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Monday, February 12, 2007
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John Edwards' extreme team
Guests: Fox News analysts Michelle Malkin & Kirsten Powers

"Former Senator John Edwards is running for president. Like many politicians, he employs bloggers who put forth his point of view on the Internet. Edwards is currently paying Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan, two very far left individuals, to work the Internet for him. Edwards knows these two women have attacked Christianity in very irresponsible ways. Ms. Marcotte wrote this: 'What if Mary had taken Plan B (birth control) after the Lord filled her with his hot, white, sticky Holy Spirit ...' And Ms. McEwan attacked Christian conservatives by writing this: 'What don't you lousy motherf-----s understand about keeping your noses out of our britches, our beds, and our families?' Senator Edwards wants to be president, yet sends a message that Christian-hating does not disqualify you from working for his administration. This is all about judgment, or lack thereof. I have nothing against John Edwards, who seems intelligent and sincere. But this isn't a difficult issue. These women are Christian-haters, and it's hard to believe Edwards continues to stand by them. But it's true and you should know it."

FNC analysts Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers entered the No Spin Zone with more on about Edwards' choice of bloggers. "These women," Powers opined, "should be fired. If you replaced their criticism of Christians with Jews, they'd be gone. When you have a presidential campaign, who you hire is supposed to reflect who you are." Malkin accused Edwards of cowardly kowtowing to extremists. "He was intimidated by the so-called 'netroots,' the far left side of the blogosphere. It's a specific niche on the far left that basically threatened him if he decided to fire these two people. Every Democratic campaign has to pander to the netroots." The Factor posed a simple question to the man at the center of this controversy: "How can you handle Iran, John Edwards, if you can't handle this? This is probably the worst mistake I've seen a campaign make, and I think Edwards is through."

News Link: Edwards' hate-filled blogger

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Washington Post on Arkin articles
Guest: Fox News analyst Jim Pinkerton

The editor of the Washington Post web site has admitted that William Arkin was wrong to call U.S. troops "mercenaries." Meanwhile, in an appearance on Fox News Watch, Neal Gabler accused Bill O'Reilly of ascribing Arkin's attitude "to the entire left." The Factor set the record straight: "As usual, Mr. Gabler is hiding under his desk because what he said isn't true. I didn't 'ascribe' Arkin's vile description of the military to anyone. This isn't the first time this guy has lied." Jim Pinkerton, host of Fox News Watch, agreed that Arkin crossed the line. "Arkin was a big story that speaks to the mindset of the left. You can get away with smearing the military, and the most you get is a wrist slap. Calling our soldiers 'mercenaries' attacks the fundamentals of our country where citizen-soldiers go to fight."

News Link: Video: Neal Gabler attacks O'Reilly over Arkin coverage
Confronting prison warden on Ramos
Guest: Congressional aide Tara Setmayer

As reported previously, former border patrol agent Ignacio Ramos was attacked by six inmates at the federal prison where he is serving time for shooting a drug smuggler. Factor producer Jesse Watters went to Mississippi and tried to talk with warden Constance Reese, but she sped away in her car. Congressional aide Tara Setmayer, who visited the prison after the assault, reported on Ramos' condition. "He was bruised, he had stomp marks with the soles of the boots that were used to attack him. The warden didn't really have a sense of urgency, and that concerned me. She wouldn't allow us to see the photos that were taken, she wouldn't allow us to review the reports." The Factor reiterated that Constance Reese must be fired. "This woman is incompetent and she has to go. Ramos could have been easily killed.

News Link: Border Patrol agent beaten worse than reported
New Anna Nicole photos surface
Guests: Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan & attorney Rahul Manchanda

Anna Nicole Smith died in Florida, but was residing in the Bahamas. FNC correspondent Steve Harrigan reported that Smith and her attorney Howard K. Stern may have moved there to avoid any challenges to the paternity of her daughter. "Lawyers say Mr. Stern will never have to take any paternity test here in the Bahamas. They also seemed to have very close relations with the government. There are pictures of Smith in bed, fully clothed, with the Bahamas minister of immigration." Another newly published photo shows Smith's refrigerator, which included the drug methadone. Attorney Rahul Manchanda suggested that Smith and Stern may have chosen the island for drugs and finances. "The Bahamas is the wild west of drugs, it has a real problem with illegal drugs. Methadone is considered illegal, but you can get anything you want in the Bahamas. There are also plenty of tax shelters and a high level of bank secrecy."

News Link: See controversial Anna Nicole Smith photo
The far-left and the Grammys
Guests: Author James Hirsen & freelance writer Nathan Davis

The winners at Sunday night's Grammy awards included the Dixie Chicks and the rapper Ludicras, who sarcastically thanked Bill O'Reilly in his acceptance speech. The Factor questioned why the obscene Ludicras was honored by the industry. "The Dixie Chicks are good, their album is melodic. But people don't understand why Ludicras, who uses the 'n' word 50 times in a song and says he wants to kill his boss, merits a Grammy." Music writer Nathan Davis agreed that Ludicras sets a terrible example. "I've started a campaign against the 'n' word, which should be taken out of music. And I have issues with Ludicras and others using foul language. But people in the industry find it's acceptable to use words like this." Author James Hirsen complained that the Dixie Chicks were honored for their anti-Bush stance, not their music. "The three most prestigious awards all went to the Dixie Chicks, and when you look at the competition, it's clear that the motivation was political. The Dixie Chicks turned their backs on their country audience, then carefully cultivated their image as free speech crusaders."

News Link: Dixie Chicks clean up at Grammys

News Link: Ludacris gives O'Reilly, Oprah a shout out at Grammys
PETA's nude flag ad
Guest: Lisa Lanj, PETA

The radical animal rights group PETA has an Internet ad showing women disrobing while standing in front of the American flag. The organization's Lisa Lange laid out the rationale. "Almost 400,000 people came to see our 'state of the union undress,' and while they're at the site they hear about our campaigns. For example, we're trying to get KFC to stop killing chickens in such violent ways. No one is hurt in all of this, and you can only see the video if you're 18 or older." The Factor questioned the connection between nudity and animal rights. "A lot of people are going to be offended that I even showed this video, but I have to report what's going on in this country. I know your group wants attention, and obviously this is a way to get it."

News Link: Video: PETA's nude ad
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails continued to focus on Anna Nicole Smith. Some excerpts:

Ann Luce, Santa Monica, CA: "Mr. O'Reilly, would you please explain why the media is so obsessed with this woman?"

Jill Yates, Alto, NM: "Bill, you should hurt for Anna Nicole. She was lost and confused. Some of us are weak."

Jesse Mehle, Hermantown, MN: "Mr. O, I agree that a soldier's death in Iraq is more important than Anna's death. People who are upset with your comment should be ashamed."

Heather O'Connor, Wolfsville, MD: "Mr. O'Reilly, I was disappointed in your coldness over Anna's passing. We should all feel sorry for her."
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