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Monday, December 11, 2006
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Obama for President
"Senator Barack Obama visited New Hampshire this weekend, and he wasn't skiing or climbing Mt. Washington. He was speaking and signing books, getting great publicity in his quest for higher office. Behind the senator's adventure is the far left - he is their guy, the new Howard Dean. The left is energetic, has money and media sympathy, but lacks numbers. Right now most Americans don't know much about the senator. He wants out of Iraq, but what about Iran and North Korea? How would he deal with them? We simply don't know. The Factor has been trying to book Obama for months, and he publicly said 'I look forward to being on the show.' We've called the senator nearly every day since then, but so far no luck. The rise of Obama has got to be killing Hillary Clinton, who did not anticipate the challenge. I still believe she will get the nomination because old guard Democrats don't really like the far left. Her money is almost unlimited, and money talks - even if Senator Clinton doesn't. Like Senator Obama, Mrs. Clinton avoids tough questioning. So there you have it - a rising Democrat star and an established Democrat star. The anti-Bush press will embrace both, but right now Obama is the man."

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U.S. food supply crisis?
Guest: Caroline Smith DeWaal, Center for Science in the Public Interest

In the wake of the Taco Bell E. coli contamination and other scares, food safety expert Caroline Smith DeWall revealed which foods are most worrisome. "We have identified produce as the number one cause of people getting ill, and we're urging consumers to refrigerate fruits and vegetables that are fresh cut. We also have to assume that every chicken we bring into our house has at least two types of bacteria. As for fish, if you avoid swordfish, king mackerel, and shark, you'll avoid most of the mercury." The Factor urged everyone to buy and prepare all food with care. "We all have to be very cautious about this. If you're going to depend on the federal government to protect you, you're going to get sick and maybe die. It's the Hurricane Katrina syndrome - the government is not going to be able to regulate massive amounts of food."

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Sea-Tac airport removes Christmas trees
Guests: Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky

The Seattle Tacoma Airport had a display of 14 Christmas trees, but when Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky asked that a menorah be added, airport officials removed the trees instead. Rabbi Bogomilsky told The Factor this is not what he intended. "What we wanted was one simple thing - to add a menorah. But they said they are worried about other religious people coming forward with their symbols. I am bewildered and a lot of Jewish people are bewildered." The Factor empathized with the rabbi and his request. "There is no reason not to put up a menorah in the Sea-Tac airport. The country was founded on Judeo-Christian philosophy and you would have given them the menorah for free. Any 6-year old child would have said 'thanks for the idea, rabbi.' But now they tear down all the trees and Christians are mad at you. They should put back the 14 trees and put up the menorah."

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Chinese outrage at O'Donnell
Guest: New York City Councilman John Liu

In an attempt at humor, "The View" co-host Rosie O'Donnell performed a crude impression of a Chinese person. New York City Councilman John Liu, among others, was not amused. "This is the kind of nonsense that I grew up with," Liu complained. "And it never stops at the taunts, it always escalates into violence. Rosie can do whatever she likes, but I will point out that she has been indignant about comments that could be conceived as anti-gay." The Factor wondered whether Liu was being overly sensitive. "O'Donnell's riff wasn't a taunt, it was meant to be funny. I don't think she meant to hurt anybody's feelings. This wasn't a Michael Richards moment, it was done for a laugh. If I felt she was eager to insult you, I would go after her."

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Is Cat Stevens a terrorist sympathizer?
Guest: Terrorism expert Steve Emerson

Singer/songwriter Yusuf Islam, known as Cat Stevens before his conversion to Islam, has associated with some questionable groups. "It's possible that he's a closet jihadist," claimed terror expert Steve Emerson. "He endorsed the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, he has supported radical causes, and he has made abject anti-Semitic statements. He called Jews 'wicked' and 'corrupt.' He's never repudiated his radical statements."

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Kofi Annan's parting thoughts
Guests: Fox News analysts Michelle Malkin & Kirsten Powers

Outgoing United Nations chief Kofi Annan took some parting shots at America, accusing the U.S. of disregarding human rights. FNC analyst Michelle Malkin was incensed at Annan's criticism. "Good bye, Kofi, and good riddance," Malkin declared. This guy has some nerve saying this on American soil, laying blame at the feet of the United States and President Bush. The United Nations has been an abject failure in every corner of the globe." Malkin also commented on the media hype surrounding Barack Obama. "He's telegenic, he's young, he fits the multi-cultural agenda of the mainstream media. I don't care about his skin color, it's his empty suit that's far more of a problem, and his ultra left-wing agenda." FNC analyst Kirsten Powers took issue with that portrayal of Senator Obama. "I don't think he's far left and I don't think he's an empty suit, but we don't know much about him. He's just in his first term as a senator, and the press loves to build people up."

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Feminists upset with starlets
Guest: Radio host Tammy Bruce

Feminist author Camille Paglia called hard-partying Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan "back street floozies," singer Bette Midler labeled them "wild and wooly sluts," and other feminists are equally upset at the decadent duo. Radio host Tammy Bruce explained the hostility. "A lot of women worked hard for decades so we wouldn't be treated like whores, not so we could treat ourselves like whores. The message they send to young women is that there are no standards, and that is not okay. There is nothing sexy about being a tramp." The Factor suggested that Spears, Lohan, and their ilk are treading old ground. "Hasn't it always been that there are women with dignity, and then there are other women? And it's the same thing with men. Wouldn't it be better to feel sorry for them than to call them 'backstreet floozies?' I think these women need help."

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the verbal shootout between White House spokesman Tony Snow and NBC's David Gregory. Some excerpts:

Charles Scholeno, Falconer, NY: "O'Reilly, most of the White House press corps are wimps afraid to ask tough questions. David Gregory, like you, is not afraid to ask them."

Phyllis Kholbeck, Homer, AK: "David Gregory is one of the reasons my husband and I stopped watching the evening news on NBC."

Terry Gibbons, Australia: "Hey, Bill, you blame everyone for the Iraq mess except the true culprit: The United States."
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Is Our Food Safe? A Consumer's Guide to Protecting Your Health and the Environment
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American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us
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