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Friday, December 1, 2006
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Dan Rather and Fox News
"As you may know, the far left in America is on a jihad to smear Fox News. They hate us for a variety of reasons, the primary one being that we give conservative and traditional opinion parity with liberal opinion. Most other national news agencies tilt heavily left. And when a high profile individual like Dan Rather makes a blatantly untrue assertion about us, I have to deal with it. Rather accused Fox News of getting 'talking points from the White House.' Mr. Rather's assertions are nonsense, untrue, seriously dopey. I've never seen a White House 'talking points,' and I don't know anyone else who has seen one. So we called Rather to ask for some documentation. He's on the road but said he'd come on The Factor to explain next week. If Dan Rather has evidence of White House dictums coming to Fox News employees, he needs to display that evidence. We are awaiting his appearance."

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A new plan for Iraq
Guest: Newt Gingrich

The Iraq Study Group will reportedly recommend a gradual pullout of American troops, and Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich expressed his wish for a national debate. "We need new strategies and solutions, and we need them now. We need a debate about whether the answer is to get a new strategy, which I would support, or to withdraw, which I think would be a disaster." The Factor questioned whether Iraqis are capable of sustaining a centralized democracy. "You're not going to be able to get the Iraqi police and army to be loyal to the central government. They're loyal to their imam and whatever mosque they go to. The Iraqi people have not stepped up, and they are not going to." But Gingrich put forth a more optimistic vision. "I think the army will be loyal to a central government. There are over 100,000 Iraqis in uniform currently risking their lives every day trying to help create a country."

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John Ridley criticizes Jesse Jackson
Guest: Screenwriter John Ridley

In the wake of Michael Richards' racist rant at a comedy club, Jesse Jackson urged people to stop using the "n" word, which he says is "rooted in hatred and pain." But writer John Ridley argued that even the "n" word occasionally has value. "It's very hard to say to a group of people 'don't use this word at all.' People have used the word to infuriate, to confound, and to illuminate. It can be used in a constructive fashion. When Chris Rock uses the word, he's not trying to injure people, he's being a satirist." The Factor endorsed Jesse Jackson's proposal as one that would promote civility. "Jackson is trying to do a good thing. I think you can get your point across without being that crude, and the word is generally harmful."

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Crime from illegal immigrants
Guest: Congressman Steve King (R-IA)

Idaho Congressman Steve King claims that immigrants, legal and illegal, were responsible for a quarter of the 17,000 murders in America last year. King joined The Factor and explained his math. "I commissioned a study that reported that 28% of the inmates in our federal penitentiaries are criminal aliens. What it comes down to is that if they commit 28% of the crime, then these numbers hold up, and it's a shocking thing." The Factor pointed to a possible flaw in King's logic. "You're right that 28% of federal inmates are aliens, but you don't know if they are the murderers or the rapists. Unfortunately, the federal government does not keep statistics about crimes committed by illegal aliens, and the reason they don't is because they don't want the folks to know how bad it is."
Tom Tancredo and the loony left
Guests: Jeff Wiggins, Michigan State College Republicans & Kyle Bristow, Young Americans for Freedom

Congressman Tom Tancredo, a staunch opponent of illegal immigration, was shouted down when he tried to speak at Michigan State University. MSU student Kyle Bristow described how the protestors justified their actions. "They said Tancredo is a racist and not welcome, and that they have the right to speak over him." Another student, Jeff Wiggins, portrayed the demonstrators as extremists. "Some were from a group that advocates the violent overthrow of the southwestern United States so it can be returned to Mexico. They assaulted people, destroyed cameras and threatened violence." The Factor lamented the fact that similar demonstrations have become commonplace on American universities. "This seems to be the modus operandi for far left groups - if you invite someone to our campus that we don't like, we're going to physically try to prevent those people from speaking."

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Top stories with Geraldo
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera began his weekly segment with some observations about Danny DeVito's incoherent anti-Bush rant. "I don't like people to insult the president, especially in wartime. But having said that, this is much ado about nothing. He wasn't racist or hateful, it was kind of a badly-done burlesque." But The Factor pointed out a glaring double standard. "Do you think if I went on 'The View' and mocked Hillary Clinton, or if anybody else attacked a liberal or Democrat politician, they would they have been treated the same way? The American press will accept tawdry behavior and attacks on one side of the political spectrum, but not on the other."

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Turning to another story, Rivera accused Aruba authorities of "malignant inaction" in the Natalee Holloway disappearance. The Factor supported that notion with a damning indictment. "There's a house in Aruba where authorities believe Natalee Holloway died. It was where Joran Van Der Sloot took his girlfriends to have sex. They had a search warrant to go through the house, but when the police arrived they changed the search warrant. They were saying 'we don't want this solved' because of Van Der Sloot's powerful father."

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Britney's bizarre behavior
Guests: Authors Ceri Marsh & Kim Izzo

Between her divorce, partying, and repeatedly exposing herself, Britney Spears has morphed from "pop tart" to "wild child." Authors Ceri Marsh and Kim Izzo pointed out that Spears is emulated by countless young girls. "This is not a great message to send," Marsh worried, "that acting outrageous and sexual will get them anywhere in life." Izzo agreed that many girls follow Britney's every move. "They wonder if being overtly sexy is the way to go, is that how I get attention? It's confusing and it sends a negative message." The Factor added that Spears seems to be self-destructing. "I think this is sad, a woman crying out for attention. But the most important thing is not her, but that little girls may indeed try to imitate this."

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your wrote about the chaotic situation in Iraq. Some excerpts:

David Davani, Sea Cliff, NY: "Bill, your doomsday scenario about Iran dominating the Gulf is too extreme because other countries would take action to prevent Iran's expansion plans."

Chris Horan, Safety Harbor, FL: "Bill, the USA has made the world a more dangerous place by invading Iraq. Why can't you just admit Bush's mistake."

Rick Boswell, Plano, TX: "I consider it an invasion, not a war. I want America to lose in Iraq if it leads to the rejection of the Bush agenda."
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