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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
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The ideology of the far-left
"The left wing press and the terrorists in Iraq have something in common. The terrorists want to damage the Bush administration, and so does the left wing press. They are pounding the Iraq mess furiously so Americans will vote for the Democrats. I don't want anyone to think the left wing press is on the side of the terrorists - they are not - but both groups do despise President Bush, and the administration does bear some responsibility for that. We can't be happy about the Iraq situation and at this point only the Iraqis can save themselves. But it's vital to remember that the USA is not the bad guy here. Our intent was noble, to establish a democracy in Iraq that would help us fight the worldwide jihad. The far left is not going to admit that, and that angers me. They continue to say the Bush administration lied and deceived. You can make an argument the Bush administration is not competent, but calling it 'evil' is simply irresponsible. We should want a stable Iraq, even though it may be impossible. I hope not."
Michael J. Fox campaign ad controversy
Guest: Fox News contributor Sandy Rios

Actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease, appears in an TV ad endorsing Democrat Claire McCaskill, who is challenging incumbent Senator Jim Talent in Missouri. Fox News contributor Sandy Rios disparaged the ad as deceptive. "Everybody feels terrible for Michael J. Fox, but his illness does not give him license to mislead people in a political commercial, which is what he did. He's actually lying by saying Jim Talent is against the expansion of stem cell research. That's not true. Jim Talent is against embryonic stem cell research because embryos have to be destroyed. Embryonic stem cell research has caused tumors and has been a woeful failure." The Factor summarized the controversy this way: "Michael J. Fox has a right to endorse any candidate and to be an advocate for stem cell research. But you're saying he misled people about Senator Talent and his stand on the issue."
Military solutions in Iraq
Guest: Fox News military analyst Gen. Wesley Clark

Now that even President Bush concedes that new tactics are needed in Iraq, Fox News analyst Wesley Clark suggested some options. "We have to talk to countries in the region, especially Iran and Syria. They're part of the equation, whether we like it or not. We also have to be serious about the objectives - we're not going to get a Western democracy in Iraq. Our goals should be minimal, holding Iraq together. If you want to win this war, you have to win it on several different levels, and the military is the last, last resort." The Factor challenged Gen. Clark on a separate issue. "Your political group WesPAC accepted $75,000 from far left bomb-thrower George Soros. He wants open borders, a one-world government, legalized narcotics, and I don't think you want any of that." Clark justified his association with Soros this way: "He is a very responsible financier who wants to see Democrats in office. He's a guy who's pretty experienced, he's called a lot of things right, and he's done a lot for the world."
Liberal media coverage of the election
Guest: Mark Halperin, ABC News

Writing on his blog, ABC News political director Mark Halperin admitted that most reporters will shape the news to favor Democrats in the upcoming elections. "If I were a conservative," Halperin said, "I would understandably be suspicious that I was not going to get a fair break at the end of an election. The mindset at the major news organizations is to be more favorable to Nancy Pelosi than to Newt Gingrich, to be more down on the Republicans chances than perhaps is warranted. We should be impartial, and we should use these last weeks to help rebuild our reputations throughout the country." The Factor commended Halperin for his candor. "You're actually admitting that your network and others tilt left. I think you're absolutely correct, and all I want is fairness in the media."
Profiting from crimes
Guest: Attorney Michelle Suskauer

O.J. Simpson is reportedly going to write a book in which he does not admit guilt, but theorizes how he "could have" committed the murders. Simpson denies the report, but it raises a question of whether he could profit from such a venture. Attorney Michelle Suskauer explained that Simpson has the advantage of residing in Florida. "You can protect your assets a little better in Florida than other states. O.J. has been living here for quite some time, so I'm sure his lawyers have fashioned some asset protection for him. But I don't see how he can profit from any writing." The Factor pointedly named the eight states where criminals are allowed to profit from books and movie rights, no matter how heinous their crimes. "Those states are New Hampshire, North Carolina, Vermont, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, and South Carolina. In those states you can do whatever you want and profit from it."
Inside "Perverted Justice"
Guest: Xavier von Erck,

A Portland man who calls himself Xavier Von Erck has been exposing Internet child predators on his website "PervertedJustice.Com." Von Erck, who has helped convict 91 molesters, told The Factor about his crusade. "There are thousands of guys out there on the Internet who would solicit a child, and I said we're going to expose these people. We don't have to do anything but go into a chat room and have in our profile that we're between the ages of 10 and 15. There's not one chat room that I've gone into where I haven't had at least three to ten people hitting on me within the first ten minutes. Everybody that hits on us is going to be arrested." The Factor praised Von Erck for his determination to expose predators. "You're an everyday guy who decided to do something about an awful and growing problem. I believe the Internet has made this problem worse, because it provides comfort to these people and enables them to chat with other disturbed individuals."
"Hot Mom" contestants speak out
Guests: Contestants Traci Pangonas & Kelly Heyniger

Finally, The Factor was joined by Traci Pangonas and Kelly Heyniger, both running for the title "Hottest Mom in America." Heyniger, a 36-year old single mother of two, said she entered the contest largely for the prize money. "I auditioned because of the $25,000 scholarship and the $25,000 in cash. Anytime you put yourself in front of the world, somebody is going to criticize you, but that's just something I'll have to deal with." Pangonas, mother of four, defined what it means to be a "hot" mother. "A hot mom is well rounded and encompasses the morals and values of the 50's. I think I'm a good role model and spokeswoman for other mothers."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about CNN's decision to air footage of a sniper firing at US soldiers in Iraq. Some excerpts:

Darin Preston, Houston, TX: "Bill, I am disappointed that you, of all people, would take the soft approach on the CNN sniper piece. I am outraged they used video from a terrorist group."

John Longar, Miami, FL: "Of course Republicans would be mad at CNN for showing that video. They don't want to air scenes of coffins that come back from Iraq either."

Eva Swain, Dover, AR: "Mr. O'Reilly, my husband and I would not have seen the footage had you not shown it."

Charles Garnett, Philadelphia, PA: "Would CNN have shown the footage if it depicted one of their correspondents being killed?"
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The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008
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