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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
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Bill reports from Los Angeles tonight.
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Oprah, O'Reilly and child predators
"I will appear on the Oprah program Wednesday along with a bunch of other people, discussing what to do about vicious child predators in America. This is a program well worth watching because many Americans are clueless when it comes to protecting kids. The worst offenders are cowardly politicians like those in Vermont who will not punish crimes like child rape in an effective way. Let me say this again - if an adult rapes a child, that adult deserves to go to prison for 25 years to life. Destroy a child, go to jail for decades. You've heard all the excuses: trial lawyers don't like Jessica's Law because they want to plea bargain; some nutty judges want rehab for child rapists; and the ACLU believes the North American Man Boy Love Association, which advises perverts on how to rape children, deserves freedom of speech to do that. All of the above are hurting America and they should be condemned. The bottom line is that every American must understand that child molestation is evil and must be punished as harshly as possible. I hope you watch the Oprah program Wednesday, and we'll discuss it that night on The Factor."
Why the left wants open borders
Guest: Fox News analyst Linda Chavez

Some Americans, particularly those who label themselves "progressives," fight any effort to restrict illegal immigration. As one example, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorialized against a bill that would make it harder for illegals to live and work in Missouri. FNC analyst Linda Chavez gave her views on the bill, beginning with the provision that would have employers verify workers' status. "There are a lot of problems with that, but we do need some system, either a national ID card or some system to verify whether someone is here legally." Chavez vehemently opposed another provision that would make it illegal to knowingly rent to an illegal immigrant. "I'm a landlord," Chavez said, "and I don't care anything about my renters except whether they pay their rent on time and respect my property. I don't want to be put into the role of big sister." The Factor argued that even landlords can help deter terror. "If everyone thought the way you did, terrorists could operate much more effectively. If you suspect they are not in the country legally and you don't report it, that helps terrorists. If people in Florida renting to Mohammed Atta had told somebody, he may have been caught."

News Link: Pro-illegal immigrant editorial
The hidden dangers of New Orleans
Guest: Lt. Michael Glasser, New Orleans Police Association

Even as New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras, the city is in the midst of a crime wave that has already claimed 27 murder victims this year. Police officer Michael Glasser explained why post-Katrina New Orleans is a haven for thugs. "We have a higher criminal percentage now than we did before the storm. The criminal justice system has been severely crippled and criminals can operate with impunity. If they get arrested, they're released almost immediately." The Factor described the Crescent City as a town under siege. "New Orleans was a tough place before Katrina, but the city reelected Mayor Ray Nagin even after he botched the storm. Some people will say New Orleans has the government they deserve. It doesn't seem like there's anyone there that can handle the problem - it's out of control."

News Link: New Orleans homicide surge
The battle over Anna Nicole
Guest: Greta Van Susteren

As the war over Anna Nicole Smith's remains continues, a tape of Anna Nicole was played in a Florida courtroom Tuesday. The deceased woman was heard accusing her mother of child abuse and worse. Greta Van Susteren joined The Factor with the latest news. "Anna Nicole had a bully pulpit and people wanted to hear what she was saying. But her mother tells another story. She is a very responsible woman who wanted to get her daughter off drugs, which is when this battle started. This case has gone so out of control that 13 lawyers are basically trying to figure out one thing - what do we do with a body, and it's a body that is decomposing at a rate faster than anyone had anticipated. This is gruesome and ugly, but it's reality."

News Link: Anna Nicole Smith court drama
Ben Stein on income redistribution
Guest: Author/actor Ben Stein

Actor and author Ben Stein, known as a staunch conservative, favors higher taxes on the very rich to help reduce the gap between rich and poor. "I'm an avid Republican and I love Mr. Bush," Stein explained. "But it's not a pretty picture in a country with 500 billionaires for there to be tens of millions without health insurance. We're not just a nation, we're a family, and in a family people who have a lot of money share it with their cousins." Expanding on that analogy, The Factor argued that many poor people are irresponsible. "I won't share with my cousins who are addicted to heroin or alcoholics. I don't feel sorry for them and I think they've chosen their own road."
Mitt Romney / Hillary Clinton
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

The Factor again welcomed Tonya Reiman, who translated the body language of various newsmakers. Reiman first watched tape of Mitt Romney responding to a heckler who denounced his Mormonism. "Romney was taken aback. He was always looking down, which is how we access our emotions, and then his response came from his heart." Next, Hillary Clinton explaining her vote to authorize the war in Iraq. "She's very defensive. Her hands are constantly in the closed or clasped position, and she feels uncomfortable, wondering how much longer am I going to have to discuss this. Her body was saying to me that she feels regretful about her vote but does not want to apologize for it." Finally Tonya Reiman scrutinized Judge Larry Seidlin, who is presiding over the Anna Nicole Smith case in Florida. "I get the impression he is on a power trip," Reiman said. "He's slouching down in the chair at the same time he's pointing. He's feeling superior, saying I can slouch, I'm the one in charge here."
Britney Spears checks into rehab
Guest: Former Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro

After shaving her head over the weekend, Britney Spears has checked back into a rehab facility, leaving her two young children in the care of others. Former prosecutor and family court judge Jeanine Pirro explored the legal issues involving irresponsible parents. "Termination of parental rights is a very drastic move for any judge. The question is whether or not a parent is so out of control that it puts the children in danger. Society's obligation is to make sure there is monitoring of these kids, and of the parent as well." The Factor added that everyone can help protect children from negligent parents. "There are a lot of crazy parents - all you have to do is go down to the mall and you'll see crazy parents. A lot of people don't want to interfere."

News Link: Britney back in rehab
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails covered a variety of recent segments. Some excerpts:

Louis Tancredo, Ripon, CA: "O'Reilly, bashing NBC is not very professional. They do a clean, honest job of reporting the news."

Tom Mulhearn, Nanuet, NY: "As a retired New York City police officer, I can tell you that NBC allows its liberal bias to creep into its entertainment shows. On 'Law & Order', the cops speak like ACLU spokesmen."

Andrew Hughes, Orange City, FL: "Bill, very disappointed in the Factor last night. The lead story about allegations of rape caused me to leave the room. Certainly that was not important."

Debra Irvine, Breckenridge, CO: "Oregonians should put signs at the base of Mount Hood: 'Have a nice trip. Should you need to be rescued, major credit cards are accepted.'"
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