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Wednesday, April 4, 2007
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Iran releases British sailors
"Iranian president Ahmadinejad announced he was sending the 15 captured British military people home. We predicted that would happen because Iran won. It humiliated Great Britain and, by extension, the USA. There are a few things in play here. First, the British government did the right thing in not attacking Iran because that's what these crazy people want, an expansion of the jihad. It was instructive to watch radical left Americans blame President Bush for the Iranian kidnapping. Rosie O'Donnell and others did that and it will happen again - terrorist actions will be blamed on America. That is dishonest and Talking Points will confront this behavior. There's no question Iran is the world's greatest danger - if it develops a nuclear weapon, destruction will follow. But until massive death takes place, the world will continue to make excuses for the fascists and blame the democracies for the instability. About the only thing reasonable people can do is notice who is helping Iran and other terrorists ... and remember."

News Link: Iran released British sailors
Illegal alien kills two in Virginia
Guests: Alex Watt, Ashley & David Kunhardt

22-year old Alfredo Ramos, an illegal alien from Mexico, was convicted of drunk driving in Virginia Beach last year. But because that is a "sanctuary city" where local police do not report illegal aliens to the federal government, Ramos was not deported. Last week he plowed his car into another vehicle, killing 17-year old Allison Kunhardt and 16-year old Tessa Tranchant. The Factor spoke with Allison's father and sister about the tragedy. "After the initial anger," David Kunhardt said, "you try to reason why anything like this could ever happen to your daughter. You start to wonder what is wrong with our system." Ashley Kunhardt spoke movingly about her late sister. "Allison was full of life, very sweet and very innocent. She was really coming into her own. It's not fair." The Factor agreed that it is unfair and unjust. "Two girls are dead, Ramos was a known scofflaw, and somebody has to be held accountable. We're going to make a test case out of this - no more sanctuary cities in our country."

News Link: Drunk illegal alien kills to teens
Muslim clerics file suit against airline
Guests: Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano & Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly

Six Muslim clerics who were removed from a US Airways flight have filed suit against the airline, and may also sue passengers who complained about their behavior. A proposed bill would protect passengers who make such complaints, but Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano argued against the legislation. "It will result in a flood of false, fanatical, emotionally-based complaints. People will file frivolous complaints against people they don't like. It's going to cause more litigation, not less." But FNC's Megyn Kelly disagreed. "The legislation doesn't go far enough. It exempts those who are complaining in bad faith, and I think there's a good cause for giving those people immunity too." The Factor questioned the motivation of the clerics. "The attorneys for these Muslims are using this to punish anyone who raised questions about their behavior. And their behavior was strange. Our investigation shows that these Muslim clerics were acting in a manner that was, let's say, dubious."

News Link: Muslim clerics sue airlines and passengers
Anti-democratic behavior from the far-left
Guests: Organizer Seth Johnson & Allie Feras, American University Eagle

At American University in Washington Tuesday night, presidential advisor Karl Rove was confronted by a small gang of protesters who blocked his car and shouted threats. Student reporter Allie Feras explained what happened. "They said they were going to put Karl Rove under citizens' arrest, saying they thought he is a criminal. So they came to protest peacefully at the event." Seth Johnson, who helped organize Rove's appearance, was not surprised. "We knew Karl Rove was a controversial figure and that was part of our reason for bringing him. We did expect some protests, but usually the students are good enough to let you have your say. Unfortunately a few students tarnished the school's name for one night."

News Link: Rove protested at American University

News Link: Cell phone video: Rove protest
Bad examples in the media
Guest: Author Cora Daniels

Rapper Calvin Broadus, better known as Snoop Dogg, recently cursed The Factor during an appearance on Dutch television. Author Cora Daniels called Snoop Dogg a symbol of all that is wrong with gangsta' rap. "He is an illustration of 'ghetto' as a mindset, and it's a mindset that embraces the worst. Behavior that shouldn't become acceptable has become acceptable. Snoop boasts about being a pimp, comes to an awards show with two grown women on leashes, but also does Chrysler commercials with Lee Iacocca." The Factor extended the criticism to producers and executives behind the scenes. "The white power brokers sell this poison, then run home to their palatial estates in Westchester County and Malibu. The media gives them an absolute pass, so I'm glad you wrote this book."

News Link: Video: Snoop says f*ck Bill O'Reilly
Careers vs. controversy?
The Factor again welcomed Dennis Miller, who spoke about Rosie O'Donnell and her recent comments on ABC's "The View." "I think she wants to get fired," Miller hypothesized. "She needs to get out of that deal because she realizes that if she has part ownership of her own daytime show, she can print money. So she is getting increasingly outlandish, and I think she's trying to get whacked. But I don't think this hurts her career." The Factor questioned whether other networks will be eager to hire her. "I agree with you that O'Donnell wants out of her deal, but now she's become almost radioactive. Whoever was going to sign her has to ask if they want all the acrimony that she brings with her."

News Link: Rosie O'Donnell chaos
Bill's interview with Rosie O'Donnell
On the subject of Rosie O, Bill O replayed portions of her 2002 appearance on The Factor. O'Donnell was then raging against gun ownership in America, saying this: "At Columbine, children were killed and I'm a mother and I was devastated ... some of my comments, in retrospect, seem a little outlandish. Like the day after Columbine when I said anyone who has a gun should go to jail." O'Donnell also admitted her lack of expertise in foreign affairs. "I don't know anything about Afghanistan. I know it's a place where terrorists are and we have to go in there and our men and women should come home. That's all I know." Also during that interview, O'Donnell paid Bill O'Reilly a compliment: "I don't think that you're deceitful, I just think you present your side loudly and articulately and with great showmanship." After airing those excerpts, The Factor invited O'Donnell for a return engagement. "She is welcome to come in any time she wants, and she will be treated with respect if she does."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the disparity in media coverage between Ann Coulter and Rosie O'Donnell. Some excerpts:

George Combs, Trenton, OH: "The reason that Ann Coulter was widely castigated for her comments was that they were crude and defamatory. But many people believe that Rosie's comments were close to the truth."

David Cartledge, Greenville, SC: "Rosie may be a big mouth but she is loved for being herself. Ann Coulter does not have a likeable personality. Both should be able to express their views without scrutiny."

Mike Craychee, Boulder, CO: "Bill, the newspaper editor you interviewed simply refused to see what was obvious to any fair-minded person watching. The media is silent when left-wing people get in trouble."

Debbie Ernest, Ocean Isle Beach, NC: "People don't speak out against Rosie because she will use personal attacks against them. I'm on your side, Bill."
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