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Thursday, November 16, 2006
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OJ Special: A new low point?
Guests: Prosecutor Christopher Darden & Detective Tom Lange

"Rock bottom has arrived as O.J. Simpson is being paid to speculate about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, murders a civil court ruled he committed. Simpson will reportedly receive three-and-a-half million dollars to detail how he would have murdered the two if he did it. Since Nicole was the mother of his children, the horror of this is evident to any decent person. But Fox TV and a publisher believe they can make money on the project, so it is on. Add to that the Kansas late-term abortion situation where hundreds, perhaps thousands, of viable babies are being terminated by a doctor named George Tiller. Combined with Simpson, you have two atrocities before the American public. This is about real human beings being butchered and Americans profiting from those deaths. In ancient Rome society collapsed when Romans basically said no boundaries, any brutality is acceptable. We have almost reached that point, so here's what I'm going to do as a citizen. I'm not going to watch the Simpson show or even look at the book. If any company sponsors the TV program, I will not buy anything that company sells, ever. If everybody walked away from the O.J. garbage, it wouldn't happen. It's on us - what kind of a country do we want? Remember that question if you are tempted to watch the Simpson special."

The Factor welcomed two men who were central figures in the Simpson case - prosecutor Christopher Darden and detective Tom Lange. Lange recalled the grisly details of the murders. "The likely scenario is that Simpson was lying in wait, probably in bushes. Ron Goldman approaches and is attacked by Simpson, who begins to slash and stab him. Simpson goes over to Nicole, stabs and slashes her, and at one point grabs her by the hair and slices her throat, nearly decapitating her." Darden said there is absolutely no doubt about Simpson's guilt, and was infuriated by the book and TV special. "I am outraged, as I think millions of other Americans are. He puts money above all else - to force his kids to re-live these events and to confront the fact that their father executed their mother. I don't think he has an ounce of morals. He's a despicable human being."

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Nicole Brown's attorney speaks
Guest: Attorney John Kelly

Attorney John Kelly, who represents the estate of the slain Nicole Brown Simpson, joined the chorus of condemnation. "He is making a mockery off the fact that he murdered the mother of his two adult children. He butchered these people - his children know it, the evidence is clear. This isn't about money, this is about Simpson wanting to be at the center of his own little warped universe." The Factor again urged decent people to shun the TV special. "Simpson is resurrecting this whole brutal thing, and it doesn't come any lower than that. He's still trying to convince people that he didn't do it. I think anyone who watches this bears some responsibility."

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Carville calls for Dean ouster
Guest: Political analyst Dick Morris

Democrat strategist James Carville has called for Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean to be fired, accusing Dean of gross incompetence. Political analyst Dick Morris dissected the intramural feud. "This is a contract shooting with the Clintons behind it. The Clintons have to get rid of Dean, who is on the left side of the party. The fault lines in the party are the left against the center." Morris also speculated that Senator Joe Lieberman could someday decide to tip the balance in the 51 - 49 Senate. "If the Democrats move too far to the left and become unrecognizable, Lieberman may use his power to switch the leadership over to the Republicans."

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Judge Cashman speaks out
Guest: Attorney Wendy Murphy

Vermont Judge Edward Cashman, who infamously sentenced a child molester to 60 days in jail, recently expressed pride in that sentence. "It accomplished everything I thought was important," Cashman boasted. "That particular sentence was the high point of my career." The judge received an award from the Vermont Press Association, which infuriated attorney Wendy Murphy "When I heard he got an award in the name of the First Amendment, I honestly thought it was a joke. The guy never told the truth about why he gave 60 days as a sentence. He claimed it was about wanting to get the guy treatment in prison, but he did it because he doesn't like punishment, period." The Factor reminded everyone of the true victim in the case. "This little girl's life is pretty much over, she's just a mess. Imagine a 6-year old girl being raped for years! This Cashman is off-the-chart disgraceful. Is Cashman going to follow this guy around 24-7 to make sure he doesn't do it again when he's out in 60 days?"

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Barbara Walters' 30 mistakes
Guest: Barbara Walters

ABC's Barbara Walters joined The Factor to promote her upcoming special called "30 Mistakes in 30 Years." The program includes what she considers her most embarrassing moments, such as the time she prodded singer Ricky Martin to reveal whether he is gay. "I felt it was a mistake to push him like that," Walters admitted. "Unless somebody is openly gay and happy to talk about it, it's nobody's business including mine." Walters also revealed that she was approached to do the O.J. Simpson interview. "They came to me in August and offered me the interview. I didn't think it was a real confession or a real news story, and I just couldn't do it. Did I think it would get huge ratings? Yes, but it was not a mistake turning it down." The Factor praised Walters for her longevity and talent. "Thirty mistakes in thirty years is not a bad ratio. I make thirty mistakes in a week."

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Press responsibility & ridiculous scandals
Guests: Author Bernard Goldberg & Fox News contributor Jane Hall

Some segments of the American media have had a field day with tabloid stories such as the Britney Spears divorce and the O.J. "confession." Fox News contributor Jane Hall said the Simpson story is legitimate news. "The media have to cover this because of the outrage of the man profiting from his wife's murder. But Natalee Holloway didn't deserve the coverage she got, and Britney Spears should be covered in the entertainment section." The Factor differentiated between stories that are purely salacious and those with significance. "Anna Nicole Smith is a travesty, but Britney Spears is a big story because her husband may be blackmailing her in front of everybody. Natalee Holloway was overdone, but a foreign country refused to solve a murder of an American tourist. In my opinion, that's a big story. And the Duke lacrosse story is important because you have three young Americans who may have been railroaded by a prosecutor. You have three American families ruined. It's a major story."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about O.J. Simpson's book and television project. Some excerpts:

Aaron Cohen, Pomona, NY: "Bill, a jury found O.J. innocent so what is the outrage all about? He should be allowed to make a profit on anything he wants."

Barry Feiner, Harrison, NY: "Mr. O'Reilly, as a secular-progressive who generally disagrees with you, I commend you for your stance on Simpson."

Richard Gibbons, Baltimore, MD: "O'Reilly, please don't tell me Fox TV and Fox News are not connected - nothing is further from the truth. I will not watch you again because of Simpson."

Wayne Shick, Granger, IN: "The only people who should read Simpson's book are the twelve jurors who acquitted him."
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100 People Who Are Screwing up America (and Al Franken is #37)
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