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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
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Blaming America first
Guest: Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham

"Once again I'm an oracle. I told you far left elements in the US would blame the Bush administration for the North Korea nuke problem, and that's exactly what happened. Editorials in the New York Times, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and Baltimore Sun all blamed at least part of the situation on the president. The Sun was the worst, saying 'the White house has done a great deal to push North Korea and Iran into their current positions.' That's just bull! The Clinton administration engaged North Korea for eight years. They chatted their heads off, and actually came to an agreement. Then, of course, North Korean faked out the Clinton administration, took our money and continued to develop nuclear weapons. So President Bush decided to engage North Korea by using other nations in the region - the USA, China, South Korea, Japan, Russia and North Korea all sat down and chatted and chatted. A tentative agreement was reached, and once again North Korea violated the agreement. So this is Bush's fault? So the secular progressives are blaming America? The S-P movement is epitomized by our pal Ted Turner, the founder of CNN. Turner said President Bush's declaration that you're with us or against us in the war on terror is too 'black and white.' As we all know, the S-P's hate black and white. There's no good and evil in that world, no right or wrong. That is why today you have some far left elements blaming America for North Korea's actions. Pitiful."

Radio host Laura Ingraham warned that America's options in North Korea are severely limited. "I don't think we're going to engage them militarily. We can continue to support freedom and underground elements in North Korea like Ronald Reagan did with the Soviets." As for Ted Turner, Ingraham condemned the billionaire for implying that he was neutral in the war on terror after 9/11. "The progressives, the liberals, the leftists," Ingraham said, " don't think they have a dog in this fight. These people are so overwhelmed by hatred for George Bush that they don't get it. A message to Ted Turner - you would be one of the first people lined up and shot in an Islamic society." The Factor was bewildered by Turner's attitude. "He's very wealthy, he's a big capitalist, but he embraces Fidel Castro. Here's my question to Ted Turner is this - why do you hate America, Ted? Why do you dislike the system we have in place?"
Mexico objects to border fence
Guest: Jose Diaz Balart, Telemundo

The Mexican government is considering taking legal action to stop the US from building a fence along the border. Telemundo anchor Jose Diaz Balart explained why Mexico is vehemently opposed to the barrier. "For many Mexicans the United States is like a second home to many of their family members. The second largest boost to their economy comes from what Mexicans in the United States send home. The Mexican government wants to see if there are any legal possibility of bringing this in front of the United Nations." The Factor concurred that Mexico has no incentive to secure the border. "The Mexican government doesn't really want to stop illegal immigration to the United States. It's a huge money maker for them, and they get to export their poverty problems so unrest in Mexico goes down. But the United States has an obligation to do everything it can to control this wave of people coming in here."
Racial tension results in violence
Guest: Dr. Steven Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies

A video camera in a New Mexico school bus captured two Hispanic sisters mercilessly pounding one of their Anglo classmates. Steve Camarota, a staunch opponent of illegal immigration, warned that children of immigrants will cause even more chaos. "One out of every four children born in America today has an immigrant mother. The really troubling trend is that 40% of Hispanic immigrant children are born to unmarried mothers. So there's an explosion of illegitimacy and a lot of those social problems come with illegitimacy." The Factor added that many of these problems should have been foreseen. "This really disturbs me because I knew this was going to happen. Whenever you have an influx of people, no matter what ethnic group, there is resentment and tension. And the numbers are overwhelming in the southwestern United States. I'm afraid this kind of stuff is going to get worse."
Why the left blames the Christian right
Guest: Rev. Barry Lynn

Many on the far left harbor a deep suspicion of evangelical Christians, and Rev. Barry Lynn explained why. "We don't have to get as bad as the Taliban before saying we're on the wrong track. There are people who have been serving in the Senate who are very close in ideology to the Pat Robertsons and the Jerry Falwells. The best kind of government in my view is a secular progressive government. It's 'secular' because the government can never take on the role of religion, and it's 'progressive' because of progress. That's the essence of a good government." The Factor countered that self-proclaimed "progressives" can do great damage. "If the 'progress' is undisciplined and goes into areas that tear up the fabric of America, then it isn't good. Our system is working - it's not a theocracy."
Celebrities acknowledge abortions
Guest: Eleanor Smeal, Ms. magazine

"Ms." magazine is encouraging celebrities and ordinary women to write about their past abortions. Publisher Eleanor Smeal put forth the rationale. "We asked women to step forward and tell their own stories. Too much of this is in the hands of politicians and their slogans and sound bites. Millions of women have decided to have an abortion because they needed to." The Factor pointed out that some abortions are done purely for convenience. "You paint a picture that every abortion is necessary and a woman's reproductive right. Some women are desperate and need an abortion for health reasons, but other women take it casually - they do it almost for birth control."
Talk show host... for president?
Guest: Director Barry Levinson

In his new movie "Man of the Year," director Barry Levinson tells the story of a talk show host who becomes President of the United States. Levinson told The Factor why the scenario of entertainer-turned-president is not totally implausible. "They get a lot of attention, so they have a foot up on someone else. Because of that, they become brand names. And it costs so much money to run for office, someone has to be great at fund raising." The Factor lauded Levinson for making an even-handed film. "This is not an ideological movie - you make fun of both sides. You could have used this movie as a club, but you didn't."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails dealt with the interview with UN Ambassador John Bolton and the chaos at Columbia University. Some excerpts:

Frank Paduga, Bakersfield, CA: "I'm appalled by our position on North Korea and Iran. All we do is threaten without taking action. We look like wimps in the eyes of the world."

Joe Grasso, Selden, NY: "O'Reilly, during your interview you said North Korea is emboldened by our problems in Iraq. I disagree. They are emboldened by the divisions within this country."

Terri Hammersmith, Hawaii: "The reason those kids at Columbia got out of control is not political; they were just raised poorly."

Russell Hollander, Springfield, MO: "As a college student, I can tell you exactly where the hate comes from: Stupidity."

Tim Rodenberger, Univ. of North Dakota: "Bill, after seeing that disgraceful display at Columbia, I am not applying to a Ph.D. program there. How's Boston U?"
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Piety and Politics: The Right-Wing Assault on Religious Freedom
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