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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
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Bill Moyers, PBS & the truth
Guest: Fox News analyst Marvin Kalb

"On Wednesday night PBS will broadcast a documentary by committed leftist Bill Moyers. It charges that the American media, especially the conservative media, gleefully embraced war with Iraq and smeared anybody who disagreed with the action. Moyers, who is not only a commentator but also an active financial supporter of far-left causes, is using me and some other people he doesn't like to promote his program. He has repeatedly bashed me and refuses to come on The Factor to talk with me face-to-face. Confronted by Factor producer Jesse Watters, Moyers denied calling me part of a 'slime machine.' But in a taped interview last week, Moyers did in fact say Fox News and others mounted a 'slime machine.' Moyers also denied saying that I spew 'venom,' but he was recorded accusing me of being part of an 'avalanche of opposition and venom.' Moyers has been heavily involved with people like George Soros and the far left. Yet PBS is paying him to produce documentaries that are purported to be 'objective.' Bill Moyers is not objective, has a problem with the truth, and should no longer be receiving taxpayer money."

The Factor was joined by journalism specialist and Fox News analyst Marvin Kalb, who disagreed with the characterization of Bill Moyers as a leftist. "I do not believe you should use the expression 'far left.' It's pejorative and unnecessary. You disagree with him, he disagrees with you, and I think it would be wonderful if he came on your program. However, just to condemn him flat-out is not fair." But FNC's Michelle Malkin concurred with the assertions made in the Talking Points memo. "Bill Moyers has unfairly benefited from this image as somebody who is a reliable arbiter of the truth. He is far more a propagandist than he is a neutral journalist. He talks about Fox News as some right-wing mouthpiece of the Bush administration, when that is clearly not true."

News Link: Moyers calls Fox News "slime machine," says O'Reilly "slanders"

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Featured Book: Media and the War on Terrorism by Marvin Kalb
Rosie rants at the Matrix Awards
Guest: Donna Dees, Million Mom March

The Matrix Awards, which honors women in communications, picked Rosie O'Donnell to host this year's ceremony, which was held in New York on Monday. O'Donnell was profane and vulgar, even inviting Donald Trump to perform an obscene act. Nevertheless, Donna Dees, who was at the event, defended Rosie's performance. "This was a luncheon for a bunch of women who have worked in newsrooms and have heard far worse. People were laughing. It would not have been appropriate at a luncheon for Girl Scouts, but this was a closed lunch that you had to buy a ticket to get in." But The Factor argued that O'Donnell's crude remarks are the latest in a series of ill-conceived statements. "I think Rosie O'Donnell is unraveling and is a danger to herself. I think the woman wakes up every morning and can not control herself, and something very troubling is going to happen."

News Link: Video: Rosie's obscene rant
Battle lines drawn over illegal immigration
Guest: Dr. Thomas Peters, Marin Community Foundation

San Francisco and some other cities simply refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The Factor welcomed Dr. Thomas Peters, a leading advocate for illegal immigrants. "I would absolutely refer to these individuals," Peters said, "as human beings, as friends, as neighbors, and as fellow parents on the soccer field. We feel that as a measure of humanity in our community that we should reach out to these people. I want to make sure we don't trample on people and young children who are caught in a political debate." The Factor reminded Peters that any government must control its borders. "I appreciate your compassion. But you're putting yourself in the position of criticizing the government for enforcing the law. You're asking for anarchy and that's dangerous."

News Link: S.F. a "sanctuary city"
Divorce and its impact on children
Guest: Investigative journalist Pat LaLama

Journalist Pat LaLama has been investigating the bitter custody fight between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. LaLama reported that California divorce authorities do not possess the audio tape in which Baldwin is heard berating and insulting their 11-year old daughter Ireland. "I have an official statement from the court," LaLama said, "that the commissioner of the case has never had a copy of the tape. So there is no record of it in the court." LaLama also portrayed Kim Basinger as an extraordinarily bitter woman. "There are a number of charges that she violated court orders and essentially made it impossible for him to see his child. That's been happening since day one and there is vicious anger between the two. She now has hired a bodyguard for Ireland in the wake of the tape." The Factor faulted both Baldwin and Basinger for their behavior. "Both of these people have a lot of money, and they've spent millions of dollars. So many divorces drag on for years, are full of hate, and badly damage children. This is a cautionary tale to everyone - don't hurt the kids."

News Link: Ugly Baldwin-Bassinger feud
Child rapist released on not guilty verdict
Guests: Attorney General Henry McMaster & Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly

48-year old Kenneth Hinson, who spent nine years in prison for raping a 12-year old girl, was recently accused of raping two 17-year old girls in his so-called "torture chamber." But after deliberating for just four hours, a South Carolina jury acquitted Hinson of all charges. FNC's Megyn Kelly analyzed the verdict. "The jury didn't think the prosecution proved this case beyond a reasonable doubt. The foreman said we wanted to convict this guy, we didn't believe his story, but we didn't really believe the girls either. There was testimony that the girls may have been on crack cocaine." South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster pronounced his ongoing belief in Hinson's guilt. "We were all stunned in the court room. There was medical evidence of forcible penetration, and witnesses said there was no doubt these girls had been raped. But he's not going to walk - he was immediately taken into custody by federal authorities for being a convicted felon with a firearm."

News Link: Accused "dungeon rapist" found not guilty
Body language and mass murder
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman joined The Factor with her weekly analysis of body language, this time viewing the videos made by Seung-Hui Cho before his killing spree. Reiman watched various clips from Cho's tapes, but found him extremely difficult to decipher. "He doesn't make many expressions, but one thing he does is put on a little smirk. You can see the anger around his lips, but there is not much emotion in the upper part of his face. And you can actually see his nose flaring. When you see that you know somebody is very angry."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about The Factor's investigation of far-left billionaire George Soros. Some excerpts:

Gene Leimer, Bridgeport, NY: "Bill, as a retired Detective Sergeant, I appreciate your thorough, accurate investigation. Congratulations to you and your staff."

Eric McAllam, Brooklyn, NY: "Bill, exposing the bribing of our politicians and media should be your new crusade."

Joanne Musselman, Kalamazoo, MI: "Bill, your segment on Soros was terrifying."

Other viewers wrote about The Factor's decision not to run the audio tape of Alec Baldwin berating his daughter.

Ephraim Freed, Waynesville, NC: "Mr. O, you were correct not to play the tape. The bad outweighed the good."

Sean Ford, New Windsor, NY: "Bill, your restraint on the Baldwin tape was laudable. Spending twelve minutes tooting your own horn about it, not so much."
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