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Tuesday, February 6, 2007
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Iraq, the folks and the media
Guests: Fox News military analyst Maj. Gen. Robert Scales & author Lt. Gen. Michael DeLong

"Last night we criticized the Washington Post and NBC News for employing an analyst named William Arkin, who is a hater of the U.S. military. Reaction has been enormous. There's anger that news organizations like NBC and the Washington Post would give a guy like Arkin any credibility at all. Arkin has a long history of far-left activism, but NBC News failed to inform its audience of that, even though he appeared on NBC programs at least 80 times. This kind of thing has gravely damaged NBC News. As for the Washington Post, a spokesman says the paper will have no comment on the Arkin situation. That means the newspaper does not feel it owes its readers any explanation at all. How arrogant! American military families do not deserve outlets like NBC News and the Washington Post giving sanctuary to haters of America. What the military does deserve is an acknowledgement that the U.S. and Britain tried to do something noble in Iraq. America is facing some very difficult days ahead, and some difficult decisions. This is no time for irresponsible people."

The Factor was joined by two retired generals who responded to Arkin's accusations and insults. "What bothers me," declared Lt. Gen. Mike DeLong, "is that he's billed as a military analyst. Being in Greenpeace does not make you a military analyst. He's saying the military is bad, the people are bad, and he's just wrong." Maj. Gen. Bob Scales facetiously offered to provide Arkin a close-up view of Iraq. "He is obviously envious of these 'obscene amenities' that our soldiers get in Iraq. I'm sure we could find a billet for Arkin, perhaps near that resort town of Ramadi. What worries me most is the American families and the soldiers who hear things like this. Over time this is going to have a deleterious effect on the morale of our young men and women." The Factor reiterated that Arkin's paymasters have been conspicuously silent. "Neither General Electric, NBC News, nor the Washington Post has criticized Arkin. If this is what we're going to get from the mainstream media, the military has no chance."

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Astronaut love triangle
Guest: Former astronaut Mike Mullane

43-year old astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak, a married mother of three, has been charged with trying to kill Colleen Shipman, apparently a rival for the affections of astronaut William Oefelein. Former astronaut Mike Mullane expressed surprise at the bizarre love triangle. "There's no question it's shocking, but obviously no one knows the full circumstances. We're human and you can't take humanity out of the equation, we can't check that at the door." The Factor added that NASA astronauts have gone through a rigorous screening process. "I know how hard it is to get where you were and where Ms. Nowak is. You have to be skilled and disciplined and responsible, and the vetting is very stringent. So this must come as a surprise."

News Link: Astronaut charged with attempted murder
Debating Jessica's Law in Texas
Guest: Houston Mayor pro-tem Michael Berry

Some legislators in Texas are trying to enact mandatory minimums for child molesters, but there is resistance among newspapers like the Houston Chronicle. Houston Mayor Pro Tem Michael Berry, a self-described conservative, explained his opposition to mandatory minimums. "The thought among prosecutors is that it would lower your conviction rate, you're going to put fewer people away if this happens. In the local community here we trust our judges and we trust our juries." The Factor argued that some version of Jessica's Law is necessary. "When you rape a kid, you should go away for 25 years. Period! But many liberals, like the editorial board at the Houston Chronicle, simply want child abusers to be rehabilitated. We have seen so many times where judges have let these predators out on parole or probation."

News Link: Houston Chronicle editorializes against Jessica's Law

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Border Patrol agent assaulted by inmate
Guests: Attorney Mary Stillinger

Two border patrol agents were arrested for shooting a fleeing drug smuggler and attempting to cover up the incident. One of the agents, Ignacio Ramos, has now been assaulted by other inmates at a federal prison in Mississippi. Ramos' attorney Mary Stillinger explained what happened to her client. "On Saturday night 'America's Most Wanted' did a segment on the case and Mr. Ramos appeared. That evening when he went to bed he was attacked by three to five other inmates. He doesn't know how they got there. Now he's in a segregated room by himself 23 hours a day." The Factor accused prison officials of gross incompetence. "Warden Constance Reese is responsible for protecting Mr. Ramos and every other inmate in there. I don't understand why he was in with the general population. There is no excuse for this assault."

News Link: Claim: Border Patrol Agent beaten by prisoners
Body language in the news
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman returned with her weekly analysis of newsmakers and their body language, beginning with Whoopi Goldberg, who spoke to The Factor about Iraq. "Whoopi Goldberg says she talks from the heart," Reiman asserted, "and you can see that. She does a lot of personal gestures, and I think what is going through her mind is 'this is what I feel, and it comes directly from my heart.'" Reiman also watched tape of Senator Joe Biden trying to clarify his description of Barack Obama as "clean." "He looks down a lot, and the impression I get is that he's very nervous. He's uncomfortable having to go through this again, this humiliating feeling of having to talk about this." Finally, Reiman analyzed the body language of William Arkin as he was questioned by Factor producer Jesse Watters. "Arkin was uncomfortable. His lips got pulled back very tight, and it was that look of annoyance. He doesn't make eye contact the entire time, which was his way of disrespecting the interviewer. I see annoyance, aggravation, disdain, and I see that he's angry."
911 call from Ryan O'Neal's house
Guest: Ed Miller, America's Most Wanted

Actor Ryan O'Neal was arrested last weekend after he fired a gun during a violent dispute with his son Griffin. The Factor played a portion of a 911 call, during which Griffin's girlfriend JoAnne Berry says "I'm hurt, I need an ambulance ... help me, help me, help me." Ed Miller of "America's Most Wanted" explained what transpired. "Ryan O'Neal claims that Griffin swung a fireplace poker and instead of hitting him, he hit JoAnne Berry. There's been a long history of alcoholism with this family, a long history of trouble. Griffin has been in trouble with drunk driving, for shooting at one of his former girlfriend's cars, and he was involved in a boating accident that killed Francis Ford Coppola's son." Stating the obvious, Miller said the O'Neal family will never be mistaken for "The Brady Bunch."

News Link: Listen to 911 calls
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about William Arkin's verbal assault on the military. Some excerpts:

Elizabeth Ezzell, Milton, FL: "Bill, I applaud your talking points. By the end of it I was in tears. I just can't understand such hate for America."

Mike Salzman, Las Vegas, NV: "Bill, William Arkin's crack about mercenaries made my grandmother cry. Thank you for hammering him."

Michael Anderson, Bend, OR: "As a vet, I found the term 'mercenaries' to be despicable. NBC will not be in my home any time soon."

Tim Allen, Duluth, MN: "Back off NBC, Bill. Some of us appreciate reporting from all sides."

Sgt. Colin Davis, Okinawa, Japan: "Mr. O, I found it amusing that Arkin used to work for Greenpeace and now drives a big SUV. Thanks for exposing this disgusting man and the fools he works for."

Francis Elliott, Pineville, LA: "How sad that vermin like Arkin can spew his tripe in a forum like NBC News and they help him by hiding his association with far-left groups."
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