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Thursday, February 22, 2007
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Bill reports from Los Angeles tonight.
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Oprah and the kids, part 2
"There was a big reaction to my appearance on the Oprah program Wednesday. Most of the letters were very kind, most of the folks get the fact that all decent people have to rally against child predators and those who protect them. But I also received a letter from Heather Tashjian, who said I was criticized on some chat boards for insinuating that Shawn Hornbeck 'wanted to stay with his abductor.' Heather, the far left loons who took my analysis out of context are despicable. Our reporting on the Hornbeck case has been dead-on accurate, and these vile individuals who attack us are doing so for political reasons. We were also attacked by Vermont state senator Dick Sears, who contends that Vermont's law, a mandatory five-year sentence for violent child predators, is tough. We've invited him to appear Friday, and we'll let you know what happens. Finally, I can't say enough good things about Oprah, who is using her powerful program to bring the problem of child abuse to the world's attention. No matter what you think about me and my methods, you need to think about this problem, and Oprah spotlights it. Child sexual predators have no place in our society, and we will continue to make life as difficult as possible for them, and for the people who sympathize with them."
A war within the Democratic party?
Guests: Fox News analysts Jane Hall & Bernard Goldberg

Hollywood billionaire David Geffen, who backs Barack Obama, ignited a skirmish among Democrat presidential candidates when he referred to Hillary and Bill Clinton as liars. Fox News media analysts Bernard Goldberg and Jane Hall joined The Factor with reactions to the press coverage of the dustup. "Who does the media root for," Goldberg joked, "do they root for the liberal Democrat, or do they root for the liberal Democrat? In the end, the media always roots for itself. They love chaos, they love controversy, they love a food fight." Hall agreed that the media enjoys nothing more than a battle between frontrunners. "This is politics as entertainment. And this is not the vast right wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton is fighting, it's a liberal African American. People are going to say that Clinton comes off less well, she looks as if she's overreacting."

News Link: Geffen Ignites Clinton-Obama Feud
Ruling on Anna Nicole's body
Guest: Greta Van Susteren

Florida Judge Larry Seidlin has ruled that Anna Nicole Smith will be buried in the Bahamas next to her son. Meanwhile, a new video shows Anna Nicole Smith cavorting with Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, who wrote her prescriptions for methadone. The Factor suggested that Kapoor was guilty of remarkably poor judgment, perhaps more. "We had a doctor prescribing methadone to an 8-month pregnant woman, and then we see this video of her and him partying. It certainly is inappropriate." Greta Van Susteren called for a speedy investigation of Kapoor. "He has a lot of explaining to do. It certainly is weird, and it is certainly worthy of investigation. But sometimes inappropriate behavior is not illegal behavior."

News Link: Smith to be buried in Bahamas alongside son

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Police officers and tasers
Guest: Dr. Casey Jordan, Western Connecticut State University

Newly released video shows Houston police officers using taser guns to shock and subdue suspects, which some civil libertarians call inhumane. But according to criminal justice professor Casey Jordan, tasers are a valuable tool. "In a perfect world," Jordan said, "everyone would comply when ordered by a police officer. But it's not a perfect world and given the options that officers have, the taser is the best. Everyone describers the experience in different ways, but it's not really pain." The Factor added that tasers are usually more humane than the alternatives. "It looks to me like the officers use the taser in lieu of other physical force. The taser comes out instead of the fist or instead of throwing the person to the ground."

News Link: Video: Houston Police Dept. release Taser tapes
Celebrities: Using babies as commodities?
Guest: Carrie Lukas, Independent Women's Forum

Football star Tom Brady and actress Bridget Moynahan, while no longer a couple, have announced that she is having his baby. Carrie Lukas of the conservative Independent Women's Forum described the announcement as a good news, bad news situation. "It's a good thing that both the mother and father say they are excited about the baby that is coming. But it points out a larger trend, the growing problem of illegitimacy. One in three babies is born out of wedlock, and to the extent that celebrities are role models, they contribute to a growing problem." The Factor pointed out how much attitudes have changed. "When I was a kid any woman who got pregnant was demonized. Now it's almost a prestige thing in some areas, that's how far society has changed."

News Link: Quarterback Tom Brady "excited" about out of wedlock pregnancy

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Judge Seidlin gets attention in the Anna Nicole case
Guest: Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

56-year old Larry Seidlin, the flamboyant judge in the Anna Nicole Smith case, has been a fixture on American TV this week. Despite Seidlin's theatrics, FNC's Judge Andrew Napolitano commended his approach. "The crying is highly unusual, but he's a highly emotional guy and his heart was in the case. Given the outcome, I think the judge did a brilliant job of bringing the parties together." Lawyer Allison Gilman added her praise, based on experience. "I practiced in front of this judge for years, and he is always just as he was in this case. He'll sit for an hour in juvenile court and talk with a kid about how he can improve his life." But The Factor suggested that Judge Seidlin was overly conscious of the national spotlight. "I believe the judge exploited this opportunity to build himself into a celebrity. I saw him playing to the camera." The Factor also jokingly informed Judge Napolitano, FNC's chief judicial analyst, that he is being replaced by Judge Larry Seidlin, effective immediately.

News Link: The Judge Seidlin Circus
Prince flees our polygraph test!
Guest: Former FBI agent Jack Trimarco

Last week The Factor challenged "Prince" Frederick von Anhalt, who claimed he may be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, to take a lie detector test. Anhalt accepted, but this week turned into a royal pain. Former FBI agent Jack Trimarco, who was hired to administer the test, explained what happened. "He was scheduled to come in at 9 AM and we had the polygraph ready. Then he said he couldn't come until noon, and when he arrived he said 'I'll give you ten minutes.' I told him a real polygraph would take 2 to 3 hours, he said he would come back, but he did not." The Factor pronounced that Anhalt is more of a poseur than a prince. "We believe the prince is a fraud. He's done, his credibility is finished."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about Bill's appearance on Oprah Winfrey's program. Some excerpts:

Leah, Birmingham, AL: "Mr. O'Reilly, thank you for your mission to keep child predators behind bars. My children were molested by an older teenager who got sent to sex offender rehab for a year. I pray he will pay for his crime one day."

Susie, Fort Wayne, IN: "As a divorced mother of a molested child whose predator received a plea bargain so that he is not even on a sex offender list, I applaud your efforts, Bill, to support those children who get no help from the system."

Stephanie Benz, Hartland, WI: "Bill, I didn't like the fact that you emphasized only fathers needed to be champions to their children."

Gaby Siegel, Djibouti, East Africa: "Bill, your segment on Oprah was so powerful it drove me to tears. I can only say I support you 100%."
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