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Thursday, March 15, 2007
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Is Homeland Security hurting babies?
Guests: Harry Spence, Social Services

"On March 6th federal agents raided a factory in New Bedford, Massachusetts, detaining 361 illegal workers. The New York Times printed an editorial claiming that 'a screaming baby girl has been forcibly weaned from breast milk and taken, dehydrated, to an emergency room, so that the nation's borders will be secure.' We decided to look into the situation, and there are some real problems with the Times' descriptions. Two babies were admitted to area hospitals shortly after the raid. A 7-month old was diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration, and another baby was also admitted with pneumonia and dehydration. Of course the immigration raid didn't cause the pneumonia, which most likely led to the dehydration. So the description used by the New York Times to demonize Homeland Security seems to be false. That being said, America mustn't harm children. The children are not responsible for this immigration mess. But Talking Points is fed up with misleading and dishonest tactics in the debate. The truth is that we can't find a baby in Massachusetts who was 'forcibly weaned' from her mother's breast. Unless the New York Times has other verifiable information, honesty dictates they correct this editorial."

The Factor welcomed Harry Spence, head of Social Services in Massachusetts, who detailed what happened in New Bedford. "Two days after the raid I received calls from a doctor about a baby who was vomiting and was very dehydrated and needed the mother immediately. The mother did get back two days after we identified her, and the child was okay in the end. To the best of our knowledge, all of the children are now safe." Spence added that, in hindsight, the raid could have been carried out more effectively. "The feds should have allowed social workers to meet with detainees earlier. We should have had good coordination at the outset - enforce the law, but do it in accordance with good child welfare principles." The Factor conceded that the raid was not flawless, but it was not the human rights fiasco portrayed by the New York Times. "The Times is basically saying federal agents ripped the baby away from the breast. You know it's not true and I know it's not true. It just a lie."
Threats to candidates from the far-left
Guest: Political analyst Dick Morris

The Factor accused some far-left groups and web sites of intimidating Democrat candidates and actually harming the party. "MoveOn and others are saying to Democrats that either you do what we tell you to do or we will attack you and smear you. And guys like George Soros can buy candidates and television commentators through these web sites." Political analyst Dick Morris elaborated on the power of the extremists. "There is an organization of millions of anti-war liberals who are determined to discipline the Democratic Party. They control armies of people out there and their power to intimidate makes the Christian right and the NRA look like pikers. They're the most potent force right now in politics."
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses
Guest: Author Dr. Michael Scheuer

Alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has confessed to a long list of terror plots. Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer asserted that Mohammed may be exaggerating, but only slightly. "I would probably discount about 25 percent of what he said and there's a certain ego involved, but this should be treated as a very sobering message. He's proud of what he's done. He regards himself as a warrior and he wants to take responsibility for these actions." Scheuer worried that Americans have forgotten the magnitude of the threat we face. "We are in a deadly fight for our nation, but Congress is busy trying to indict the officers who put these men in prison for some kind of human rights violations. So we live in a country that is really quite mad at this time, and very far from being able to defend itself."
Teachers victimized by students
Guest: Teacher Joseph Smith

In Philadelphia, where 56 percent of teachers say they do not feel safe in school, a 14-year old girl smashed 53-year old teacher Joseph Smith with a cell phone and dictionary. "I asked the student to get off the phone in my classroom," Smith explained. "She said 'no' and proceeded to hit me with the telephone across my head. I'm in a school where I'd say 20 percent of the students are very violent and you have to be very careful what you say." The Factor praised Smith for speaking out. "In the Philadelphia district there have been almost 500 assaults against teachers this school year alone. It looks like the school system is out of control."
Anti-gay criticism of new film
Guests: Fox News analysts Jane Hall & Bernard Goldberg

FNC Media analysts Jane Hall and Bernie Goldberg entered the No Spin Zone with their take on recent controversies, beginning with the breathless New York Times editorial discussed in Talking Points. "It sounds like something you might read in the National Enquirer," Goldberg said. "Illegal immigration is way too important an issue to be dealt with in such a sensational way. This used to be beneath the New York Times, but now it is the New York Times." Hall was a bit more forgiving. "The editorial talks about how we need to have a humane policy that also protects our borders. But it was sarcastic and sensationalistic and that undercuts their argument." Goldberg also commented on the movie "Wild Hogs," which was condemned by many critics because of its anti-gay jokes. "Any movie that involves a social issue - feminism, race, gay rights - is going to be viewed through the critic's prism. Critics loved 'Borat' because it portrayed an America that is narrow-minded and bigoted, which is the perfect liberal template." The Factor added that criticism is monopolized by one side of the cultural divide. "We did a study and tried to find one movie critic in America who is a conservative thinker. We found one, Michael Medved. The TV critics, the book critics, the music critics are all liberals."
Child predator stings continue
Guests: Fox News correspondent Megyn Kendall & Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

A Washington State couple was arrested after arranging a sexual liaison with what they thought was a 5-year old girl. Because the "little girl" turned out to be a cop, Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano doubted the constitutionality of the arrest. "There was no victim and no harm. What is being punished here is thought and a predilection toward crime. They can be charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, but not with the ultimate crime itself." But FNC's Megyn Kelly disagreed with that analysis. "The statute is clear that even an attempt to abuse a child by crossing state lines is a felony. They thought they were meeting a 5-year old girl so they could perform sexual acts on her." The Factor sided with Kelly's argument. "I want to protect the kids, and these two wanted to molest a child. I'd do the conspiracy rap and put them away."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the Indiana 6th graders who had sex in a classroom. Some excerpts:

Kevin Lattner, Iowa City, IA: "Mr. O'Reilly, this problem was the fault of the parents. Blaming the teacher is absurd and spin."

Joy LeBaron, Frazier Park, CA: "Bill, your coverage of the sixth graders having sex borders on the prurient. I support the decisions made by Indianapolis school authorities."

Robert Geers, Cedar Key, FL: "Bill, I am a retired teacher. Have you actually been inside a school since you stopped teaching? If not, as I suspect, your comments are not relevant."

Richard Anderson, Martinsville, IN: "Mr. O'Reilly, your report smacks of tabloid journalism. I am disappointed in you."
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