaign with any negativity," Rocker assured The Factor. "It's a campaign to promote the English language, to sustain the American culture and heritage. It's a respect issue - when I lived among other cultures I did everything I could to speak their language." The Factor warned Rocker that he may perceived as the wrong messenger. "Most Americans agree with you, but people will say, 'hey it's just Rocker and he doesn't like foreign people.' They're going to accuse you of being negative." Rocker added that his earlier remarks were misconstrued. "They were immature, but they were taken from hours and hours of conversation. I was a 23-year old kid."
Bill Maher and the CBS Evening News
Guest: Bill Maher

The CBS Evening News includes a segment called "freeSpeech," in which people are invited to voice their opinions. TV host Bill Maher claims he was approached, but CBS reneged when he wanted to comment on religion. "I would have said that organized religion is dangerous and a mass psychosis," Maher explained. "Why is Iraq falling apart? Because there are two religious sects at each other's throats. And here, most people who call themselves Christians don't act Christ-like. Evangelicals are usually behind everything that represents intolerance and bigotry." The Factor leaped to the defense of Christians. "So are you saying Mother Teresa was a psychotic? Catholic Charities are in every country in the world healing the sick and working with the poor. They do it because Christianity says love your brother, help the poor. You're coming across as an anti-Christian bigot, and I don't think you are a bigot."
Laura Ingraham
Guest: Laura Ingraham

Finally, radio talk show host Laura Ingraham joined The Factor and challenged Bill Maher's anti-religion harangue. "I think Maher can be funny, but this whole thing that 'religion is a psychosis' is getting a little old. Much to the chagrin of secularists and atheists, most people in this country believe in God. And for people like Rosie O'Donnell to say evangelical Christians are dangerous shows their idiocy and immaturity." The Factor worried about the cavernous gulf in modern America. "It's a great country that we can all think what we want. But we're as divided as I've seen us since the Vietnam War. The divide between secular-progressives and traditionalists is fierce and nasty and getting worse."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote emails about Bill Clinton's angry outburst on Fox News Sunday. Some excerpts:

Maureen Sansonese, Essex Junction, VT: "Bill, I was surprised by your thoughtful analysis of the Clinton story. I agree, I think he feels remorse that he didn't get Bin Laden."

Vincent Sacco, Stuyvesant, NY: "Hey, O'Reilly, last night you invited Bill Clinton to take a whack at you. If he can't make it, give me a call."

Louise Leslie, Marion, VA: "O'Reilly, you cannot hold a light to Bill Clinton. He is too smart to talk with a dumb person like you."

Carolyn Nazarali, Norman, OK: "Bill, you talk too much. Bill Clinton is an idiot and lies every time he opens his mouth."
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