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Tuesday, March 6, 2007
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Should you care about the Libby verdict?
Guests: Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly & Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

"Most Americans don't care about Scooter Libby and don't know what he did. So the question becomes, should you care? And the answer is yes. President Bush said in his 2003 State of the Union address that, according to the British government, Saddam tried to get uranium for nuclear weapons from Africa. Joseph Wilson, who investigated the uranium deal, then wrote an article saying that the president over-hyped the Africa story. Scooter Libby, Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff, apparently didn't like what Wilson was doing, and told some reporters that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, worked at the CIA. In some cases it's a crime to 'out' a CIA employee. On July 14, 2003 columnist Robert Novak wrote about Ms. Plame's CIA job, and the investigation began into who leaked the information. Mr. Libby told a grand jury he did not provide info about Ms. Plame, but a jury decided that he lied. The Factor didn't cover Libby very much because I had no idea what happened. Unlike the left wing press, which convicted Libby even before the trial began, we try to be fair in our analysis. Partisans on the right were also at fault - some of them acquitted Libby before the trial started. Talking Points is tired of the partisan nonsense, and tired of powerful people not following the rules the regular folks have to follow. Libby has paid a huge price for his deceit. He played the revenge game and it all went bad. Which reminds me of an old Chinese proverb: 'when seeking revenge, bring two shovels.'"

For more on the Libby case, The Factor called on the expertise of FNC analysts Megyn Kelly and Judge Andrew Napolitano. "Perjury strikes at the heart of the judicial system," Napolitano stated, "and when someone commits perjury - no less than a high ranking government official - it has to be prosecuted." Kelly agreed that Libby had to be held accountable for his crimes. "If he lied under oath it is an extraordinary crime. And according to the special prosecutor and the jury, Libby obstructed the investigation into what happened." But The Factor questioned whether Libby should have even been investigated to begin with. "The jury says Libby lied in front of the grand jury. But if Plame didn't have protected status, there was no reason to have a criminal investigation in the first place."

News Link: Libby found guilty on 4 counts
ABC News beats NBC News... again
Guests: Former Undersecretary of Defense Jed Babbin & author Col. Ken Allard

As The Factor predicted would happen, ABC's World News Tonight has caught NBC Nightly News, which has leaned increasingly to the left. NBC anchor Brian Williams is now reporting from Iraq, which former NBC military analyst Col. Ken Allard described as a form of damage control. "NBC reads the same polls and numbers - they're getting strong competition from you and from ABC. So that trip was put together and it made sense." Former Pentagon official Jed Babbin reported that many American soldiers are understandably wary of the media. "What the troops hear from back home is that these news organizations - NBC, ABC, CBS, the Washington Post and the New York Times - are nothing but outlets for anti-war propaganda. They take it very personally." The Factor added that NBC Nightly News is just one part of the NBC News organization. "You also have a cable network that NBC owns that is virulently left, just off the chart irresponsible."
Featured Book: Warheads: Cable News and the Fog of War by Ken Allard
Lidle family sued by apartment owner
Guest: Attorney Todd Macaluso

New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was killed in October when his plane crashed into a Manhattan apartment building. Larry Rosenthal, a dentist whose apartment was destroyed, is suing the Lidle family for $7 million, even though he was insured. Lidle family attorney Todd Macaluso depicted the lawsuit as a money grab. "A lawsuit like this makes the legal community look bad. There is no question the airplane was being flown by the flight instructor Tyler Stanger. They lost control of the airplane because of a defect in the design of the aileron system. This is outrageous and unconscionable." The Factor agreed that Rosenthal may be playing the litigation lottery. "If the apartment is insured and you're getting your money, why are you inflicting this pain on a widow and a 6-year old child? We investigated Rosenthal, and he's involved in a lot of litigation."

News Link: Celeb dentist sues dead Yankee pitcher over plane crash
Disturbing developments at College of William and Mary
Guest: Tom Lipscomb, 1961 graduate of W&M

The College of William and Mary in Virginia has been involved in some controversies. School president Gene Nichol decided to remove a Christian cross from the college chapel, claiming it made some people "uncomfortable," and also allowed a "sex worker" to perform on campus. Tom Lipscomb, a 1961 William and Mary grad, said the cross controversy was totally avoidable. "The original policy said the cross would be taken off the altar when some other organization wanted to use it - for years Jewish students had services there. Everyone was happy with that. President Nichols claimed he had complaints about the cross, but we found only one letter protesting the cross."

News Link: Cross controversy at College of William & Mary
Bill Maher
Guest: Bill Maher

Talk show host Bill Maher, who recently implied that Dick Cheney should have been killed in Afghanistan, entered the No Spin Zone and explained his comments about the vice president. "The discussion was about free speech. I was complaining about the fact that people on a web site were lamenting the fact that the assassination attempt failed and the comments were removed. I was certainly not advocating assassinating anybody." Maher also defended his description of President Bush as a "rube, a dope, a yokel on the world stage." "I'm a comedian, and there was laughter in that studio. That was a middle-of-the-road audience that was laughing at those descriptions because they rang true. This was an apt description of this man." The Factor questioned both Maher's judgment and his logic. "You set yourself as a Hollywood pi�ata, you don't need to call people names. Why attack the president personally? And what you said about Cheney is dopey. Saddam Hussein killed far more people than have died in Iraq and would have continued killing them."

News Link: Bill Maher Backs Off Cheney Death Wish
Body language and Bill Maher
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Resident body language expert Tonya Reiman joined The Factor with her instant analysis of the Bill O'Reilly - Bill Maher interview. "You both feel very strongly," Reiman began. "I saw a lot of hand movement from you, which you do often. And from Bill Maher I saw a lot of doubt, disbelief, disagreement. He tends to look to the right a lot, to the side. That means he's giving what you are saying some thought, evaluating what you're saying."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about Ann Coulter and her "joke" about John Edwards. Some excerpts:

Phyllis Walker, Bartlesville, OK: "Ann Coulter is too full of herself. If I were you, Bill, I'd keep her off the Factor."

Don Webb, Tipp City, OH: "Bill, I'd wish you'd stop demonizing Ann Coulter. You took her comments out of context. She was quoting Isaiah Washington."

John Bellville, Columbus, OH: "Ann Coulter's disparaging comments regarding homosexuals are very similar to the comments William Arkin made about the troops in Iraq."

Jeff Brouette, Dunedin, FL: "It could have been worse. Coulter could have called John Edwards 'articulate.'"
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