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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
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Confronting villains
"The state of Maryland has finally passed Jessica's Law, leaving just ten states lacking it. The villain who was holding up Jessica's Law in Maryland was house big shot Joseph Vallario. When we confronted Vallario, he said 'O'Reilly is a liar' who can 'kiss my fanny.' Because of massive public pressure, Vallario had to back down and allow a vote. Are you ready for the kicker? Despite holding up Jessica's Law for years, Vallario tried to get his name attached to the bill. Astounding! The reason every state needs Jessica's Law is because of judges like Joseph Manck in Maryland. Manck sentenced a man who admitted to molesting his 7-year old daughter for eight years and molesting two other girls to four months in jail. Four months! Judge David Howard in Vermont sentenced a man who sexually abused a 4-year old boy to probation. That's why Jessica's Law is needed - because of judges like Manck and Howard. States have to take power away from them. Over the next few weeks we will be visiting some of the people who are sabotaging Jessica's Law in the ten states that don't have it. They will not be happy to see us, but that's okay. There is a right and wrong in this world, and these people are wrong."
The truth about the US attorney controversy
Guest: Jonathan Turley, George Washington University

Ever since Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fired eight U.S. Attorneys, President Bush's opponents have accused the administration of trying to impede corruption cases. Law professor Jonathan Turley joined The Factor to clarify the controversy. "What's driving this," Turley said, "is questions of whether false statements have been made to Congress regarding these firings. I don't understand what would be worse for the administration - if Gonzales is forced out or if he remains. He's positively radioactive right now." The Factor urged the administration to be totally straight with the American people. "Attorney General Gonzales should look the country in the eye and explain each one of these firings. For the good of the country he should sit right here or somewhere, run down the list, and clear it up once and for all."

News Link: Gonzales aid may plead the 5th
Bogus NYTimes report hurts military
Guest: Fox News military analyst Capt. Chuck Nash

The New York Times has recently published numerous stories that were demonstrably false, most recently a report about a woman who claimed she was raped while serving with the Navy in Iraq. It turns out that the young woman has never even been in Iraq. According to Fox News analyst Capt. Chuck Nash, the Times was grossly irresponsible. "This article had been pursued for about a year and despite that, three days before deadline the Times went to the Navy and asked them to confirm the woman's story. The Navy raised red flags, but they went forward anyway." The Factor added that this is part of a pattern. "The Times is the biggest liberal paper in the country, and this is the third time in recent weeks that they flat-out are not telling the truth. The newspaper has lost all credibility with any Americans who are fair-minded." Capt. Nash also spoke about the 15 British military personnel seized by Iran. "These guys were snatched by the Islamic Republican Guard, who work directly for the mullahs." The Factor predicted the hostages will be released, but the episode is a propaganda coup for Iran. "The Iranians did this to show the rest of the world that the West is weak."

News Link: NYT bogus military rape story
Doctors investigated for Anna Nicole death
Guest: Dr. Michael Nuccitelli, forensic psychologist

Anna Nicole Smith's death was apparently caused by ingesting massive amounts of drugs prescribed by various physicians. Forensic psychologist Michael Nuccitelli claimed that Smith's doctors are not typical. "Most doctors prescribe in a very responsible manner, but you have a small percentage who will write prescriptions and give multiple refills. Other than marijuana, prescription drugs are the most abused drugs." The Factor asserted that the Internet has transformed drug use in America. "We have a shifting addiction from the crack houses and the methamphetamine labs. If you have a computer and a credit card, you can get drugs shipped to your house, as much as you want."

News Link: Anna Nicole Smith had 9 drugs in her system
Snow & Edwards battling metastases
Guest: Cancer specialist Dr. Susan Love

Two high profile Americans, Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow, both announced that their cancers have returned. Cancer specialist Susan Love gave her prognoses, beginning with Mrs. Edwards. "We do cure about three-quarters of breast cancers, so it's only about a quarter of women who are diagnosed who will face this situation. In the near future she has a fighting chance, but once breast cancer comes back again in another organ it is not curable." Love also spoke about Snow, whose colon cancer has resurfaced in his liver. "You might surgically cut out the area of the liver that has the cancer, or you may do chemotherapy to try and shrink it to make it operable. Again, you may put someone into remission, but it's hard to cure people once the cancer comes back again." The Factor pointed out that Edwards and Snow share a great advantage. "Tony Snow is courageous, a fighter. He's not going to give an inch. And I assume Mrs. Edwards is the same way. They're both very strong, focused people who don't feel sorry for themselves. That means a lot."

News Link: Cancer: Tony Snow & Elizabeth Edwards
Featured Book: Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book by Susan Love
Is Bill too tough on his guests?
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Body language expert Tonya Reiman returned to ponder the big question - is Mr. O too aggressive with certain guests? Reiman first watched a tape of Bill's confrontation with anti-war activist Sunsara Taylor. "As the interview went forward," Reiman said, "the sarcasm from you was just evident. She definitely felt like you were dominating the conversation. She was out-powered by you." Reiman also viewed a tape of Bill's heated exchange with Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, who is calling for President Bush's impeachment. "I saw true anger in you," Reiman declared. "You even allow the anger to linger on your face. And you use two fingers to point, which is double emphatic." The Factor agreed with that analysis. "You're right, I was angry at this guy. I showed it my way, and he's more passive-aggressive."
Will the Supreme Court protect the kids?
Guest: Fox News correspondent Megyn Kendall

A federal court in Atlanta has struck down portions of the PROTECT Act of 2003, which punishes various aspects of child pornography. FNC analyst Megyn Kendall explained why the legislation was declared unconstitutional. "It sounds like a good law, but it is too broad. When you're dealing with speech, you have to be very careful. The court said that Congress went too far in regulating even the discussion of kiddie porn." The Factor expressed hope that the PROTECT Act will be reinstituted. "The Supreme Court is going to hear this, and they may be sane enough to say no, you don't have to throw it out."

News Link: SCOTUS may review kiddie porn law
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the anti-war protesters in Portland, Oregon who burned a U.S. soldier in effigy. Some excerpts:

Sam Rivera, New York, NY: "Bill, after seeing those anti-American demonstrators on the Factor, I looked on the internet for other media coverage of them. I was disturbed to find none."

Donna Elwell, Clackamas, OR: "I am so ashamed of those protesters in Portland. Not all of us here feel the way those nuts do."

Daniel Lott, Pipe Creek, TX: "Those masked protesters are no different than the KKK. They don't have the guts to show their faces."

Gerald Krajewski, Dearborn, MI: "Bush has nobody to blame but himself for the distrust of the U.S. government."
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