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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
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Believing President Bush
"The president gave a press conference Wednesday about North Korea, Iraq and Iran. According to Mr. Bush, the North Korean deal where six countries give them fuel and they stop developing nuclear weapons is a good one. Predictably, the left-wing press is minimizing the North Korean accord - the New York Times asked 'what took so long?' Everything President Bush does will be denigrated by the left-wing media. NBC's David Gregory asked the president if he is using faulty intelligence to 'make a case for war with Iran.' There's no question President Bush has a credibility problem convincing the world that Iran is a clear and present danger. However, for the sake of our own safety, shouldn't we keep an open mind and listen to what the president is saying? But the far left is not going to do that - they do not want to confront Iran no matter what they do. And it is worth their while to bash Bush no matter what he does. That's because any success the Bush administration has helps Republicans, and the committed left wing media desperately want a Democrat in the White House next time around. So don't expect honest reporting and analysis from many in the media. According to them, Bush is a disaster, always has been and always will be. That is their story and they will stick to it."
Bank of America and credit for illegals
Guest: Fox News business analyst Jonathan Hoenig

Financial giant Bank of America will issue credit cards to people without social security numbers, a move that will extend credit to illegal aliens. The company refused to send a spokesman, but FNC business analyst Jonathan Hoenig defended B of A. "They're very smart to offer credit cards to immigrants. It's a major growth opportunity because immigrants need financial services. Bank of America is smart from a business perspective, and this is moral as well." The Factor accused Hoenig of encouraging law-breaking. "I noticed you used the word 'immigrant,' but you didn't say 'illegal.' That's subterfuge and it erodes your credibility. If I had any money in Bank of America, I would take it out today. Not because of what they did, but because they wouldn't explain it. Bank of America is grossly irresponsible."
Asylum for a gay Mexican
Guest: Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly

The ultra-liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a homosexual Mexican man, Jorge Soto Vega, deserves asylum because he would face persecution if sent back to Mexico. Fox News' Megyn Kelly concurred with the court's decision. "Vega said Mexican police beat him with a flashlight because he was gay. This case does have merit, and this has been happening for years. There are hundreds of people who have gotten asylum because they are homosexual." The Factor pointed out that Vega offered no proof that he was persecuted. "He might have spit on the cop, he might have done anything. If this the standard, then every gay person in the world can come here."
Nude man flashes students in Oregon
Guests: Victoria Taft, KPAM-AM & Lt. Jerry Simmons, Columbia County Undersheriff

A 59-year old Oregon man has been parading around nude on his property, and has reportedly exposed himself to passing school buses. Radio host Victoria Taft complained that Oregon's permissiveness has run amok. "Oregon is run by secular-progressives. This guy is clearly a pervert who is out in front of his house trying to excite himself by exposing himself to children on a school bus." Officer Jerry Simmons explained that nudity by itself is not a crime. "The public decency law says you have to be arousing yourself or others. If he is only going out naked, it is disgusting but not a crime." The Factor blamed the incident on so-called 'progressive' politics. "The district attorney says you can not prosecute a person for being naked, even in front of children. This is what happens when secular progressives control the legislature, as they do in Oregon. This is what our society will look like in ten years if this continues."
The Cohens' new book
Guests: Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen & wife Janet Langhart Cohen

Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen and his wife, former TV host Janet Langhart Cohen, joined The Factor on Valentine's Day to discuss their book about their interracial marriage. Despite facing some discrimination, Langhart expressed her gratitude to America. "I lived in this country when it was segregated, then I grow up and marry the secretary of defense. This is a love story, not just between the two of us, but between us and our country." Cohen added that he expected disapproval when they wed. "I thought there might be some resistance to my marrying Janet, but the black community has welcomed me with open arms. And I've been pleasantly surprised that there has been no reaction by the white community." The Factor jokingly commended Cohen for his matrimonial fortune. "When you started going out with Janet, that really helped your image. In my estimation, you went way way up."
Featured Book: Love in Black and White: A Memoir of Race, Religion, and Romance by William S. Cohen & Janet Langhart Cohen
Dennis Miller joins the Factor
Guest: Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller began his weekly observations with Bank of America's decision to give credit cards to illegal immigrants. "I went to Bank of America today," Miller pronounced, "and closed my account because this 'B of A' thing is 'B of S.' "If they want to be the 'B of M,' fine, but I'm not going back until they're the 'B of A' again." Miller also that declared Rudy Giuliani is his choice for 2008. "All I need to know about Rudy is that he's not neurotic about killing our enemies. The terrorists hate this guy, and that should be his bumper sticker: 'who do the guys in the cave not want you to vote for?'" Finally, Miller reacted to the death of Anna Nicole Smith. "She represented the entire human condition in a wonder bra. Let's face facts, we like to ogle a freak show." The Factor added that Smith's story also has a tragic side. "This woman took demerol and methadone when she was eight months pregnant. I agree that it's a freak show, but there's more to it. Britney Spears should be forced to watch this coverage 24/7."
Gore at the Grammys
Guest: reporter Roger Friedman

Hollywood's love affair with Al Gore was evident at the Grammy awards, where he was treated like a conquering hero. reporter Roger Friedman explained the former VP's growing bond with the music industry. "On July 7th there will be concerts around the world to raise awareness for climate change, and Al Gore is the driving force." The Factor predicted that more acclaim for Al Gore is coming soon. "Mr. Gore will win an Oscar in a few weeks for his documentary. He's probably going to steal the show."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails continued to focus on John Edwards and his anti-Christian bloggers. Some excerpts:

Walt Brey, Kingsford, MI: "Bill, I almost always disagree with you but this time you're right. The blasphemous bloggers have taken Edwards out of the race."

Bob Martsching, Des Moines, IA: "Regarding the O'Reilly-driven Edwards scandal, it is no crime to be anti-Christian. Fox News has stepped over the line."

John Hammond, Woodbury, CT: "O'Reilly, my entire Catholic family had a big laugh watching your attempt to smear John Edwards. You represent Catholics about as much as Louis Farrakhan represents blacks."

E. Allan Simons, Lancaster, OH: "Bill, I was incredulous with your guest's admission that she would fire someone who wrote anti-black things but not anti-Christian things. Bigotry is unacceptable whatever the circumstance."
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