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Friday, January 5, 2007
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Last chance in Iraq
Guest: Andrea Mitchell, NBC News

"President Bush will announce his new plan to stabilize the violence in Iraq, which will most likely involve sending more American troops. All loyal Americans have a decision to make - should we support one final effort to defeat the enemy in Iraq? I say yes. If Iraq can be stabilized and become a country that fights terror, it would be a huge win not only for the USA but for the entire world. I respect dissent on this, but I don't respect Americans who want the USA to lose because they hate Bush or for any other reason. And then there's the press. Unfortunately, many in the media now have a vested interest in seeing the U.S. fail. If Iraq were to turn and go America's way, President Bush would rise in the polls and Republicans would have a better chance in 2008. The left-wing media does not want that to happen, and NBC News is leading the way. MSNBC's Chris Matthews claimed American GI's in Iraq 'kick down doors and kill Sunnis.' And Tom Brokaw predicted Saddam Hussein's execution would only 'fuel more sectarian violence.' Brokaw was wrong - there has not been a rise in violence since Saddam's execution. One final thing - a study concluded that NBC favored John Kerry more than any other network in the 2004 election. So when the president announces his new strategy, expect overwhelmingly negative coverage from NBC News and others. I hope I'm wrong."

Longtime NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell joined The Factor and defended her network's objectivity. "I don't feel there is bias in what we do at NBC News," Mitchell declared. "You're talking about a major news network that has a wide variety of reports in a lot of different contexts. Tom Brokaw said the execution is not helpful, and he's right. What you took was five seconds out of a much longer statement." The Factor again suggested that NBC has veered sharply to the left. "I have it in for NBC, I'll admit it. I like you, I like the Today show, but I think your management has made a conscious decision to go to the left. You've been at NBC thirty years. Can you tell me one conservative thinker at NBC News? If all of them across the board are liberal, then I say where's the diversity?"
Muslim cab drivers and alcohol
Guest: Eric Vickers, American Muslim Council

Some Islamic taxi drivers in Minneapolis refuse to pick up airport passengers who are carrying alcohol or have dogs, and Eric Vickers of the American Muslim Council explained why. "In Islam the prohibition against alcohol is clear. So it's a question of whether people are being asked to compromise their faith, which is un-American. In this country we make accommodations in order to allow people to practice their faith." The Factor criticized the drivers' intolerance. "The passengers are not forcing booze down the driver's throat. They're carrying a package of wine and you're in a secular society serving the public. This is insane, it is taking religion to a degree that infringes on everybody else's rights."
Duke rape case update
Guest: Attorney Malik Shabazz

With the Duke rape case falling apart, The Factor was joined by Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panthers, who proclaimed the young men guilty when the alleged crime was initially reported. "I stand behind those statements," Shabazz declared. "I'm still looking forward to a conviction on charges of sexual assault and kidnapping." The Factor accused Shabazz of rushing to judgment, and posed a direct question. "You said they were guilty of rape. That's shameful. There is no DNA evidence, we have the other dancer testifying against the alleged victim, we have the alleged victim changing her story. Is there anything on this Earth that will change your opinion that these boys are guilty?" Shabazz' reply: "I will watch the trial, and if a jury of her peers can come back and say nothing happened, then I will accept that verdict."
Illegal alien skips bond / Tiller controversy
Guest: Jack Cashill, Ingram's Magazine

Thursday night's program included a segment on 25-year old Paulo Sheispan-Landero, an illegal immigrant from Mexico set free on $5,000 bond, despite being charged with sexual assault on a 12-year old girl. As The Factor predicted, Landero didn't show up for a Friday court date. The Factor denounced Wisconsin Court Commissioner Lawrence Gazeley, who set the bond. "Mr. Gazeley should be fired immediately. The illegal alien had a criminal record, was deported, came back, and was charged with felony sexual assault. He was given $5,000 bail by this pinhead, and now he's gone. If I have to go out there, this is not going to go away."

In another follow up, notorious Kansas abortionist George Tiller was charged with thirty misdemeanor counts of performing late-term abortions and failing to report why. The case has been thrown out of court, and Kansas City journalist Jack Cashill implied that political donations played a role. "Tiller has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into the political system - directly and through various organizations. There's a tight little circle of people who are absolutely indifferent to what's going on in his clinic. Every time you talk about this subject, Bill, it sheds light on a subject no one wants to have light shed on."
Sailor rescued / Brazil sues YouTube
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera joined The Factor with his insight into two recent stories, beginning with the Brazilian model whose sex romp showed up on YouTube. Brazil's government is suing YouTube, which Rivera characterized as ridiculous. "If you make love to your boyfriend on the beach, you have no expectation of privacy. That's exhibitionism." The Factor agreed in this case, but also decried a growing lack of privacy. "You can go out with your children, someone can videotape those children and put it on YouTube, and you can't stop them. That means that no human being on Earth has any expectation of privacy." Rivera also defended the American man who was rescued while trying to sail around the world. "Sailing around the world is the dream held by millions of people. Solo sailing is the ultimate macho experience."
Peter Graves
Guest: Actor Peter Graves

80-year actor Peter Graves became the latest "TV icon" to enter the No Spin Zone. He spoke about being influenced by his big brother James Arness, the star of "Gunsmoke." "Jim got involved in theater in California, and I eventually came here when I finished college. It's been a wonderful run." Graves, best known for his role in TV's "Mission: Impossible," also critiqued the movie versions. "Tom Cruise is good, but it has nothing to do with ours. Ours was a head game, more than flipping motorcycles and crashing planes. They used the title and the theme music." The Factor offered a unique explanation as to why two brothers from Minnesota became TV icons. "You both look like nice guys and regular folks, and I think that's why you were so successful. You don't look like a pinhead Hollywood guy to me."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the segment with anti-war radical leftist Sunsara Taylor. Some excerpts:

Darrell Sanders, Kennewick, WA: "Mr. O'Reilly, thank you for letting Ms. Taylor talk. Boy, they are out there, aren't they?"

LCDR Jerome Karnowski, Kuwait: "Mr. O'Reilly, I enjoyed meeting you while you were here. The young woman who said the war in Iraq is illegal was wrong. By not challenging her statement you gave her credibility."

Sean D'Agastino, New York, NY: "O'Reilly, anyone who disagrees with your right-wing propaganda is called a lunatic. More and more Americans think you're a lunatic."

Kay Baldridge, Pryor, OK: "Bill, I was happy you called that woman a lunatic. You are the only person on TV who has the courage to say that."
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