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Monday, March 5, 2007
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Protecting our children
Guest: Judge Leslie Crocker Snyder

"In just a few moments we'll show you some outrageous tape of two toddlers being given marijuana. It's unbelievable, but stuff like this happens all the time. And in Miami right now the accused killer of Jessica Lunsford is on trial. So we thought this was a good time to update you on Jessica's Law, tough mandatory prison terms for child predators. At this point 24 states have a full version of Jessica's Law - many others have partial punishment or are working on the full Jessica's Law. Eleven other states refuse to pass anything in this vein. Those shameful states are Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Wyoming, Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Utah, Maryland and Hawaii. Those are the eleven states that will not protect children. If you want to download our research, you can go to We will keep the pressure on, but you have to as well. If you're in one of those eleven states, you've got to besiege the governor."

In Texas, two men were arrested for giving marijuana to a 2-year old and a 5-year old. 17-year old Demetrius McCoy and 18-year old Vanswan Polty face up to ten years in prison, and Judge Leslie Crocker Snyder said they deserve the maximum. "I would throw the book at them," Snyder pronounced. "I haven't seen anything quite as shocking as this, and it looks like they may have done this before. I can't believe there are any extenuating circumstances, and I don't know what defense there could be." The Factor called this part of a larger epidemic of children being exposed to drugs and alcohol. "This is the same old story - the mother is 21 years old, uneducated, and she was sleeping in the back of the house. That tape makes me physically angry."

News Link: Video: Teens give toddlers dope
Husband confesses to dismembering wife
Guest: Michelle Sigona, America's Most Wanted

37-year old Stephen Grant has confessed to killing his wife Tara Lynn in their Michigan home. Crime reporter Michelle Sigona joined The Factor with the literally gory details. "It seemed like the perfect family, but there were some underlying issues. She was the bread winner, working for a big engineering company. During the week she was in Puerto Rico working and she'd fly back on the weekend to spend time with her family. He was evidently very jealous and upset about the fact that his wife was gone most of the time. On Friday, February 9th and they got into an argument. Police say he strangled Tara in their house while the two children were sleeping, then he dismembered his wife and scattered her parts in a park."

News Link: Details of Michigan murder
Rudy's son badmouths potential prez
Guest: Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus

After Rudy Guiliani's 21-year old son Andrew said he has "problems" with his father, The Factor accused some in the media of changing the traditional rules. "You didn't hear about Chelsea Clinton or the Bush twins, yet the New York Times sought out Andrew Giuliani. The Times really drove this thing, and to me it was disturbing that the press would start to do this." GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus argued that some outlets are especially eager to dish dirt on Republicans. "Obviously the New York Times would like to see anyone with an 'R' after their name have a little trouble. This was meant to hurt Rudy Giuliani personally, but there's no scandal here, no new information. I don't think this will do him any harm politically."

News Link: NYT's examines Rudy's family

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African-Americans turning off rap?
Guest: Author Tour�

Sales of rap music have dropped dramatically, and half of black Americans now consider hip-hop a "negative influence." But according to the single-named author Toure, hip-hop is still a cultural force. "There are definitely some disturbing messages coming out of hip-hop, including unchecked misogyny and homophobia. But I don't think African-Americans are turning against hip-hop. It's not what I feel when I'm in the street talking to people." Toure also commented on actor Isaiah Washington, who called a fellow actor a "faggot" but still received an NAACP image award. "Black people in general are not that concerned with homophobia," Toure asserted. "They don't see any relationship between the struggles for gay rights and civil rights and black power. So they would excuse him for using that kind of word and for being homophobic. It surprises me because I would think we would have some sympathy for any oppressed group."

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Featured Book: Never Drank the Kool-Aid by Touré
More bombs from Coulter & Maher
Guests: Fox News analysts Kirsten Powers & Michelle Malkin

Bomb-throwers are out in force on both sides of the political divide. From the right, Ann Coulter referred to John Edwards as a "faggot," and Michelle Malkin, who was in the audience, was not amused. "This conference was the preeminent conservative grass-roots event of the year," Malkin explained, "and it was a bad move on her part. It overshadowed so much good that was done at the conference. This was a bomb that was meant to hurt the left, but ended up hurting Ann's own ideological soldiers." Kirsten Powers suggested that Ann Coulter had no business being invited to begin with. "The question is why she was there. She has called Iranians 'ragheads,' she attacked the 9/11 widows, she called Al Gore a 'total fag.' I don't understand why she was chosen as a person to speak." Meanwhile, from the left, Bill Maher implied that the world would be better off had Dick Cheney been assassinated in Afghanistan. "I think Bill Maher believed everything he said," Malkin declared, "and a lot of people in his audience laughed at that. Here's the difference between the left and the right - far more conservatives have condemned Ann Coulter's poor judgment than liberals have condemned not just Bill Maher, but many people who engage in 'assassination chic.'"

News Link: Video: Coulter calls John Edwards "faggot"

News Link: Video: Bill Maher sorry assassination attempt on Cheney failed
Former madam threatens to expose clients
Guest: Fox News crime analyst Detective Rod Wheeler

50-year old Deborah Palfrey, under indictment for running a major prostitution ring, is threatening to sell her 10,000-name client list to the highest bidder. FNC analyst and former detective Rod Wheeler reported the latest on the case. "This has the potential of being huge because nobody knows what names are on this list. According to this woman's legal defense web site, if she releases the names there will be terrible repercussions and ramifications for a lot of people in the D.C. area, from the White House on down." The Factor questioned whether Palfrey's little black book is as explosive as she claims. "This could be a great bluff because she's trying to plea down the charges. She's obviously playing this card."

News Link: Alleged "DC Madam" threatens to sell list of 10,000 clients
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your weekend e-mails covered a variety of issues. Some excerpts:

Mark Hershkovitz, Santiago, Chile: "Sour grapes and hypocrisy! So Fox News did not pay Howard K. Stern for access to Anna's funeral. How much money did you guys make from the story?"

Maggie Moore, Hephzibah, GA: "Mr. O'Reilly, please get over yourself. Not everybody has to appear on the Factor in order to run for President."

Gerald White, Atlanta, GA: "I am not a big fan of Hillary Clinton but Dick Morris is a relentless Hillary basher. How can he be part of the primary coverage?"

Marco Tarcitano, Nantucket, MA: "Bill, on your segment about the 12-year old charged with a felony for slapping the backsides of some girls, you did not ask the most important question: Why did his mother allow him to see the film 'Jackass' which is rated-R?"

John Thomas, Salt Lake City, UT: "Bill, you are the cause of the stupid overreaction to sexual abuse. Have a nice day, jerk."
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