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Thursday, December 7, 2006
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Who's looking out for Iraq?
Guest: Author Mark Steyn

"The reaction to the Iraq Study Group report has been very illuminating. Conservative outlets see the report as a surrender document, cover for a retreat, while the left-wing media reported heavily on how Bush has failed in Iraq rather than on the group's recommendations. NBC News, which has taken a dramatic turn to the left in pursuit of liberal viewers, epitomized this spin. NBC's David Gregory portrayed the report as a 'rejection of the president's policy.' Then we have New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who said that the insurgents had defeated the U.S. military on the battlefield. That's absurd! The truth is that U.S. and British forces have held Iraq together and continue to do so. Talking Points believes the study group's big contribution has been to instill a sense of urgency. Prime Minister Maliki must now realize that continued corruption and poor military performance will result in fewer U.S. and British troops. And Americans should begin to pay attention to all of this. A new Fox News poll says 82% of Americans have no idea who Prime Minister Maliki is. Frightening."

The Factor was joined by author Mark Steyn, who slammed the media coverage of Iraq, especially the Associated Press. "The AP is a disgraceful organization," Steyn declared. "On the central issue of our time, they're either dupes at best or actually semi-treasonous and colluding with the enemy. They have agents of the enemy on their payroll. There's an AP photographer who was captured with insurgents with traces of explosives on his clothing." Steyn also accused the media of ignoring any good news. "Most of the schools in Iraq are open, most of the hospitals are open, most of Iraq functions. They're simply not telling that story." The Factor reminded Steyn that some negativism is warranted. "The Iraqi government is not functioning well, there is massive corruption and security has broken down. It's fair to say the Maliki government can't control what's going on and things are getting worse."
Columbia hosts Iranian ambassador
Guest: Author Ghazal Omid

In a speech at Columbia University, Iran's Ambassador to the U.N. Javad Zarif evaded a question about whether six million Jews died in the Holocaust, Iran's president has actually denied the Holocaust. Iranian author Ghazal Omid portrayed her country's leaders as a threat to the world. "They are building nuclear bombs. If the United States doesn't come up with a strategy, Iran will become the next atomic power and very possibly might use it. I've seen what these people are capable of. I've seen innocent Iranian children in prison, I've seen people brutally murdered by the government." The Factor summed up Omid's stark warning. "You really believe that these mullahs would take a device and try to kill as many people as they could. Most Americans don't have a clue, but they didn't know about Hitler in the early 1930's either."
Dick Morris on Obama
Guest: Political analyst Dick Morris

Political analyst Dick Morris scrutinized the mania surrounding Democrat presidential prospect Barack Obama. Morris claimed the media is giving Obama a free pass, hoping for a primary battle between Obama and Hillary Clinton. "The media always loves a fight, and there's a cycle where they build you up and then tear you down. I think he's running for president, and I think he has tremendous potential. But he's a lightweight and needs more seasoning." The Factor issued an open invitation to Obama. "We can't get him on because this is an unpredictable program and you have to be on your game. And the rest of the media is giving him a big wet kiss whenever he walks in the door." Dick Morris also took time to denounce the Iraq Study Group report. "I hate it. It basically says 'Iran, go ahead and develop nuclear weapons, go ahead and wipe Israel off the face of the map, just bail us out of Iraq.'"
Freed murderer kills again
Guests: Attorney Steve Greenberg & prosecutor Brian Telander

James Ealy is accused of murdering 45-year old Mary Hutchison in a Burger King outside of Chicago. Ealy was actually convicted of killing a pregnant woman and three children in 1982, but was freed when an appellate court ruled that police had illegally searched Ealy's home. Former prosecutor Brian Telander called Hutchison's death a predictable tragedy. "Twenty years ago the judges believed Ealy's testimony over the Chicago police. It was an absolute terrible decision, and we always knew something like this would happen." But attorney Steven Greenburg actually defended the appellate court's decision. "The judges believed that police kicked in this guy's door. We have to look at the bigger picture. Mary Hutchison's life was given to protect our basic freedoms." The Factor said the appellate judges have blood on their hands. "This guy would be in jail for life if the judges didn't overturn the murder conviction. The judges are partially responsible for the death of Mary Hutchison."
Is media shaping opinion?
Guests: Fox News analysts Jane Hall & Bernard Goldberg

The Factor began this segment with a denunciation of the mainstream media: "Many in the media are not reporting the news any more, they're trying to shape opinion. They use news stories to damage people they don't like." Media watchers Bernard Goldberg and Jane Hall commented on that accusation, with Goldberg singling out NBC's David Gregory as a self-aggrandizing partisan. "Gregory way too often is becoming the center of the story. That kind of stuff gets you invited on the Leno show and gets you talked about. Journalists are careerists first, and what he's doing is a good career move." But Hall took issue with The Factor's allegation. "I disagree with your characterization that NBC has turned a sharp left. Gregory's reporting is tough, but it's fair." The Factor fired back at Hall: "If you doubt that NBC is turning to the left, you're not watching NBC Nightly News and you're not watching their cable channels. C'mon Jane, you have to open your eyes and see what's going on over there."
Handling kids in their late teens
Guests: Psychotherapist Barbara Bartlein & advice columnist Amy Dickinson

Finally, parenting experts Barbara Bartlein and Amy Dickinson joined The Factor with advice for parents of kids in their late teens. They specifically commented on Lisa Marie Presley, who looked on approvingly as her 17-year old daughter passionately kissed her 24-year old boyfriend. "Some parents are choosing to party with their kids," Dickinson scolded. "It's a terrible idea. They shouldn't be there while they're making out with their boyfriends." Bartlein observed that a parent's role changes when children reach those late teen years. "A parent does less parenting and more mentoring, more coaching. They need to be connecting with their kids and, yes, possibly going out to nightclubs with them so there is some kind of supervision."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails focused on various segments. Some excerpts:

Scott McCammon, Austin, TX: "Bill, five years ago you questioned whether the Iraqi people would fight for freedom. You are wiser than you think."

Joe Lamartine, Westport, CT: "We've already won in Iraq. We removed a brutal dictator and gave the people a chance to govern themselves."

Darlene Neilson, Tucson, AZ: "Bill O'Reilly, it's nobody's business if Mary Cheney wants to have a baby. You should just shut up."

Pat, DE: "As a lesbian, I have to say that I am against lesbian couples having children. Kids need a father."

Cindy Austerman, New Harmony, IN: "Bill, I'm disappointed you've lowered your standards by covering an insignificant degenerate like Ms. Spears."
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Why Did I Marry You Anyway? 12.5 Strategies for a Happy Marriage (And the Myth Information That Gets in the Way)
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Living in Hell: A True Odyssey of a Woman's Struggle in Islamic Iran against Personal and Political Forces
by Ghazal Omid

America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It
by Mark Steyn

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