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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
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Is Iraq a catastrophe?
"Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is just back from Iraq and calls the situation there 'catastrophic.' Is Ms. Pelosi speaking the truth? Well, she is and she isn't. Iraq is a catastrophe for some - the Bush administration, the American taxpayer, and those who have lost loved ones in that awful war. But it's not a military catastrophe - the coalition is on the offensive, controls most of the country, and could win the fight if things start to go our way. Iraq is not a catastrophe for the Kurds in the north. They're very pleased they have freedom, and most provinces in Iraq are relatively calm. There are only two reasons to describe Iraq as a catastrophe. First, that Ms. Pelosi believes the Iraq war is a disaster and has damaged the USA. Second, Ms. Pelosi may want Iraq to be a catastrophe because it would help the Democrats elect a president in 2008. There are good Americans who believe Iraq is a lost cause and are angry about it. But there are also bad Americans who are rooting against their country and put politics above what's best for the United States. I don't know where Nancy Pelosi fits into those categories, but I do know that to write off Iraq as a catastrophe in all areas is dishonest. I also know that the USA should give the Iraqis one more chance to step up and help us beat these terrorists. The bottom line - if Iraq becomes a democracy, it helps the world and hurts the terrorists. It might not happen, but we should all be rooting for that conclusion."

News Link: Pelosi calls Iraq "catastrophic"
Germany vs. CIA
Guest: Former CIA counterterrorism analyst Michael Scheuer

Germany has issued arrest warrants for 13 American CIA agents who seized German citizen Khaled al-Masri and held him for months in an Afghanistan prison. Former CIA terrorism expert Michael Scheuer defended the CIA and denounced German authorities. "This is simply a matter of domestic German politics, trying to blame the United States. At the end of the day, the duplicity of the Germans will come through. Most Europeans are more than willing to take the information the CIA has gathered to protect their countries, but they're not willing to avoid playing politics with the careers of CIA officers who risk their lives." The Factor concurred that Germany is out of line. "This is an outrage. If we made a mistake, the guy should be compensated and we should apologize. But to have our ally Germany trying to arrest our CIA? This is insane."

News Link: Germany issues arrest warrants for CIA
Celebrity anti-Bush rhetoric
The Factor aired more footage from last weekend's anti-war protest, which attracted far-left actors Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Susan Sarandon. Here are a few of their comments, which have a common theme of blaming America. Fonda, when asked about the millions of deaths that followed America's exit from Vietnam: "It's too bad that we caused it to happen by going in there in the first place." Robbins, asked whether he wants the U.S. to prevail in Iraq: "What is prevailing in Iraq. What side are we going to take in this civil war? And then once we take that side, aren't we heading down the path of ethnic cleansing?" Sarandon, on the nuclear threat from Iran. "We keep giving nuclear energy to all these countries ... we're very hypocritical talking about everyone else limiting their nuclear capability."
Do we need beauty pageants anymore?
Guest: Jill Dobson, Star Magazine

In the wake of the Miss USA scandal and other embarrassments, The Factor questioned the usefulness of beauty pageants. "They send a wrong message to little girls, who idolize beauty queens. A lot of these people are surgically enhanced, self-obsessed. There's nothing good about this." But entertainment reporter Jill Dobson, herself a former Miss Michigan, defended the pageants as worthy. "They are relevant and they are important. Kids get a chance to see someone speaking in public, speaking under pressure. The girls who win these things go out and speak to students - my cause was literacy. And it promotes physical fitness."

News Link: Miss USA: I did coke
Cosmetic surgery and Americans
Guest: Fox News medical analyst Dr. Manny Alvarez

Millions of Americans are trying to make themselves look younger, whether through surgery or other means. FNC medical analyst Dr. Manny Alvarez reported on his own experience with Botox. "I wanted to find out more about the Botox revolution. So we did a segment and they put a couple of injections in my forehead where I had a lot of wrinkles. You do see a difference, but the wrinkles will be back by April." Alvarez added that Botox is preferable to going under the knife. "There's a need to get away from the surgical procedures, which are creating an avalanche of unnecessary surgery." The Factor argued against any cosmetic enhancements, even Botox. "I don't think you should do it, because I just don't want foreign substances injected into my body."
Ann Coulter fills in
Guest: Ann Coulter

With Dennis Miller on vacation, author Ann Coulter joined The Factor with her pithy observations on the strengths and weaknesses of Republican presidential prospects. First, John McCain: "He's a genuine war hero, unlike John Kerry. But his weaknesses are about half of his positions. I don't think he's going to be the nominee." Rudy Giuliani: "It's been years since he showed up in drag on Saturday Night Live, which is a plus. But he's pro-choice and the Republican Party is the party of life." Mitt Romney: "He has a proven ability to trick liberals into voting for him and he has a working knowledge of God." Newt Gingrich "He's absolutely brilliant, and a lot of people don't realize how brilliant. But he might have missed his time. He may come back again, like '80's music, but now doesn't seem to be his time."
High school teacher continues relationship w/student
Guest: Attorney Lisa Wayne

30-year old Colorado high school teacher Carrie McCandless was arrested in November for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year old student. While free on bond, she apparently tried to contact the boy again and is now in prison. Lawyer Lisa Wayne elaborated on the case. "The allegations are that there was some contact made over the phone and she sits in jail. She is a teacher at a charter school where her husband is the principal. The allegations are 'sexual contact,' but her attorney is adamant that she is innocent. It's bizarre and a weird situation."

News Link: Colorado teacher / student sexcapade
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about Democrats who advocate President Bush's impeachment. Some excerpts:

Michael Morris, Lafayette, IN: "I'm a vet and have two sons in the military, one of whom is in Iraq. I believe many Democrats and the media have a vested interest in seeing the USA lose that war."

Vera Flavell, Cottonwood, AZ: "O'Reilly, you are the biggest spinner. Why can't we impeach Bush?"

Peter Hannes, Great Neck, NY: "O'Reilly, so you think impeachment is outrageous? Stealing elections is treasonous, doing nothing to stop 9/11 is treasonous ... "

Conrad Frederickson, Reno, NV: "Bill, if there is evidence that Bush has committed an impeachable offense, are you saying that it should be ignored because we're at war?"
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